Chapter 608: Astonishing the World

 Chapter 608: Astonishing the World

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Seven days later, Fang Xingjian sat in the Sword Saint, playing about with the jade-colored bangle in his hands.

This was the only item which Fang Xingjian had left untouched when he had killed Xia. It was Xia's dimensional storage equipment.

Dimensional storage equipment were items that only Divine level expert could create. However, it was not as if all Divine level experts could create them. Only those who were at the fifth, sixth, or even seventh tier of the Divine level, who were able to control space, would be able to create these.

It was also because of this that dimensional storage equipments were extremely precious. It was also the reason why when Fang Xingjian had revealed his ability to store items in an alternate dimension, so many people in the Great Western Region had tried to grab it from him.

In Xia's dimensional storage equipment, there was the Hell's White Bone Armor, the Divine level spinal bone, as well as many other heavenly and earthly treasures which he had snatched before. These had belonged to Fang Xingjian.

Other than these, there were also various Divine Weapons, Divine Equipments, and even a level 30 Divine Remains Equipment that Xia had collected.

It was a pity that while these equipments would be amazing for Demigods, they were no longer of any use to Xia or Fang Xingjian. Therefore, Xia had not brought them out in the battle.

With a simple reach of his hand, Fang Xingjian took out the level 30 Divine Remains Equipment from the dimensional storage equipment. It was a crimson red longspear that released gleams of light as red as blood. He did not know its background.

'We'll use this and change it into a longsword.'

With the Divine level spinal bone, the Hell's White Bone Armor, and this longspear, we'll be able to make a total of three longswords. He was only one sword away from the four Divine level longswords required to fully set up and unleash the prowess of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation.


At the same time, Fang Xingjian's reputation kept on growing and spreading together with the news of him having killed Xia. It had astonished almost the entire Empire, greatly shocking countless people.

Many intelligence groups sent people to rush to the Great Western Region in order to get more concrete news.

In the Aksai Volcano of the Northern Ice Region.

This active volcano situated in the Northern Ice Region sent up thick seething smoke and volcano ash throughout the year. Occasionally, there were small-scale earthquakes, which brought molten lava dashing onto the surface.

No one stayed within a radius of 100 li of it, and it was said to be a barren land.

However, in such a barren land, at the center of the volcano and within the boiling lava, the Fifth Prince, Cuité Krieg was soaking his physical body in molten lava.

However, to the Fifth Prince, a Demigod with four tiers of perfection and with a Divine Physique forged from a 10,000-year ice crystal, a high temperature of several hundred degrees celsius was not even worth mentioning.

What was terrifying was that at the moment, the skin all over the Fifth Prince's body had peeled off, and the boiling lava had seeped directly into his white jade-like flesh, bones and nerves.

Even the endless fiendish powers of the earth kept on seeping into his body, together with layers of back smoke.

Long silver needles pierced each of the positions where the 1,440 specialty seeds were located on his body. A tremendous amount of heat currents and black smoke darted into the places where these silver needles were stuck, flowing into his body. They brought him intense pain.

Theoretically, as his body was made from a 10,000-year ice crystal, he ought not to be able to sense any pain. However, along with these 1,440 long needles that allowed him to keep absorbing the endless powers under the volcano, he was experiencing what extreme pain felt like.

The Fifth Prince's expression was extremely distorted, craziness shining in his eyes.

Right now, putting himself through this method of refining made him feel as if his entire body was being dismembered and roasted incessantly. He continuously hovered in a state between life and death.

Every single minute and second was extremely painful, and the only thing that kept him going on was three words.

' Fang Xingjian 1 !

'Wait for me. Once I've mastered the Asura Way and succeeded in reaching the Divine level, I'll come find you.

'I want you to go through tens or hundreds of times the pain that I went through!!!'

In the depths of the Fifth Prince's consciousness, in a place where the Fifth Prince had neglected, there was Tian Yi, turned into a small figure akin to a luminous spot. The streams of flames that behaved like consciousness kept on scorching his body.

