Chapter 606: Second Tier

 Chapter 606: Second Tier

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Having insufficient powers to begin with and still having to protect the people on the training ground, Philip instantly felt a surging amount of stress. The light sphere of his Universal Truth Longsword continued to shrink more and more, and the people hiding within it had no choice but to squeeze tightly together.

Sensing the flickering light sphere, the people being protected seemed to feel Philip's stress.

At the next moment, the sphere of light suddenly shattered, turning into countless luminous spots that scattered in the air. Endless killing intent and terror plunged down from the skies. Bringing along endless auras and power with him, Xia brought along gusts of strong gales that could flip a tank over as he headed toward the ground.

If he were to enter the training ground, then even just the collision with the ground would be enough to cause the death of half the number of people on the grounds because of the resulting tremors. Then, he would simply have to send his martial will sweeping in order to crush the remaining half.

However, the moment he was about to land, the light sphere domain of the Universal Truth Longsword encompassed him entirely.

It turned out that Philip had felt that Xia's attacks were too fierce and that it would be difficult for him to take them head-on. Therefore, he had given up on his defense stance and had unleashed the Universal Truth Longsword's sword intent in order to encompass Xia entirely.


At the next moment, Philip landed a sword attack on Xia. The latter was stopped in midair, countless luminous spots lighting up in his body. The Universal Truth Longsword's light sphere had encompassed every single physical particle in Xia's body, cutting off the connections between the elements of his physical structure.

Xia's body instantly disintegrated, turning into fog and filling up the entire area.

The people who saw this were just about to rejoice when, shortly after, myriad of dragon-shaped forces started flashing within the fog. They destroyed the Universal Truth Longsword's light sphere, and then, amidst flashes of invisible waves, Xia's body recovered to its original state.

Xia had used his martial will to forge his body anew. It was an ability that only a second tier Divine level expert had. It allowed one to turn the will into flesh and blood at one's own wish.

Philip's brows furrowed tightly together. "Second tier of the Divine level? Flesh of will? You've already reached level 31?"

"That's right. I attained a breakthrough just a few days ago. Otherwise, I would have long ago come to the Great Western Region to crush that Fang Xingjian." A hint of arrogance flashed on Xingjian's face, "Among the ten great Divine level experts, I'm probably the first to have leveled up. As for old people like yourself, you've long lost your potential." Xia touched his head, the corner of his lips curling up into a brutal smile, "I didn't wish to reveal this so early, but since you've forced my hand, you can die now."

The next moment, Xia's body suddenly turned into dust, morphing into a wave of pure martial will. It darted behind Philip at light speed, then instantly turned back into flesh and blood, as Xia launched a fierce punch at Philip's head.

Compared to magic prints Warriors like Li Shuanghua, who did not have any legacies, the advantage that Xia had on reaching the second tier of the Divine level was far too great.

The mere mastery of the transition between his flesh and blood and his will allowed him to move continuously at light speed. It was just that with each appearance, he had to once again form his flesh and blood.

Despite that, he still enjoyed an unrivalled advantage.

The materialization of the martial will of an expert at the first tier of the Divine level allowed one to launch far distance attacks that were close to light speed. However, even though they were were close to light speed, they could only hold the power of the martial will, and did not simultaneously incorporate the power of the physical strength. Therefore, the power unleashed from the attacks would not be one's full potential. Although they could be used to bully the weak, they were useless against Divine level experts. It was very hard to break through the defense of Divine level experts of the same level only by relying on the power of their martial will.

Therefore, when Divine level experts who were about the same standard were to fight, most of them would still have to unleash the powers of both their physical body and will concurrently. When both sides attacked, it still depended on the various techniques which they showcased. It was very much unlike the instances when they were dealing with the weak, succeeding with a single gush of their will.

Therefore, in their ordinary attacks, Divine level experts would only use their martial will, which could be transmitted at light speed. However, when they went all-out in attacking, if they wished to mix in the powers from both their will and their physical body, it was impossible for them to reach light speed.

The transition between the will and the flesh and blood of a second tier Divine level expert involved the breaking down of the physical body, the transmitting of the will, and then reforming the flesh and blood with the will... The entire process came along with the ability to move at close to light speed.

Xia's silhouette continued to flash around Philip. Each flash brought about countless layers of air currents, distorting layers of space and gathering 99% of the power into his two fists. He then landed punches after punches onto Philip.

