Chapter 609: Billows

 Chapter 609: Billows

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The Fist Emperor sighed while thinking, 'This is unexpected, really unexpected... To think that Fang Xingjian would be such a world-shaking character. Since that's the case, then I can't let the Fifth Prince continue to go against him. It's better to tell him earlier and let him give up.'

When the Fifth Prince heard these, his gaze narrowed, and it was as if he could not even bother about the pain he was experiencing throughout his body. He asked dazedly, "Fang Xingjian... killed Xia who was at the second tier of the Divine level?"

"That's right," the subordinate continued. "From the beginning till the end, Xia could not even retaliate once. He was really under the mercy of Fang Xingjian, without any ability to retaliate at all."


The Fifth Prince's expression instantly became distorted by ten or even a hundred times. His entirety became flushed red like a heated wok, and he released an extremely infuriated roar as if he were tearing his heart and lungs out.

He hated, hated, hated it.... To think that Fang Xingjian was one step faster than him again, and had even killed Xia, who was at the second tier of the Divine level. An endless string of grievances surged up from the Fifth Prince's chest.

"I can't accept this! I can't accept this! Why is he always able to surpass me?! I'm one who was selected by the Chaos Witch! I have the world's best fist art talent!

"Why?! Why is that b*stard Fang Xingjian able to surpass and step all over me?!


The violent air currents scattered out in all directions, bringing up endless waves of lava and breaking through the head of the volcano. They turned into countless fragmented stones, lava, and volcanic ash as they soared into the skies. It was as if the volcano had erupted.

However, at the next moment, with the pressure of both being overwhelmed by anger and having his body experiencing extreme pain, the Fifth Prince abruptly spurted out a large mouthful of blood. He fell toward the lava and completely lost his consciousness.

The Fist Emperor sighed and said, "This is how the world is-it's unfair. The more you climb up to the top, the more you'll realize that there are some people in this world whom you'll never be able to catch up to no matter how hard you try." Currently, there was a very dejected expression in the Fist Emperor's eyes.


In the mountains northwest of the Empire, Hildebrand's silhouette continued to flash continuously amongst the forest before he finally came to a stop before a small mound.

"It's here?"

"It's here."

Talking to himself, Hildebrand punched out time and time again, creating a large crater in the mound. After digging incessantly for several tens of meters, there was finally a soft bang. Then a metal door, that was covered with rust and the traces of time, appeared before Hildebrand.

"This feeling... It's this feeling." In Hildebrand's consciousness, True Lord Qingshan's eyes were gleaming with excitement. "I can sense it. It's inside. It's inside here! My body... My body is inside! It's calling out to me!"

"What?! How is that possible?!" Grand Duke Alba said in astonishment, "Your body would have been from several tens of thousands years ago. How can it possibly still exist?"

"I don't know, but I have the feeling that it's inside here," True Lord Qingshan answered. Then he urged, "Go in, go in quickly. Once we get back my body, we'll be able to have a chance to defeat Fang Xingjian."


The National Academy outside the Imperial Capital was the training ground for the Empire's most elite Conferred Knights. The place had a scenic view, rich resources, and had nurtured many generations of experts for the Empire.

Currently, in the National Academy's Sacred Land, Dongfang Ling was sitting cross-legged on a stretch of grass, with a green long saber placed on his legs. As he inhaled and exhaled, the saber continued to tremble like it had gotten its own spirit.

A very long while later, Dongfang Ling opened his eyes, and hints of emerald green flashed in them.

"Excellent. I didn't expect to receive Saber Saint Ordos' memories from the information in the ether particles."

Saber Saint Ordos was the saint of the saber who had suddenly risen up 800 years ago, during a time when the many countries of Miracle World were at war with each other.

This saint of the saber had picked up the saber at the age of five and comprehended the saber at the age of fifteen. At the age of 25, he had attained the Divine level and also comprehended the Saberless Saber.

From then on, he had dominated over the entire southwest, without suffering a single defeat in his life. He even had exchanges and discussions in martial arts and saber arts with the Church of Universal Truth's Pope back then.

When Dongfang Ling thought of how he had finally defeated a portion of the Saber Saint's memories after spending much effort and experiencing repeated clashes with it in his consciousness, finally learning the Saber Saint's saber arts... he could not help but feel proud.

Beside Dongfang Ling, his younger brother asked, "Elder Brother, you've succeeded?"

Dongfang Ling nodded as his eyes brimmed with confidence. "Not only have I learned the Saber Saint's Saberless Saber, but I've also merged it with my own saber arts. Right now, in terms of saber arts alone, even Divine level experts may not be better than me.

"Additionally, I feel that my cultivation has reached a limit, like I'll be able to successfully strive for the Divine level at any moment now.

"It could be at the next second, or it could be at the next day."

Dongfang Ling's younger brother said excitedly, "Brother, if you can successfully attain the Divine level, then our Dongfang Clan will be able to hold our head high as well. We'll see if those white-skinned people still dare to look down on us then.

"Oh, right. Then are you still going to fix a date to fight with Fang Xingjian?"

"Of course, why not?" As Dongfang Ling stroked the long saber before him, his eyes were filled with loneliness. "Amongst those who are below the Divine level, he's the only possibly opponent who can get close to me in terms of abilities.

"And it is only through battling with such experts that I can continue to train and improve my saber arts.

"I only hope that since I have now comprehended the legacy of the Saber Saint, Fang Xingjian won't end up disappointing me by getting killed within two to three of my slashes."

Dongfang Ling then sighed and said to his younger brother, " Ah Wei 1 , send a letter to Fang Xingjian. Ten days later, I'll personally head to the peak of the Great Western Region and request for his guidance in martial arts."

"Alright," Dongfang Ling's younger brother, Dongfang Wei, nodded while saying, "I'll go send a letter to Fang Xingjian right away and get him to accept it." He then smiled and said, "Brother, I'm only worried that your prowess is too overwhelming, and he won't dare to take up the challenge."

Dongfang Ling said nonchalantly, "If he doesn't even dare to accept it, then this is just all he is worth. There's no need for me to challenge him then."

Not long after Dongfang Wei left, another young man rushed right up to Dongfang Ling anxiously.

Dongfang Ling said calmly, "What's the matter? Why are you in such an anxious state? Didn't I say that you must constantly maintain a calm state? In battles, the one thing you should never do is panic. You must be able to remain a calm state right until the moment before your death to be able to fully unleash the prowess of your saber arts."

"Teacher," that young man said anxiously, "Fang Xingjian... Fang Xingjian killed Xia!"

"Xia? What Xia?" Dongfang Ling asked, slightly stunned.

"It's the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon's Xia," the young man said. "The Eight Directional Crimson Dragon's Xia led his three deputy leaders to attack the Great Western Region's Regional Academy. They were all killed single-handedly by Fang Xingjian with one sword."

"What gibberish," Dongfang Ling said coldly. "Fang Xingjian is merely a Demigod, so how could he possibly defeat Xia? Xia is a Divine level expert who has dominated the battlefield and climbed up from piles of corpses."