Chapter 603: Xia

 Chapter 603: Xia

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Out of the four people who had appeared, there were three ladies, as well as one man who had handsome features and a tall stature. However, his gaze seemed to be filled with feelings of cold-bloodedness, shrewdness, and brutality. He looked at Fang Qian and Wang Xiaoyan as if he were looking at prey that he would swallow whole at any moment.

The man seemed to give off a vibe... an inhuman aura and disposition which exuded from all over his body.

As for the three beautiful ladies standing behind the man,they could be said to be of unrivalled beauty. They wore white clothes, which were soft and sheer, and carried themselves with great poise. Either one of them had a beauty which surpassed that of Fang Qian and Wang Xiaoyan. It was likely that only the Northern Ice Region's top beauty, Audrey, would be able to surpass their beauty.

At their sudden appearances, Tyrant's heart leaped fiercely and he said, "Xia?"

The four people who had just appeared were the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon's leader-the Undying Xia-and the three deputy leaders under him-the three beauties who were also his women.

Hearing Tyrant's guess, both Fang Qian's and Wang Xiaoyan's countenances changed drastically.

Different people had different reputations. As one of the ten great Divine level experts in the Empire, Xia had a great reputation and was known to be extremely powerful. This made Tyrant and the two ladies unable to summon any will to resist. It was because the gap between Divine level experts from those below were far too wide.

The corners of Xia's lips curled up into a cunning wolf-like smile. Xia passed by Tyrant, gently patted him on the shoulder, and then reached out his hand to grab the Hell's White Bone Armor, starting to assess it.

"It's really a good armor, but the damage done to it is also very serious. It'll be very hard to fix. However, if it's broken down and reforged, it'll still be a good item," Xia said, gently stroking the Hell's White Bone Armor in his hand. Then he continued calmly, "This armor should have been a Divine Remains Equipment to begin with, right? Where did you guys get it from? Could this be that legendary Panwu Heavenly Raiment?"

Wang Xiaoyan's countenance changed and she said, "How do you know about the Panwu Heavenly Raiment?"

"The Eight Directional Crimson Dragon's information network far surpasses your imagination," Xia said with a smile. He lifted Wang Xiaoyan's chin, took a look, and remarked, "You don't look bad. You can return with me to the Euphoria Palace 1 later."

Upon hearing Xia's words, Wang Xiaoyan's face turned pale.

An extravagant orgy was held at the Euphoria Palace, where Xia gathered all sorts of beauties, great wine, and wealth from all over the world. Any woman who entered would be subject to Xia's lust and desires, and it was said to be a great humiliation.

Thinking of what could happen to her, Wang Xiaoyan felt nothing but despair.

'But he is Xia, the Undying Xia... Even if Fang Xingjian managed to kill one of his clones, when he's up against Xia himself, he'll probably...' Wang Xiaoyan's thoughts kept spinning rapidly in her mind. 'I thought that Xia would have reservations for the power of the Empire's royal family. I didn't expect that he would really commit evil acts so openly, coming here in broad daylight.'

Countless thoughts and plans kept flashing in her mind. However, the more she thought about it, the more she was struck by a sense of helplessness.

At this moment, there was only one final thought that was left in her mind, 'So, this is the power of a Divine level expert... Faced with such power, all schemes and plots are useless. We can only be completely crushed by Xia's power.'

Xia passed by Fang Qian and picked up the Divine level spinal bone that was on the workstation. He casually broke through the layers of protection and touched the Divine level spinal bone, saying, "This is also something good. Although it seems to be a lot worse as a material in comparison to that armor, it can also be used."

Fang Qian, Wang Xiaoyan, and Tyrant looked at Xia, still not daring to resist him at all. It was because all of them knew that if they were to resist with their powers, they would be easily suppressed.

In particular, Tyrant just kept on thinking, 'Xingjian seems to have expected for this to happen?'

The words Fang Xingjian had said when he told Tyrant to head over here flashed in Tyrant's mind.