The damage to the environment the battle between the two brought was not as great as that between Conferred Knights. However, the dangers involved were a lot greater.

Philip could only perform his Universal Truth Longsword at full power while maintaining the defense at the same time. Faced with Xia moving at such rapid speed, there was no way for him to launch a hit at the other party. After all, although martial will transmitted at light speed, the reaction speeds of Divine level experts were not the same. Just one millisecond or one-thousandth of a second of reaction time was already sufficient for Xia to dodge any kind of attack.

He attacked at close to light speed through the materialized will with 99% of the power that had been condensed by the distorted space, without leaks into the environment, and with an ability to move at close to light speed from the transition of the will into flesh and blood.

The will of flesh was to further condense the will and flesh into one. The full power unleashed was something that was hard even for Philip to take.

Right now, the battle powers that Xia unleashed had far surpassed everyone's expectations.

Moreover, the battle prowess differences between each tier of the Divine level experts were far too great. Seeing that Philip was struggling under Xia's attacks, everyone started to feel anxious again.

"This... To think that His Highness isn't a match for him?!"

"How could this be? Xia has succeeded in attaining the second tier of the Divine level? Then isn't he invincible?"

"It's over, it's all over for us. It's no wonder that he's so arrogant. A tier two Divine level expert... Even the royal family won't be able to do anything to him."

Audrey, who had felt more relaxed a moment ago, now wore a clouded expression again. The Martial Concubine next to her shook her head and said, "Did you see that? That's the Lord's power. When the Lord was a Demigod, he had been able to escape the pursuit of Divine level experts. His martial arts talent is beyond your imagination.

"Even Philip isn't his match. In comparison, Fang Xingjian won't even be at the level of an ant.

"Audrey, you have great beauty and the Lord will definitely take a liking to you in the future. I'm giving you a few words of advice.

"The Lord is destined to be a main character in history, the future sovereign of the world. You better hold back your ideas and get into his good books. Don't spoil your own future for yourself."

Hearing the tone that the Martial Concubine had spoken as if she was giving guidance to a junior, Audrey opened her mouth, but found herself unable to say a single word.

It was because what she had said was right. Faced with Xia's powerful violence, it seemed that, other than submitting to him, there were no other options.

On the ground, Head of Department James wore a deeply worried look. In the sky, Philip's situation seemed to get increasingly dangerous, but they had no way of helping him.

Lilia's face was also in a daze. Faced with Xia's terrifying violence, this was the first time that even she did not have enough confidence in her own Master.

Wang Xiaoyan looked at Xiao Tianxia, who was ravaging in the skies like a raging dragon, and could not help but sigh and think, 'It's a pity, it's a pity... Fang Xingjian, why did you have to offend the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon? You've offended a monster that even Philip isn't able to handle.

'It seems that this is truly the end.'

At the same time, Wang Xiaoyan also felt a grudge toward Fang Xingjian for having offended the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon.

The next moment, Xia raised his fist high up, and then smashed down on Philip with stacked layers of distorted space. The Universal Truth Longsword's glow was completely shattered.

Quickly after, as layers of stacked space became distorted, Xia unleashed another vicious punch akin to a poisonous dragon, but which was stopped by Philip's slashing light swords.

However, Xia did not stop at all. He allowed the light swords to chop off his arm.

The part of his arm that had been slashed off turned into invisible martial will and then connected to his flesh and blood. Next, his fist continued to pierce through Philip's chest without any reservations. Philip was struck down and plunged into the ground, flipping over several tens of houses, and sending dust up in the air.

Just as Xia's physical body was about to disintegrate once again so that he could move at light speed to give chase after Philip, he suddenly came to a stop and looked toward a street on the ground.

Everyone watched him with great astonishment, also following his line of sight.

On one of the streets of the Regional Academy, Fang Xingjian was slowly walking over to the training ground and in Xia's direction.

A spine-chilling feeling rose in Xia's heart and he coldly asked, "Fang Xingjian?"

Fang Xingjian waved his hand causally and a longsword that was attached to a student's waist landed in his hands. He stood there, gently stroking the longsword with his fingers, "A longsword that costs ten gold will kill a Divine level expert. Human lives are really cheap."

"To hell with you, trying to act all mysterious!"

Xia suddenly disintegrated and then appeared before Fang Xingjian at the next moment. He punched out, bringing about layers of distortions and smashing at Fang Xingjian's head like an enraged dragon.