Chapter 595: Exercising Great Tolerance, Striving for the Divine Level In A Single Attempt

 Chapter 595: Exercising Great Tolerance, Striving for the Divine Level In A Single Attempt

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As Rona continued to progress, he kept on controlling and absorbing the flame clouds in the Hades Vault. He now formed a fire giant that had the height of several thousand meters and with a body so condensed that it looked like something tangible. Anything that got close would be incinerated, and if it were to head to the Miracle World, just one of its stomps would probably be sufficient to vaporize the entire Great Western City.

"It's over. The two of you can die here."

The fire giant was like a heavenly god from the legends, and a huge palm smacked out across space with a power that could send an entire street flying away. The seething flames charged forth like myriad nuclear explosions.

Faced with this attack from Rona, both Tyrant and Philip unleashed their ultimate attacks.

"God-Perishing Palm!"

"Universal Truth Longsword!"

Their martial wills mixed together with their physical strength and bouts of energy gushed forth. However, they were no match for Rona's attack and both of them were sent flying for over 100 kilometers, creating streams of air currents like fighter aircrafts.

The World-Engulfing Battle God Armor that Tyrant wore let out an agonizing cry and disintegrated completely, exploding and turning into an endless shower of light and flames. This level 32 Divine Remains Equipment had been completely destroyed.

The white light that Philip had taken the form of also dissipated with the wind. At that moment, this expert, one of the ten Divine level experts in the Empire, had finally depleted all of the powers his clone had.

Looking at their conditions, a hint of exhilaration flashed in Rona's eyes. He controlled the fire giant's hand and grabbed at Fang Xingjian and the Fourth Prince.

Just then, a hint of indifference exuded from Fang Xingjian's eyes. It was as if his personal emotions had completely disappeared in that instant and he had become one of those in the heavenly path, standing high up above all the rest.

"You finally woke up!"

"Mmm," Fang Xingjian threw a glance toward a space several tens of kilometers away and let Tyrant pull out the Thunder Permeating Spear from the Gates of the Netherworld.

The set of Divine Remains Equipment that the Divine Sun Emperor had constantly carried with him came from the Fifth Prince. Ever since he had gotten his hands on it, Fang Xingjian had not used it much. However, he was holding it in his hand at the moment, channeling endless sword intent and energy into it.

The Thunder Permeating Spear flashed with a piercing glow and then all the specialty seeds and physical particles on Fang Xingjian's body exploded concurrently. The Thunder Permeating Spear disappeared instantly and pierced into the fire giant's palm.

"It's useless. Do you really think that you'll be able to fend me off?" Rona choked on his words when he was only halfway through saying them. It was because he realized that it was true that the Thunder Permeating Spear could not stop the giant. However, under the pressure from both his powers and Fang Xingjian's powers, the Thunder Permeating Spear had started to shatter, finally exploding.

Piercing light covered the entire sky and the tremendous explosion temporarily stopped Rona's attack. However, Fang Xingjian also took this opportunity to dash out, swiftly appearing where his Sudden Inspiration had told him that there was a chance of survival.

Both he and the Fourth Prince completely disappeared from the Hades Vault immediately.

Having lost the World-Engulfing Battle God Armor and the Thunder Permeating Spear, having detonated his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation and having depleted 30% of Philip's martial will, Fang Xingjian's group finally got out of the Hades Vault, covered in serious injuries.


Rona let out a furious bellow and he revealed his true form as he dashed at the spot where Fang Xingjian disappeared.

The young lady next to him tried persuading, "Brother, we mustn't give chase anymore. If we leave the Hades Vault, our abilities will be reduced by a lot and it would be too dangerous."

"No way!" Rona turned, looking like a gambler who had lost, his eyes filled with a savage red color. "If we don't catch up to Fang Xingjian this time around, it means that we got nothing and suffered a terrible defeat. With them having the Senluo Six Heavens Sword, we would be even less of a match for them in the future!

"Moreover, I've removed Fang Xingjian's armor and destroyed his weapon. Now that they are inflicted with serious injuries, if we head out now, I would still be able to deal with them with my own abilities."

Looking at the state her elder brother was in, the young lady knew that it was useless for her to say anything more. She could only let out a sigh and follow after the young man.

Thinking about it, she felt that what Rona said was not wrong. After suffering from Rona's full-power attacks for a few consecutive days, the other party was now at their weakest. If they did not take this chance to defeat them, considering the power that Fang Xingjian had displayed and adding the Senluo Six Heavens Sword, the two of them would probably never have another chance to defeat them.

The moment Fang Xingjian darted out of the Hades Vault and returned to the Miracle World, a hint of understanding flashed in his eyes, "It really is the case."

After striving to attain the Divine level in the microscopic world for a consecutive few days and nights without being able to succeed, Fang Xingjian had started to suspect that it was due to the Hades Vault.

However, although he had not succeeded in his attempt, having strived to achieve it for a few consecutive days and nights, he finally had a deep understanding of the microscopic world. The moment he came out, he could sense the difference between the two worlds.

"The two of you, hide yourselves."

A layer of glow flashed on his body and Tyrant bounced out from Fang Xingjian's physical body. Tyrant's entire body was in a bloody and battered state. Although Fang Xingjian, whom Tyrant had been protecting, had also suffered from injuries, he was in a much better state.

Fang Xingjian dashed up into the sky and the physical strength within his entire body was unleashed explosively, turning into waves of martial will and charging toward the inside of his body.

He came to the physical particles, went into their interior, went deeper into various microscopic particles, and arrived at an incorporeal world, before tidal waves of energy.

Violent powers went deeper and deeper into the layers, blasting into an extremely concealed spot somewhere in Fang Xingjian's body.

Fang Xingjian once again came to the deepest level of the microscopic world. He could sense that in the energy tidal waves, each bubble which splattered outward seemed to contain the auras of other worlds.

"Go on."

Fang Xingjian sent out all the powers in his body blasting toward one of the bubbles. The power of one at five tiers of perfection was extremely strong, so it blasted open the door to the world's passageway effortlessly. It charged over while holding onto Fang Xingjian's will.

A loud bang seemed to ring out in void space and Fang Xingjian felt that he seemed to have come to a strange world. Endless streams of information started to merge into his martial will.

However, he did not stop but continued to advance, advance and advance; dash forward, forward, and forward.

He felt as if he was charging forth endlessly in a pitch-black passageway. Endless information kept on flashing in the passageway, as if it was the profound secrets of the world, the principles of the universe. It contained countless bits of information regarding the microscopic world, the structure of physical materials, as well as regarding multivariant universes.

As the information continued to merge with his martial will, many options for the third job transition appeared in his mind.

God of Sword Arts...

Astral Seas Sovereign...

Chaos Divine Wrath...

Heavenly Disaster Symposiarch...

Emperor of the Five Dimensions...

As Fang Xingjian probed deeper and deeper, increasingly stronger Divine level jobs flashed before him one after another. In the physical world, Fang Xingjian's physical body also continued to deplete energy as he charged forth. He became thinner, weaker, and shorter at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye. His physical body was being continuously depleted.

"Not enough!

"These are still not enough!"