"Tyrant, you can head to where Fang Qian is first. I'll give the Fourth Prince a helping hand. If you run into any problems, don't panic. I'll be there in a bit."

Recalling Fang Xingjian's words, Tyrant gave it some thought and said, 'Xingjian seems to have an extremely accurate sensing ability. The way he put it... means that there isn't any danger for now? Or that before there's any danger, he will be able to rush over? But why? Could it be that the Fourth Prince's condition has gotten that critical?'

However, Xia did not care about all these things. With a swing of his hand, the air currents in the room started to move. It was as if a typhoon had been instantly created, and he was at the very center of it.

He took the Hell's White Bone Armor and the Divine level spinal bone, then both items disappeared. Xia clearly also had some kind of Divine Remains Equipment with him that had a dimensional storage.

Next, countless heavenly and earthly treasures in the entire room flew up. They were all grabbed and stored into his dimensional storage.

In the blink of an eye, the workshop and research laboratory were cleaned up entirely, and the smiled on Xia's face grew increasingly brighter. "Not bad, not bad. To think that Fang Xingjian is so rich? That batch of materials from earlier is worth over ten million. Where did he get a hold of so much money? To think that I didn't manage to find out about this even with my information network?"

As he spoke, Xia waved one of his hands. Then Fang Qian, Wang Xiaoyan, and Tyrant felt an undefiable and irresistable power gushing toward them. The violent power pushed their bodies, sending them flying out as if they were mounting the clouds and riding the mist. In the blink of an eye, they had arrived at a training ground together with Xia.

Several hundreds of students, staff, and teachers of the Regional Academy had been grabbed and brought to the training ground. There were occasional flashes of the black shadow that was from Xia's clone bringing people over here.

Tyrant looked at an afterimage in the sky and frowned. Even the Governor and Head of Department had been brought here by Xia's clone.

Governor Devitt was bathed in blood, and his consciousness was extremely weak. He had clearly put up a fight before he was caught, but he was still no match for Xia's clone.

Head of Department James was not in a good state either. His hair was dishevelled, and his face was covered in dirt. He looked like just like a refugee.

When Head of Department James and Governor Devitt were both tossed onto the training ground like garbage, the several hundreds of people already on the training ground gasped and crowded around the two people.

Then Tyrant and the two ladies were also tossed into the group. Xia was not at all worried that they might escape.

However, any ladies who looked slightly prettier would be tossed to a corner of the training ground. The rest of the people, including Tyrant and Governor Devitt, were tossed to another side. There were distinct differences between the two groups, with one on the left and the other on the right.

It was clear that Xia was planning on bringing the ladies with him, and he did not plan on bringing the others along.

Governor Devitt stood up while his body trembled. He looked at Xia, who was in midair, and shouted furiously, "Xia! Are you crazy?! Openly assaulting the government and doing this in the Regional Academy... Are you thinking of revolting?"

Hearing Devitt's words, Xia laughed out loud and said, "Revolt? Right now, the Krieg Clan is incapable of dealing with me." Then his expression turned cold, and wanton killing auras seemed to brush past everyone's face like sharp blades.

"If you guys want to blame someone, then blame Fang Xingjian.

"To think that he dared to kill my clone and my woman. He should know that this day would come and that I would take revenge, the world's most terrifying revenge.

"I'll let everyone in the world understand once again that no matter who they offend, they can't offend me."

One of the beautiful ladies, who was a deputy leader, asked, "Lord, aren't we going to apprehend Fang Xingjian? With such a commotion, he may try to escape."

A smile that had a hint of brutality and tyranny appeared on Xia's face. "This is what torture means. Right now, he must be struggling between the decision of whether he should escape or not. Hehe, let's have a test to see if Fang Xingjian is someone who values his bonds. If he escapes, then we'll kill those who should be killed and bring away those that we should. After that, we'll continue to chase and hunt him down.

"If I don't chase him for seven days and seven nights, making him shudder in fear, how will I be able to get rid of the hatred in my heart? I'll first chase him down for several days and several nights before I slowly deal with him."