Chapter 616: Mingyue Mountain

 Chapter 616: Mingyue Mountain

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An elderly man looked at the seemingly endless row of carriages and exclaimed, "Tsk, tsk. Full Moon Shrine and the First Prince... This wedding is really extremely luxurious!" He pointed afar at the black dot in the sky and said, "Look. Those are the First Prince's 12 Violet Thunder Fiery Inferno Beasts. Tsk, tsk. Every single one of them are level 29 ferocious beasts. It's said that they'll be the ones to pull the carriage that receives the bride on the day of the wedding.

"On that day, the Full Moon Shrine's Tenebrous Marionettes will serve as guards. Even the wedding of a princess wouldn't have such splendor."

The few young men behind him kept on nodding, revealing expressions of astonishment and yearning.

One of them said, "Master, the Full Moon Shrine is really rich. The food that we've been eating after staying here for the past few days have all been ferocious beasts and various medicinal cuisines. The food is much better than what we have at our Battle Hall."

The elderly man from the Battle Hall said angrily, "Well, of course! What rubbish are you talking about? The Full Moon Shrine has a history of several hundred years and has always been a top notch influence in the Xingwu Region. In this generation, they are even backed by the Blue Sacred Moonlight, a Divine level expert. How much wealth have they extorted from others? They wouldn't be able to spend them all even after several hundred generations."

As they spoke, sounds of rumbling thunder rang out in the skies. A dark golden chariot cut across the air, pulled by six huge crimson red dragons that seemed as if they were encompassed by layers of molten lava. They flew across the sky and descended toward the peak of the Mingyue Mountain.

The elderly man from the Battle Hall drew in a cold gasp and said, "This... Could this be the Ancient Path of Hell's Indestructible Chariot? And those six dragons... Are they Lava Colossal Dragons?

"There haven't been any more dragons existing in the Miracle World since a long time ago. Previously, it was said that the Ancient Path of Hell still had dragons with them. I had always thought that it was fake, but seems like it's the truth.

"To think that the Abyss Lord (Sect Master of the Ancient Path of Hell) has even given the Indestructible Chariot and the Lava Colossal Dragons to the First Prince. It seems like it's set in stone that the First Prince will be the one to inherit the Empire."

The disciples behind the elderly man-or rather, everyone on the Mingyue Mountain-were watching the chariot and the colossal dragons in the sky, looking at their majestic power and astonishing aura. Countless animals were shivering from the prestige and pressure that the six colossal dragons exuded.

It was only after the chariot landed on the mountain's peak that the feeling gradually dissipated.

One of the elderly man's disciples said, "This is how a true man should be like. If I can achieve 10% of what the First Prince has in this lifetime, I'll be satisfied. In this generation, the First Prince is really like the soaring sun at noon, the strongest person."

Another disciple said, "Fang Xingjian is also amazing. He killed the Undying Xia and disbanded the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon with a single word. His prestige is unrivalled, and I don't think he is any worse in comparison to the First Prince."

The Battle Hall's elderly man shook his head. "Fang Xingjian is still a little worse off than the First Prince."

As his disciples turned to look at him, the elderly man mumbled, "Fang Xingjian's foundation is too weak. It's already a great fortune for him to be able to defeat Xia and attain the Divine level. However, there aren't any Divine level experts backing him up, and he doesn't have any Divine level legacies. How is he going to compare with the First Prince?

"The First Prince has the King and the Abyss Lord backing him up. It's the Ancient Path of Hell and the entire Empire that we're talking about. He has endless resources and overwhelming influence. The martial arts he inherited is also one with the cultivation means for several tiers of the Divine level.

"Such accumulation and backing is the most terrifying.

"Don't just look at how Fang Xingjian is advancing so quickly now. In another one to two years at most, he'll be surpassed by the First Prince. In another three to four years, he won't be a match for the First Prince at all.

"A small sect sends out a genius who gets a huge head start at the beginning. The genius then eventually gets surpassed by the disciples of reputable and great sects. I've seen too many cases of the latter being well-prepared at the beginning and gaining great success at a later time."

Putting aside the commotion amongst the people on Mingyue Mountain after the Indestructible Chariot landed, the First Prince got off it slowly. His disposition was rigid, causing everyone around him to not even dare to breathe too hard.