He was receiving the pain that the Fifth Prince was put through, receiving the Fifth Prince's sense of touch and pain, and using these to cultivate the Asura Way. It was unbelievable.

Above the lava, the Fist Emperor stood upright in the void space like a stone statue, monitoring the Fifth Prince's condition.

Seeing that the Fifth Prince had such great tolerance, he could not help but think approvingly, 'Not bad. It's really a blessing in disguise. The Fifth Prince's talent was above others' to begin with, but because he was too arrogant he was always lacking.

'After suffering a great blow from Fang Xingjian, he has now put down his arrogance and his will is getting increasingly stronger. It's now very compatible with the Asura Way, a path that stimulates the instincts and the potential of the human body through pain and brutality.

'If this goes on, he might actually be able to attain the Demigod status in less than a year.'

At this moment, even the Fist Emperor was a little thankful to Fang Xingjian. However, it was impossible to persuade the Fifth Prince to give up on Fang Xingjian.

The Fist Emperor could only sigh, 'It's a pity... Fang Xingjian, you've offended someone whom you shouldn't have offended. You've also joined the Second Prince, who is the one with the worst future amongst the five princes. Should I say that you're unlucky or that you have poor judgement?

'Amongst the five princes, the Second Prince is in the most awkward position. Not only is the First Prince wary of him, but he doesn't have the strong backings that the other four princes have either.

'Although Fang Xingjian is amazing, there isn't even a single Divine level expert to back him up. How on earth could he possibly compete with the Fifth Prince?'

Just then, one of his subordinates from the Great River Alliance rushed over, wearing a grim expression. He started communicating with the Fist Emperor through information currents.

"Sir, seven days ago, Fang Xingjian killed the Undying Xia in the Great Western Region's Regional Academy. Right now, the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon has completely disbanded and not a hint of Xia's remains were left behind."

"What?!" The Fist Emperor turned his head abruptly and looked at his subordinate. Because he had exerted too much force, he had even a huge wave of lava with a height of several tens of meters as he struck the air.

The Fifth Prince also opened his eyes, asking with a pained expression, "What is it, Elder Brother? Did something happen?" That subordinate from earlier had given the Fist Emperor the report through information currents and the Fifth Prince had no idea what was going on.

The Fist Emperor slapped away the lava with a casual wave of his palm, ignoring the Fifth Prince. His eyes narrowed as he said, "Has the news been verified? Why is it that the news only just arrived even though it happened seven days ago?"

Fearful, the subordinate immediately said, "We didn't really believe the news at the beginning either. Therefore, we sent a few batches of our men to get more concrete details of the situation.

"Seven days ago, the Undying Xia led his three deputy leaders to attack the Great Western Region's Regional Academy. Governor Devitt and the others put up a fight, but to no avail.

"Prince Philip then rushed to the scene. Xia attacked the prince and even displayed the abilities of a second tier Divine level expert."

"What?!" The Fifth Prince said, astonished. "Xia was already at the second tier of the Divine level? To be able to disintegrate his physical body, to move instantly through his will, and then regenerate... His speed would be comparable to a beam of light. With such powers, even Philip was probably not his match."

Then, fury appeared in the Fifth Prince's expression, "Fang Xingjian offended Xia... Could he have been killed by Xia? How could that happen? Who should I look for to seek my revenge?"

Hearing his furious tone, the subordinate subconsciously threw a glance at the Fist Emperor. It was only after the Fist Emperor had nodded that he dared to continue, "Fang Xingjian then appeared, killing Xia with a total of 31 sword attacks. He then annihilated the three deputy leaders and the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon disbanded.

"His Majesty has invited Fang Xingjian to take on the roles of committee member of the Knight Association, sword arts professor of the National Academy, and one of the judges for the upcoming National Selection. Fang Xingjian has been requested to head to the Imperial Capital to receive the commendations."