Chapter 611: Connection Through Marriage

 Chapter 611: Connection Through Marriage

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It could be said that amongst the previous generation of the seven great clans, the Enraged Lion was ranked as one of the top three most powerful figures, and he was extremely intense in the way he did things. 20 years ago, even when the Terrene Shrine had been wreaking havoc in the Empire and the King had personally ordered him to come out of seclusion and wipe out the evil sect, the Enraged Lion had ignored the order. He was a character with great power who would dare to go up against hell itself.

The Enraged Lion let out a cold snort, "If it's not because we have external help this time, our Tianmen Clan would have people climbing up our necks and sh*tting on us."

"External help?"

At that moment, the First Prince walked in slowly, wearing a gloomy expression. There seemed to be countless plots and schemes flashing in his eyes.

When the people from the Tianmen Clan saw the First Prince appear, they all got to their feet. Various powers and Waves were displayed, revealing that they were extremely wary of him.

This was not unexpected. As a member of the Krieg royal family, the First Prince had been unhindered as he took over and controlled countless influences and powers in the eight great regions, and even attaining the Divine level. He was guarding the Xingwu Region single-handedly, and suppressing the Myriad Star Palace and the Full Moon Shrine, both of which were factions led by a Divine level expert. His reputation was soaring.

For such a prominent character to come here, how could it not bring up the guard of the members of the Tianmen Clan?

During the Hades Vault incident, the First Prince's subordinate, the Dark Knight, had been killed and refined by Rona with the powers of the Hades Vault, and his own clone had been destroyed by Fang Xingjian. Fang Xingjian had even taken away the First Prince's Hell's White Bone Armor... The First Prince could be said to have suffered great losses.

However, it was because he had experienced these losses that the First Prince now appeared even more profound and difficult to understand, giving off an unfathomable feeling.

The Tianmen Clan's head said solemnly, "George Krieg, you people of the Krieg royal family have never had much contact with us of the seven great clans. What's the reason for you coming here today? Could it be that you want to dominate over our seven great clans?"

The First Prince smiled slightly. Ignoring the questions, he said, "I just happened to know how Rona has died and came to inform Senior Enraged Lion in order to avoid having the situation where the Tianmen Clan is taken advantage of."

Hearing what the First Prince said, the Tianmen Clan's head's gaze narrowed, and he said, "How do we know if what you say is the truth?"

The Enraged Lion raised his cane and tapped in onto the ground while saying, "Alright, George. Stop keeping them in suspense and tell them all the things that you know."

"I shall do as Senior wishes then." With that, the First Prince sent a piece of information into the consciousness of everyone present.

It was a visual playback from the First Prince's point of view. The content was from after he left the Hades Vault. It was the scene of him seeing Fang Xingjian killing Rona.

Upon seeing the scene that was sent to his consciousness, the Tianmen Clan's head was devastated. "How dare he?! Who is this person? Who on earth is he? I'm going to tear him into pieces!"

The First Prince said calmly, "He is Fang Xingjian, the genius who has the greatest reputation in the Empire at the moment."

"Fang Xingjian?" The eyes of the Tianmen Clan's head narrowed slightly. "That Fang Xingjian who created the Rebirth Sword Technique and later killed one of Xia's clones? Hmph. He's just a country bumpkin, yet he dares to pit against our Tianmen Clan? I'll let him understand what true regret is."

After the playback was over, the Enraged Lion, who had been in seclusion over the years, heard what Tianmen Clan's head said and asked, "Fang Xingjian? Who is that? Which faction does he belongs to?"

Tianmen Clan's head immediately shared Fang Xingjian's achievements. After hearing that, the Enraged Lion let out a cold snort, and it was as if the killing aura in his eyes had condensed into something material. Even the surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped.

"He's not from any sects or factions? From Kirst City? Not even an aristocrat?

"Then isn't he just a country bumpkin?"