The First Prince followed an attendant to a private room and pushed open the door to enter. Then he saw over ten Knights with varying appearances. There were some who looked valiant, and others who seemed reserved, along with some ordinary-looking ones. They were all seated down.

The ones positioned at the most honored seats were a bald elderly man with a long beard and a poised and dignified married lady with fair skin, long pitch-black hair, who was wearing palace attire.

The bald elderly man had a long scar at the top of his head and his beard was so long that it was dragging on the ground. He was the Tianmen Clan's previous clan head, the Enraged Lion.

As for that fair-skinned dignified married lady with long pitch-black hair who seemed only to be middle-aged, she was actually the Blue Sacred Moonlight, a Divine level expert whose age was over 100 years old.

A Divine level expert would be able to freely control their physical body, casually changing their appearances. The reason the two of them had maintained their original appearances was only out of habit.

The Enraged Lion lifted his head at the First Prince's appearance, saying, "I didn't expect that the Abyss Lord would give you even the Indestructible Chariot. It seems that with your generation, the Krieg royal family is going to let you be both the sect master and the King concurrently."

The First Prince did not reply to this question but merely said, "Fang Xingjian's abilities aren't to be underestimated. How's everyone's preparations?"

Hearing the First Prince's question, a hint of impatience flashed on the Blue Sacred Moonlight's face. "He's just a country bumpkin. Are you implying that we won't be able to deal with him even with the three of us joining forces?

"Didn't he just kill a Xia? Although that poor kid had attained the second tier of the Divine level, his way of condensing his martial will had been self-created and extremely weak. How can he be compared with our legacies?

"It isn't a big deal for Fang Xingjian to be able to kill Xia."

The Blue Sacred Moonlight was an experienced Divine level expert in the Empire, and she had dominated the world, killing countless experts and geniuses. She was a person who valued background, blood heritage, and legacies the most.

No matter how amazing Fang Xingjian was, he would merely be a country bumpkin to her. Although he was able to make a name for himself, he would not be able to achieve much in the end.

However, the Enraged Lion said, "He can kill a second tier Divine level expert after all, so we should still be careful. If he's given the chance to go into hiding and get stronger, and then come to seek vengeance from our clans or sects, it'd be a great trouble."

The Blue Sacred Moonlight nodded calmly. "If I wasn't worried that this lad would deal with my disciple, I couldn't be bothered to join forces with the two of you."

The First Prince frowned but still could not resist speaking up, "Senior, that Fang Xingjian doesn't just have extraordinary talent. His sword arts mastery is also top notch. It's likely that none of us would be his match if we take him on single-handedly. That's why we have to join forces.

"And since we're taking action, we must make sure that we kill him. It's better for us to go all out and take this seriously.

"Fang Xingjian isn't that simple."

The Blue Sacred Moonlight smirked coldly with an arrogant expression, "George, to think that you're one who pursues a state of dominance. You didn't even inherit 30% of your father's air of dominance." As she spoke, her body shattered abruptly, and when she appeared once again, she was already behind George.

The Enraged Lion's eyelids twitched fiercely. "Second tier of the Divine level?"

"What is the second tier of the Divine level?" The Blue Sacred Moonlight said calmly. "Although old people like us who attained the Divine level a very long time ago had been unable to progress further without the world's metamorphosis, do you really think that we haven't been doing anything? Our accumulation isn't something you can imagine.

"George, your father and the Abyss Lord accumulated wealth from the world through unfair means, gathering the resources of the entire Empire. They have read the secret manuals from countless factions, and they also have countless geniuses helping them to conduct studies in martial arts. They even have the legacies of Saint Adam and can be said to be of noble descent. If it wasn't for all of these, do you think that I'll let Lan Yue get married to you?

"Now that the world's metamorphosis is here and the Nine-Tiered Heavens has formed, after having so many years of accumulation, your father and uncle would naturally improve in leaps and bounds. They might even have started to strive for the third or fourth tier of the Divine level.

"As for the Church of Universal Truth, the few Guardian Kings would definitely have reached the second tier. Those few Saints have also gained accumulation for several decades and are really unfathomable. They might even reach the fifth tier of the Divine level."