Chapter 615: Divine Level Cultivation

 Chapter 615: Divine Level Cultivation

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'People at the first tier of the Divine level are able to materialize their consciousness. Their will is their power and it can affect the physical world.

'People at the second tier of the Divine level are able to turn the will into flesh and blood. And unless the consciousness is wiped out, the physical body is almost indestructible.

'People at the third tier of the Divine level can create the physical body and stamina using ether particles directly, connecting with the ether particles all over the world. They are able to enjoy an endless supply of energy and their power will almost never weaken.

'People at the fourth tier of the Divine level can use the consciousness to receive future information from ether particles. They have Sudden Inspiration and sense both fortunes and misfortunes.'

Fang Xingjian had seen the conclusion for each of the first four tiers of the Divine level in the Mountainous Sea's Book of the Way that had been passed through the Mountainous Sea Dynasty's direct descendants.

The Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor had also described the next few tiers that followed in his legacy.

'People at the fifth tier of the Divine level can distort, fold, and stretch space. They are able to create small worlds and attack and defend through space...

'People at the sixth tier of the Divine level can dart through and leap across space. They are able to move freely and are omnipresent. Distance is no longer a restriction for them...

'People at the seventh tier of the Divine level can sense and accelerate time...'

It was a pity that the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor had only reached the seventh tier of the Divine level. Although he guessed that the eighth and ninth tiers would still be connected to the control of time, he had not actually reached these, so it was, after all, just a guess.

However, the fifth, sixth, and seventh tiers were still far too distant for Fang Xingjian. Right now, the cultivation method for the first tier of the Divine level was still of the greatest help.

Leveling up the different tiers of the Divine level required one to pass through the Nine-Tiered Heavens. It was an extreme test for one's martial will, and thus, the cultivation for each tier of the Divine level required one to strengthen their martial will.

At the first tier of the Divine level, one's martial will would materialize. Since it was a materialized existence, there was a physical structure. It was just like how, despite both being carbon, coal cinder and diamonds had a completely different levels of toughness.

Therefore, those at the first tier of the Divine level would need to practice condensing the form of their martial will. An example would be the First Prince's Yama Sacred Physique. Having condensed the martial will, one would get a lot stronger, thereby being able to pass through the first test of the Nine-Tiered Heavens, rising up to the second tier of the Divine level.

Fang Xingjian merged the sword formation together with the Eternal Sword Seigneur's ability. The resulting Celestial Eradication Sword Formation had the power to crush a second tier Divine level expert. However, his martial will and his deathly sword intent were still not powerful enough.

Only through condensing it into a special structure would the martial will become increasingly stronger. Then, one would even be able to overturn rivers and seas, grasp space, and control time.

'The means the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor used to condense his martial will was through the Senluo Six Heavens Sword. And the Senluo Six Heavens Sword was the Divine Weapon forged by imitating the sword form.

'However, this kind of sword body is still not perfect. Therefore, the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor eventually got stuck at the seventh tier of the Divine level.'

Fang Xingjian thought, 'My current battle prowess relies primarily on the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, the combination between the Sword Realm and the sword formation. There's no hurry to condense my martial will for now. It's best to first collect more methods of condensing it, then build up the foundation and expand my potential.'

After reaching the Divine level, one's display of power was on a completely different level from before.

The four categories, namely the Nurturing technique, the Training technique, the Amassing technique, and the Killing technique, had already changed completely. The only ones left were the Killing technique, which was used to attack and kill enemies, and the Nurturing technique, which was used to temper the martial will and to increase one's power.

The Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's Senluo Six Heavens Sword was a type of Nurturing technique and Fang Xingjian's Celestial Eradication Sword Formation was a type of Killing technique.

As for the the Training technique, and the Amassing technique's Waves and mental cultivation methods... They seemed to not be of much help anymore due to the fact that Divine level expert's will surpassed their physical bodies.

After attaining the Divine level, Fang Xingjian even felt that the negative emotions that usually affected him had been completely suppressed by his martial will, and he was not under their full sway anymore.

At the Divine level, the physical body was only a support and the martial will was the main direction in one's cultivation.

The main focus of the cultivation path after reaching this stage was to increase the power of one's martial will, and then, by combining one's Killing technique together with the abilities gained with each increasing tier, to continue building upon the prowess of one's Killing technique.

As for the other specialty seeds, the physical particles, body toughness, the ether organs, and brain regeneration, they had already been turned into the power of martial will through the process of striving for the Divine level.

Fang Xingjian looked at his Stats Window. It had now completely turned into the Stats Windows that only Divine level experts could have. The specialties, Waves, and other aspects which he initially had, were now gone. However, now there was one more martial will attribute:


Name: Fang Xingjian

Age: 19

Occupation: Eternal Sword Seigneur

Level: 30

Strength: 426

Agility: 424

Reaction: 329

Endurance: 310

Flexibility: 309

Martial will:800

Skills / Techniques: Sword Prowess, Sword Force, Level 50 Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, Level 50 Four Celestial Eradication Swords.


The martial will attribute represented the power of one's martial will. The 800 points that represented the power of the martial will also meant that one would be able to deal the same degree of impact to the physical world as a cultivator with the strength, agility, reaction, endurance, and flexibility stats of 800 points.

This was the Stats Window of a Divine level expert. There were the six attributes, in addition to skills and techniques. A Divine level expert's cultivation would continuously strengthen their martial will and increase the prowess of their skills and techniques.

As for their physical bodies, although being stronger would be an advantage, it would not affect one's chances of leveling up even if one did not manage to increase their physical prowess. After all, even though the physical attributes were helpful to one's battle prowess, at this level, it was hard to increase even a single point, as opposed to improving their martial will.

However, the Eternal Sword Seigneur which Fang Xingjian had transitioned into had provided an amazing power-up to the physical body. Having a 100-point increments to each of the five attributes was truly heaven-defying. The full power explosion of both his physical body and martial would both greatly increased his battle prowess.

Fang Xingjian only regained to his senses after cultivating until next morning. His mind was still filled with the cultivation methods for various sword techniques and for each tier of the Divine level.

His eyes were glowing with a strange gleam and he once again looked in the direction of the Xingwu Region.

"Hmmm? It's this feeling again. It seems that the First Prince hasn't given up yet." The corners of Fang Xingjian's lips curled up and with a single thought, the four white bone short swords had already flown next to him.

Then, with a flash, he appeared 10,000 meters up in the sky.

With a single step, the powerful backlash force came trembling from void space. Meanwhile, Fang Xingjian's deathly sword intent had encompassed his entire body. He tore through the sky, unleashing a series of explosive sounds as he flew toward the Xingwu Region.


At the same time, on Xingwu Region's Mingyue 1 Mountain where the Full Moon Shrine was located, lights and colors filled the entire place. The crowd looked busy, with countless groups and carriages.

The entire Mingyue Mountain was in a festive mood. Although the wedding was in another few days, the group who were on their way to present the wedding gifts had already formed a long queue of over ten li.

From the mountain's peak to the foot, a stretch of scarlet red carpet was laid out, and there were tables and chairs set up for a banquet where food was served as the guests arrived in succession.

The First Prince's marriage with the granddaughter of one of the ten Divine level experts-the Blue Sacred Moonlight-was far too great an event. Countless influences had rushed over here very early, preparing to join under the First Prince.