Chapter 610: Tianmen

 Chapter 610: Tianmen

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"It's because Fang Xingjian has also attained the Divine level! He has succeeded in his attempt to strive for the Divine level!"

Dongfang Ling's gaze narrowed and he said nonchalantly, "To think that he managed to reach the Divine level one step faster than me... As expected of someone I acknowledge as a rival. Excellent, excellent. This pressure is just right as motivation for me to help me strive for my goal to reach the Divine level.

"I must attain the Divine level before the agreed date of our battle and then defeat thim thereafter."

The young man hesitated for a moment before asking, "Teacher, you've arranged a battle with Fang Xingjian?"

Dongfang Ling nodded, speaking with an unprecedented solemness, "I've already sent him a challenge for a fight in ten days. Within ten days, I'll definitely succeed in reaching the Divine level and with my Divine level abilities, I will have exchanges in martial arts with him, acquainting my saber with his sword.

"This pressure has come very timely. Right now, in my attempt to strive for the Divine level, i exactly the kind of pressure that I need."

His tone was filled with confidence. In fact, given the level of cultivation he had reached, it was impossible for him to be lacking in confidence. Without having confidence in himself, how could he possibly have reached this stage in his cultivation?

Hearing Dongfang Ling's words, the young man's countenance turned pale and a hint of hesitation appeared on his face. However, in the end, he still could not help but say, "But... but when Xia was killed by Fang Xingjian, it was said that he had already reached the second tier of the Divine level and had grasped the techniques of disintegrating his body and moving at light speed."

"Hmmm?" Dongfang Ling's brows were now deeply furrowed. He looked at his student in slight disbelief, keeping quiet for very long, and then asked, "Are you sure?"

The young man nodded, "It's the truth. Many influences have verified this piece of information. Although Fang Xingjian is only at the first tier of the Divine level, he already has the ability to face a second tier Divine level expert head-on."

Dongfang Ling's eyes narrowed and he fell silent again.

The young man stood by the side, sensing that the atmosphere was extremely depressing.

After very long, Dongfang Ling's voice sounded as if it came from beyond the heavens, entering the young man's consciousness, as he said, "What are you still waiting here for?"

"Huh?" The young man looked at Dongfang Ling, puzzled.

"Give chase to Dongfang Wei," Dongfang Ling said calmly. "Tell him to not send the letter of challenge."

"Yes." The young man nodded and immediately set out again.

One day later, Dongfang Ling announced that he was going into seclusion and that he would never come out unless he had succeeded in attaining the Divine level.


While countless influences across the entire Empire were in a great commotion over the news of Fang Xingjian killing Xia...

In an oasis of the Empire's Eastern Sand Region, which had not been recorded on any maps, there were pavilions and buildings, attendants scurrying everywhere. It was a prosperous market.

On the vast training ground, several thousand youngsters were practising martial arts in a polished synchronization. They were all at the level of a Knight.

The ground that they were stepping on was extremely sturdy from having been stomped on, similar to hardened cement. This was the result of countless generations of people practicing hard, day and night.

This oasis, similar to a utopia, was where the descendants of the Tianmen Dignitary, one of the seven great clans, lived in seclusion. It was also where the mysterious young man from the Hades Vault incident, Rona, had been born and raised.

Every since this oasis had been constructed by the Tianmen Dignitary, his descendents had kept it running for 200 years. It had now become a concealed and independent country within the Empire's land.

Each generation of people from this clan who headed out in the world made names for themselves in the Empire. Compared to the other seven great clans, they could be said to have control over a tremendous amount of resources in the Empire, albeit in the dark. They sustained the livelihoods of their clan, passed down the legacies of the Divine level expert's martial arts, and then nurtured generations and generations of geniuses.

And the mysterious young man, Rona, was the most outstanding genius in his generation, within the Tianmen Clan.

In a meeting room located at the center of the oasis, an intense discussion about Rona was taking place.

At the head of the table in the meeting room, there was a man of tall stature who exuded an endless aura, and who bore a great resemblance to Rona. He was Rona's father, the clan head of the Tianmen Clan.

"Rona has disappeared." His expression was very grim. "The light in the ancestral hall has died out as well. The light was condensed from a hint of Rona's martial will and it would only extinguish at the point of his death.

"Someone has killed my son, the most outstanding genius of our Tianmen Clan in this generation. We must find him and kill him as revenge for Rona."

The words spoken by Tianmen Clan's head were filled with relentless fury, as if he was a volcano at the bottom of the sea that would erupt at any moment.

An Elder replied, "But we don't even know who the other party is. Now that the world has undergone a metamorphosis and that the seventh onslaught is impending, the other clans are all busy making preparation to get ahead in this onslaught.

"If we were to waste our power to..."

Rona was the clan head's son and had hogged a tremendous amount of resources and authority. Now that he was dead, Tianmen Clan's head felt extremely infuriated and aggrieved. However, the other Elders were secretly feeling very happy.

After all, with Rona's death, the gap that he had left behind would benefit plenty of people. Therefore, not only did most of them not feel furious or aggrieved, they secretly felt overjoyed instead.

This was the result when a clan expanded and many of the branch families became very distant in terms of blood relationship. They were no longer close in terms of a family.

"Hmmm?" Hearing the Elder's words, Tianmen Clan's head stood up abruptly and the surrounding air seemed to instantly become heavier by ten or even a hundred times. He glared at the Elder who had spoken, and then slapped with his palm across space. As violent air currents lashed out, the Elder was sent flying, knocking into the wall, spurting a mouthful of blood.

"I'm not interested in getting involved with you guys in all those messed up matters. Right now, our clan's talent, who had the brightest future, has died. If we can't even exact revenge, then what's the point of having this clan?"

"Go! Go and investigate this immediately!"

"Didn't Young Master Rona previously say that he was going to search for the Hades Vault? Could he have been trapped inside?"

"Check to see if there have been any unusual changes within the Empire as of late."

"In the past, the center of the Jade Dynasty was at the southern borders, right? It's highly likely that the Hades Vault is also at the southern borders."

A group of people immediately started discussing. It was a pity that Rona had been afraid that there would be people who would covet his Hades Vault and thought that he would be able to get the legacy of the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor by himself. Therefore, he had not shared where he had gone to with his clan.

Therefore, even after lengthy discussions among the Elders of the Tianmen Clan, there was still no conclusion.

Just then, a cold snort came from the direction of the door. There stood a bald old man with a cane, his white beard so long that it reached the ground. A scar like a centipede seemed to mark his bald head.

Although he was wearing a long black robe, it could not hide his muscles, which seemed to be as strong as marble.

The moment he entered, he snorted coldly, and it felt as if a bomb had exploded in everyone's consciousness, making many of the Elders feel dizzy. A few of them with weaker cultivation were even having nosebleeds.

"Trash, a bunch of trash. My eldest grandson is dead yet you guys can't even find the murderer. What's the point of having you guys around?"

"Old Ancestor!"

"Elder Brother!"

"Why have you come?"

When the Tianmen Clan's head saw him, he stood up immediately as well. He supported the elderly man and said, "Father, why have you come out? Weren't you comprehending martial arts in the Sacred Land and attempting to strive for the Nine-Tiered Heavens?"

"If I still didn't come out now, my grandson will probably have ended up dying in vain. Our Tianmen Clan would also have been trampled all over," the elderly man said with fury.

This old man was the father of the Tianmen Clan's head, Rona's grandfather, and the previous head of the Tianmen Clan. Within the secluded circle of the seven great clans, he was a terrifying old man with the title Enraged Lion.