"To think that a country bumpkin dares to kill Rona? What audacity! Let's head to the Great Western Region immediately! I'm going to skin this b*stard, pull out his tendons, and then drown this country bumpkin in feces," the Enraged Lion growled. Then he glared at the First Prince and said, "He's a subject of the royal family. You're not possibly going to stand up for him, right?"

"He's just a rebel who pays no heed to authority, laws and discipline, ignoring all rules and regulations just because he has some small fortunate encounters. Of course, I'm not willing to let him off," the First Prince said calmly, his eyes drooping slightly. "But this rebellious lad has attained great achievements, and it probably won't be easy even for Senior Enraged Lion to suppress him."

"Attained great achievements?" The Enraged Lion laughed coldly, and waves of power emerged from his body like air bubbles. He sent out streams of platinum colored Waves that condensed in the air and circled behind him. They then turned into countless pavilions and buildings, as well as heavenly generals and soldiers. The heavenly generals and soldiers were breathing and their hearts were beating. It was to an extent that they seemed alive.

The Enraged Lion had condensed the power from his martial will, affecting the air in the physical world.

At this sight, the First Prince's gaze lit up. "Congratulations Senior Enraged Lion. You've finally attained the Divine level."

A hint of pride flashed across the Enraged Lion's face. "It's all because I've lived long enough until the world underwent a metamorphosis and thus obtained the memories from the predecessors. I'm unlike youngsters like you, with endless potential.

"However, Divine level should be enough to deal with that little b*stard? Can it be that you still want to stop me?"

The First Prince fell silent for a moment before letting out a sigh and saying, "Senior, you might not know this, but this little b*stard is extremely lucky. After snatching the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's legacy from Rona, he has risen up to the Divine level. A few days ago, he even killed the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon's Xia in the Great Western Region's Regional Academy.

"At that point, Xia had already risen up to the second tier of the Divine level."

When the First Prince said this, the entire room fell silent, and even the Tianmen Clan's head appeared astonished.

A first tier Divine level expert killed a tier two Divine level... Each of these words were like a bomb, exploding and seething in everyone's consciousness.

The Enraged Lion could not help but frown as well, nodding as he said, "First tier Divine level expert? Xia came here before, and I had an exchange with him in martial arts. This person's will was as sturdy as a demon's, and he also had an innate beastly nature in him. I'm not surprised that he made tremendous progress and attained the second tier of the Divine level.

"But Fang Xingjian attaining the Divine level and even killing Xia... This isn't something we should underestimate. There aren't many people in history who could kill a second tier Divine level expert while being a first tier Divine level expert."

The Enraged Lion then looked at the First Prince and said, "We can't underestimate a person like this." Hearing about Fang Xingjian's greatest battle achievement, this top notch person of the seven great clans immediately withdrew his belittling attitude. He looked at the First Prince and asked, "Then are you planning on joining forces with us?"

"Everyone should play a part in eliminating rebels," the First Prince said calmly. "Seven days later, I'll be wedded to the Full Moon Shrine's Miss Lan Yue 1 . This little b*stard has always wanted to seek revenge for the humiliation I caused him in the past. He will probably come to create trouble. It's a great opportunity for us to set up an ambush. With the combined forces of three great forces, we'll suppress him entirely."

"Full Moon Shrine's Lan Yue?" Hearing that, the Enraged Lion's narrowed. "That's the granddaughter of that old granny, Blue Sacred Moonlight? She's getting married to you?"

"That's right. Senior Blue Sacred Moonlight has agreed to come under the Empire, and this marriage that will form a connection between us is just a beginning."

Hearing this, countless ripples rose in the Enraged Lion's heart. 'Blue Sacred Moonlight has always been a person who won't take action unless she sees a concrete goal. To think that the First Prince is also able to get her to join the alliance. What on earth does the Krieg royal family have in their hands?'

The Enraged Lion nodded while saying, "Since the Blue Sacred Moonlight has agreed to join in this operation, our Tianmen Clan will of course not cower. This time around, our three forces will join up and deal with that Fang Xingjian."

Thinking of how Fang Xingjian must have had some fortunate encounters and secrets to be able to improve so rapidly, greed grew in the Enraged Lion's heart.