Chapter 601: Comes to a Conclusion

 Chapter 601: Comes to a Conclusion

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Fang Xingjian frowned. Then suddenly, hints of aura that seemed like the world was in chaos flashed across his eyes. Under the senses he had gotten from the Sudden Inspiration, he immediately looked toward the entrance of the Hades Vault.

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian grabbed the Hell's White Bone Armor and tossed this set of unrivalled armor toward the Hades Vault's entrance.


Sensing Fang Xingjian's movements, the First Prince was not able to react immediately.

Then at the next moment, as the Hell's White Bone Armor clashed into the Hades Vault's entrance, a destructive aura splattered onto the Hell's White Bone Armor.

Half of the Hell's White Bone Armor disappeared completely while the other half remained where it was. This was because half of it was stuck in the Hades Vault.

With the disappearance of the Senluo Six Heavens Sword, the Hades Vault had already started to collapse. During the short moment that Fang Xingjian and the others had been engaged in a battle, a very long time had passed in the Hades Vault, and the destruction of the place had already reached its very boundaries.

Just as half the Hell's White Bone Armor entered, destructive power splattered onto it.

How terrifying was this power? This was the aftermath of the entire Hades Vault collapsing. When a world collapsed, how terrifying was the destructive power involved? It would be hard for one to even fend off the repercussions, yet the power was now splattered directly onto the Hell's White Bone Armor. This unrivalled armor immediately trembled wildly. It seemed as if even its layers of stacked defenses were unable to fend off the destructive power of the collapse.

Presented with such a rare opportunity in this extremely critical situation, Fang Xingjian managed to grasp the chance with the help of the Sudden Inspiration.

There seemed to be bang bang bang bang sounds of explosions ringing out in the air. This set of unrivalled armor kept on releasing rays of light like fireworks exploding one after another. The entire armor turned dim very rapidly, as if it would collapse at the very next moment.

In the armor, the First Prince bellowed furiously, "Fang Xingjian! What have you done?!"

The defense of this armor was the first of its kind. In the current Miracle World where even a tier one Divine level expert was rare, there was no one who could break through its defense.

However, thanks to the sharpness of the Sudden Inspiration, Fang Xingjian had grasped the moment of the Hades Vault's collapse. He was making use of the destructive force that was unleashed from the collapse of a world to refine that set of unrivalled armor.

It would be able to destroy the Hell's White Bones Armor, let alone break through its defense.

However, right before the armor was going to collapse completely, Fang Xingjian once again brought the Hell's White Bone Armor into his possession. A windstorm blew out from the Hades Vault's entrance as it collapsed completely, signifying that the Hades Vault had disappeared forever.

Right now, the Hell's White Bone Armor that Fang Xingjian was holding onto no longer showed the spirituality it had before. It now looked extremely dim, as if it was just an ordinary set of armor.

Fang Xingjian sent in a stream of sword intent and instantly found the First Prince who was curled up inside the armor.

Currently, the First Prince's clone appeared to be in a horrible state. He exuded an extremely faint light that was just like a layer of blurry fog, seeming as if he would dissipate at any moment.

"Fang Xingjian, do you know what you've done? Snatching the Hell's White Bone Armor... Do you want to become arch enemies with the entire Ancient Path of Hell?"

"Noisy." Fang Xingjian did not give the First Prince the chance to say anything else. He slashed down with his sword intent, destroying the last bit of power of the First Prince's clone.

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian grabbed the battered Hell's White Bone Armor and then disappeared into the horizon together with Tyrant, the Fourth Prince, and Rona.

Not long after he disappeared, several waves of strong power rushed over. Looking at the horrible state of the battlefield, all of them were shocked. However, after doing a scan and not finding any survivors, the several waves of strong power retreated quietly.

Fang Xingjian passed through several great regions on his way. After attaining the Divine level, his attributes had soared up. His strength increased sharply, and his speed was even faster than before. In just a few minutes, he had already returned to the Sacred Land in the Great Western Region.

Tyrant wore an expression of fear lingering from the earlier aftermath. "To think that both the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord and the First Prince came. If you hadn't attained the Divine level this time around, we'd be dead."

Fang Xingjian did not say anything. Instead, he took a look at the Fourth Prince's condition first. He saw that the Fourth Prince was hugging the Senluo Six Heavens Sword whilst in a state of deep slumber. However, both his mind and body were in an extremely stable condition, and there did not seem to be any problems.

Then Fang Xingjian threw a glance toward Rona, who was on his last breath, and said, "Speak up. What's the legacy of the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's Waves?"

Rona's countenance was extremely pale. No one would still be able to remain confident after seeing Fang Xingjian kill the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord and snatch the Hell's White Bone Armor.

He spoke grimly, "I will have to die even after I give it to you, so why would I do that? If you're willing to give me a way out, I'll promise that I'll never appear before you again in this entire lifetime. How about it, Fang Xingjian?"

"It's just a set of Waves. Since you're not willing to hand it over, then you can just die." Fang Xingjian threw a cold glance at Rona, sending sword Qis gushing into the void space and killing Rona completely.

At present, Fang Xingjian had already reached the Divine level and transitioned into the Eternal Sword Seigneur. As such, he had long since known of his own path and direction. A set of Waves was nothing great to him, even if it was the legacy of the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor.

Until the moment he died, Rona's eyes were still filled with surprise and shock, as if he could not believe that he had died just like that. He seemed even more unwilling to believe that Fang Xingjian had killed him so easily.

After Fang Xingjian killed Rona, the trip to the Hades Vault was finally concluded.

Looking at the results, Fang Xingjian had attained the Divine level, helped the Fourth Prince get the Senluo Six Heavens Sword, and even killed the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord's Drought Demon True Physique, dealing great damage onto the demon. Fang Xingjian had even snatched the First Prince's Hell's White Bone Armor. It could be said to be a great haul.

Next, he needed to get accustomed to his Divine level powers and the Eternal Sword Seigneur's abilities, especially for the Sword Realm. Fang Xingjian had already thought of how powerful it would be once this ability was combined with the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation.

With him having dealt a great blow to the First Prince's and the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord's powers, it was likely that the two of them would exact revenge on him crazily. Additionally, they now knew he had attained the Divine level. So, when they exact revenge in the future, they surely would not simply send their clones like they had done in the past.

'Since that's the case, I can't just sit around and await for doom to arrive. Since the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord has gone into hiding and I can't find him, I'll first spend a few days stabilizing my powers and then head to the Xingwu Region to cripple the First Prince.'

As Fang Xingjian thought of these, he looked at the Hell's White Bone Armor. This set of armor seemed as if it had been dealt irreversible damage. It no longer looked as awe-inspiring as it had previously when the First Prince wore it.

Unfortunately, Fang Xingjian did not know how to forge armors and Divine Remains Equipment. Therefore, he planned on leaving this to Fang Qian and Wang Xiaoyan. They could either fix it or use the Hell's White Bone Armor as materials to forge another Divine Remains Longsword.

'The Sword Realm is perfectly capable of being used together with the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation to create an even more powerful sword formation. With my Five God-Slaying Swords as the bones, four longswords as the blood and flesh, and the Sword Realm as the skin, I'll be able to create an unrivalled sword formation.

'For this, the requirements for the four longswords will be very high.'

Fang Xingjian was already starting to plan on forging four longswords to create his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. He calculated the destructive prowess the new Celestial Eradication Sword Formation would have and was full of anticipation for it.

However, including the longsword that Wang Xiaoyan and Fang Qian were currently forging, as well as the potential longsword the Hell's White Bone Armor could be forged into, Fang Xingjian was still short of at least two longswords.