Chapter 604: Threat

 Chapter 604: Threat

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Hearing what Xia said, the countenance of everyone present changed drastically. No one wanted to die, especially when most of them had completed the second transition. They could be said to have reached the pinnacle of their lives, and even if they did not do any more things in the future, they would be able to enjoy good fortune for their entire lifetimes. How could they possibly be unafraid to die?

However, Governor Devitt shouted furiously, "Xia, I don't care what feuds you have with Fang Xingjian. He's a second transition Knight conferred by the Empire, a student of the Great Western Region Regional Academy. If you wish to kill him, you'll be pitting yourself against the entire Empire.

"Take a look at what you're doing right now! If His Majesty were to know of this, he would definitely be overcome by fury and wipe out the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon completely!"

"Hehe." Despite hearing what Devitt said, Xia did not care about it at all. "Let's not talk about what the Krieg Clan would do to deal with me for now. Rather, let's talk about how if I kill you guys right now, will there be anyone who is able to save you?

"It's a dog eat dog world; it's the survival of the fittest. In the end, what matters is purely power. You think the Empire and regulations can restrict me?

"What a joke."

As he spoke, Xia smacked out his palm, and the violent forces almost made everyone suffocate. The forces came down from the sky and forcibly pushed Devitt's lower body into the ground, just like he was hammering down a nail.

Xia said nonchalantly, "I'm hitting you like this now, but what can the Krieg Clan do? If I kill you later, who will be able to save you?"

The people present revealed furious expressions, but no one said another word of rebuttal. There were even many people who revealed horrified expressions as they thought about all the acts of violence Xia and the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon had committed.

As an international organization of violence, the history of the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon could be said to be one that was filled with violence. Everywhere they passed by would be covered in the stench of blood, and they relied purely on violence and terror to shock the world.

"It's over, it's over. There are no Divine level experts in the entire Great Western Region. Who can stop Xia?"

"It's all Fang Xingjian's fault. Of all the people... Why did he have to offend the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon? Who doesn't know that the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon takes revenge for the smallest thing? Moreover, that out of the ten great Divine level experts, Xia is the most petty and brutal one?"

"I heard that five years ago, Second Young Master of the Yasang Clan-the richest and most influential clan in the Eastern Sand Region-criticized the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon's violent acts. In the end, he was found skinned and hung up on the wall the very next day. Why did Fang Xingjian offend such a fiend?"

A fear-filled atmosphere spread out amongst those present. Xia's power and the threats he posed were very clear to them. Everyone was horrified like the end of the world had arrived and their deaths were impending.

On the other hand, Xia revealed a satisfied smile. He liked this kind of situation where everyone was afraid of him, using fear and violence to suppress everyone.

He then threw a glance toward Audrey, who was amongst the ladies. With a wave of his hand, Audrey was brought before him.

This number one beauty of the Northern Ice Region put up a struggling expression, but how could she possibly succeed against a Divine Region expert? She was brought right up to Xia, and even her head was pressed down as she was forced to face him.

Looking at this ravishing and charming face, even Xia sighed. "You're Audrey? As expected of the top beauty of the Northern Ice Region. It's no wonder that Fang Xingjian would throw away his life for you."

Audrey frowned. With an aggrieved expression, she let out a soft sigh. "Lord, why did you have to do this? I'm willing to leave with you today. I only beg of you to let these people off."

"Hahahaha," Xia laughed out loud. His voice resonated through the air, causing the skies to tremble. It was as if he was going to break a hole through the sky.

"Do you think that you'll be able to settle this matter?" Xia said coldly. "I've come here to the Great Western Region and to this Regional Academy just so I can tell everyone in the world, as well as Fang Xingjian, that a Divine level expert is not to be dishonored.

"Survival of the fittest and reverence of those in power are the laws of this world. Divine level experts are at the very top of the food chain, and everyone who attempts to go against this law of the nature will only be crushed mercilessly by those in power."

One of the three beauties behind Xia had a face that seemed as cold as frost, along with long fluttering hair. A hint of compassion flashed in her eyes, but there was nothing that she could do.

Out of the four deputy leaders under Xia, she was the Martial Concubine, who specialized in training warriors for Xia and teaching martial arts. She was also the strongest out of the four deputy leaders.

Hearing Xia's tone and sensing his fury, the Martial Concubine knew that Xia was truly infuriated this time around.

She could not help but sigh, feeling that this was going to be another endless massacre.

'Sigh, the people from the Regional Academy are actually innocent. However, with how the Lord is overcome by fury right now, he probably can't get rid of the hatred in his heart if he doesn't kill all of them. This Fang Xingjian is too arrogant in thinking that he is unrivalled just because he killed a few Demigods. To think that he dared to kill one of the Lord's clones. To top it off, he even killed the Sybarite Concubine. This is why the Lord is infuriated and how this great disaster came to be.'

Looking at the people on the training ground who were shivering in fear like quails, a hint of commiseration flashed through her heart. Looking at Audrey whose face was pale and seemed as if she was going to be frozen by Xia's fury, the Martial Concubine stepped forward to say, "My Lord, you've frightened her. The young lady doesn't know any better, so why hold it against her?"

She then grabbed Audrey to her side. Audrey still wanted to struggle, but the Martial Concubine's voice rang out in her mind, "That's enough. Isn't the situation clear? The Lord has always been the type of person who believes that those in power must be revered. Those who abide by him will flourish, and those who don't will perish. Fang Xingjian has gotten himself in great trouble. Right now, the only way to appease the Lord's fury is to try all means and ways to get into his good books. If you continue to be so disobedient, there'll probably be more people who are going to die."

Audrey's body stiffened, and she shivered slightly a few times, with tears flowing down from the corners of her eyes.

Looking at Audrey, the Martial Concubine sighed. She patted Audrey on the shoulder and continued to transmit messages to her, trying to console her, "Foolish girl. You're so beautiful, the Lord will definitely like you a lot. With a Divine level expert backing you up, won't you be able to get whatever you want in the future?"

Audrey appeared mournful but continued to keep quiet, feeling that despair was the greatest sorrow.

However, Xia did not stop. He opened his mouth and breathed intensely, with his chest seeming to expand by a lot. Then at the next moment, the entire world started to tremble, and sound waves that could be seen by the naked eye were discharged from his mouth.

"Fang Xingjian! Hurry up and get out here!"

Wherever the sound waves passed by, the world seemed to change. The space became distorted, and there were even hints of black cracks appearing.

With the power from a single bellow, Xia had managed to distort space and even stretch out the spatial gaps!

Looking at this scene, the countenances of Governor Devitt and Head of Department James changed as they were struck dumb with astonishment.

Even James could not help but think, 'Xingjian has been too rash this time around. The loss outweighs the gain of offending a Divine level expert like this so early. The loss truly outweighs the gains...' James' brows furrowed tightly as he kept praying, 'Don't come out, you mustn't come out.'

He only hoped that Fang Xingjian would be able to hold it in, that he would place great effort into practicing his martial arts and only think about exacting revenge in the future.

With a single howl, the world's appearance changed, but there was no sight of Fang Xingjian. Xia let out a cold snort and grabbed out across space toward Lilia.

"Fang Xingjian, since you aren't coming out, I'll first have a taste of what your female disciple is like."

However, at that same moment, a hint of sword light pierced out from the center of Xia's forehead.