Chapter 590: Seizing

 Chapter 590: Seizing

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The undulations of the deep pool were visibly getting increasingly stronger. Then at the next moment, a large red figure darted out abruptly, leaping out from the deep pool.

It was a strange fish that was covered in red scales all over. The fish had a single horn on its head and a face like that of a human.

Its human face had a very savage appearance, just like a lady overwhelmed by wrath. The fish's eyes were gleaming with scarlet red light.

The huge human-headed fish was about as big as an aircraft carrier, and the moment its tremendous head got out of the water, the fish let out a loud roar. Its overwhelming power raised it higher and higher, making it seem as if it was going to leave the deep pool and fly into the sky.

However, the nine chains were pierced through its body, and they were all stretched taut when the fish flew to the highest point. Loud bangs rang out, making one worry if those chains were going to break at any moment.

Sensing that its body was slowly descending, the human-headed fish opened its mouth and let out a furious howl like it was unable to accept this situation.

The fish stuck out a rotten and battered tongue from its huge mouth. On its coated tongue, a huge black coffin had sunk into the flesh, pierced and restrained by countless granulations. It was as if someone had embedded this coffin onto the human-headed fish's tongue.

"The Senluo Six Heavens Sword is in there!" The Fourth Prince's will was sent out to Fang Xingjian and Philip at the speed of lightning, and the two of them made their moves at the same time.

Under the guidance of his Sudden Inspiration, Fang Xingjian moved and stopped repeatedly until he arrived at the deepest part of the Hades Vault. It was true that they had arrived at the perfect timing.

Not only were the First Prince and the mysterious young man, Rona, engaged in an intense fight, but the human-headed fish had just leaped out from the black deep pool. It was roaring furiously, revealing the black coffin that was on its tongue.

At least, in this current moment, neither the First Prince nor Rona could spare the effort to seize the Senluo Six Heavens Sword. In this moment that was less than one second, it was a rare opportunity for Fang Xingjian and the others.

Faced with this rare opportunity, Fang Xingjian's and Philip's martial wills joined together, and their exchange was completed at lightning speed as they took action immediately.

In an instant, a beam of white light extended out from the Fourth Prince's body, encompassing the entire body of the human-headed fish. Philip held down the fish's body and forced its mouth open.

However, almost at the same moment as when he came into contact with the human-headed fish's body, Philip sensed waves of an astonishingly huge force being unleashed from its body. He felt that he was not suppressing a living creature, but a magnitude 10 earthquake instead. With only 30% of his powers available in his clone, he already reached his limits to suppress the fish for just a few seconds.

"What kind of monster is this?"

However, these few seconds were considered a lot to Fang Xingjian. Less than one-thousandth second later, Fang Xingjian had already appeared on the tongue of the human-headed fish, standing before the black coffin.

Piercing straight forward with his sword finger, he sent out streams of dreamy light and shadows. The sword of Infiltrating Void, Light Pursuit sword ripples, and the All-Conquering sword were joined together as one, and a myriad of sword shadows encompassed the entire black coffin.

At the next moment, waves of foul-smelling black blood burst out. Fang Xingjian had Tyrant store the black coffin into the Gates of the Netherworld, and it completely disappeared from sight.

Fang Xingjian quickly drew back and left the mouth of the human-headed fish, returning to his original position.

It had all happened in just an instant, from when the human-headed fish leaped out from the deep pool until the moment when Fang Xingjian and Philip quickly joined forces to seize the black coffin. The entire process was over too quickly. Although it appeared very simple, both Fang Xingjian and Philip had unleashed their full power concurrently and then managed to get their hands on the black coffin during this rare opportunity.

Just as Fang Xingjian returned to his original position, waves of world-shaking killing intent swept out toward him. They gave the feeling that the entire world and all of the living creatures on it wanted him dead... that they wanted to kill him.

The First Prince and the young man, Rona, communicated through their martial wills at the speed of lightning.

The First Prince said, "We'll leave the matters between us for later. Let's kill Fang Xingjian and seize the Senluo Six Heavens Sword before we fight it out between us."

The young man, Rona, wore a savage expression as he replied, "Alright! Fang Xingjian! I'm going to tear him up into pieces!"

At the same moment as when the two of them finished communicating their thoughts at lightning speed and were about to take action...

The nine huge dragons that had been laying flat on the flaming ground slowly opened their eyes. Meanwhile, the human-faced fish, that was restrained by the chains, kept on releasing world-shaking, agonizing cries due to the wound that had been inflicted onto its tongue. The fish sent out violent power which agitated the deep pool, surging up waves of tsunamis that were several hundred meters high.

Stretched taut, the nine chains creaked continuously, seeming like they would break at any moment.

However, with the coffin being taken away, the wound on the human-faced fish's tongue grew increasingly bigger, and waves of black foul-smelling blood splattered out in all directions like a rainstorm.

As the black blood scattered onto the nine huge dragons who had initially seemed to be in deep sleep, the dragons slowly started to move. There was an increasing bright glow in their opened eyes, and it was as if they would truly be awakened at any moment.

"Let's go!"

At almost the same instant as when Fang Xingjian got hold of the coffin, he returned to the Fourth Prince's side and grabbed him by the shoulder, preparing to leave.

However, when he took a step forward, vibrating the void space and darting out over a distance of 100 li, the entire space started to become overturned, chaotic, and distorted.

Waves of will, which seemed to want to obliterate yin and yang, distort righteousness and evil, and overturn what was right and wrong, darted out toward the brains of Fang Xingjian and the Fourth Prince. It was as if they wanted to completely mix up their consciousness and turn their characters around.

Concurrently, the space in the surroundings had turned into a spiral, trapping the two of them in void space.

This was the ultimate move of the Ancient Path of Hell-Mortal World Reversal.

At the same moment as when the First Prince made his move, Rona, the mysterious young man who had inherited the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's Waves legacy and originated from one of the seven great clans that had stayed in seclusion for 200 years, made his move as well.

Under his control, the countless flame clouds in the sky came pressing down, gushing into the First Prince's Mortal World Reversal. The crimson red light filled up every single spiral, and the violent and high temperature seemed to want to burn everything up into smithereens.

Streams of fire dragons encompassed Fang Xingjian completely, and the high temperature of several hundred thousands degrees heated the air into a viscous plasma state. The area within the spiral space seemed to have become a land of death.

"Fang Xingjian, hand over the Senluo Six Heavens Sword and I'll spare your life."

Simultaneously, on the other side of the deep pool, the strange occurrences were still happening. As the Hades Ghost Dragons awakened one by one, all of them looked at the human-faced fish that was still struggling and leaping above the deep pool.

Then at the next moment, all nine dragons darted out toward the human-faced fish at the same time.

The face human-faced fish immediately revealed a frightened look. It was still thinking of escaping when a huge dragon claw came descending down, crushing its face, and clawing out a large piece of its flesh.

Black blood scattered in all directions, and the foul stench encompassed an area of almost 100 li, driving the nine Hades Ghost Dragons even more crazy. They were like vampires that craved for fresh blood, biting and tearing the human-faced fish.

With the blood rain and the increasingly weakening cries of the human-faced fish, even the last bit of its tail was swallowed by one of the Hades Ghost Dragons in the end. The entire human-faced fish, that was the size of an aircraft carrier, had been torn apart completely.

After having engulfed the human-faced fish, the Hades Ghost Dragons seemed to swell up. They were exuding a faint light, appearing as if they had really become alive.

Then all nine of the Hades Ghost Dragons turned their gazes toward Fang Xingjian.