Chapter 587: Mysterious Young Man

 Chapter 587: Mysterious Young Man

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For that one move, although the First Prince and Fang Xingjian had not had any prior exchanges, their attacks worked together perfectly. They completely suppressed the Crimson Corpse Kings' flames which had been produced from their self-detonations.

Boom! A spark of fire exploded from the center. However, with the distortions caused by the Mortal World Reversal and the slashes from the All-Conquering sword, the flames were unable to spread out. They continued to be pushed into spins, being slashed and weakened. Very quickly, they dissipated into the air.

Black smoke darted out, but it was similarly encompassed by the spiraling space the Mortal World Reversal had created and then slashed apart by the All-Conquering sword. This sword attack, which could slash through light and electromagnetic waves, would undoubtedly be able to slash through the waves of human's martial will.

After a succession of several thousand sword slashes, the black smoke diminished in volume and was about to completely disappear.

"George Krieg! Fang Xingjian... I will... be... back..."

Not only had their attacks killed the three Crimson Corpse Kings, but they had also even managed to completely wipe out the martial will sent here by the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord.

The gray Worm King wanted to flee but he then felt piercing pain run through his body, which had been pierced by several million Light Pursuit sword ripples.

"Ahh! Fang Xingjian!" The Worm King let out a furious bellow, and countless evil bugs spurted out venom which could melt even level 29 Divine weapons. The venom passed through the air, bringing about a disgusting stench. It was also seemingly possible to see countless souls, that had died wrongful deaths in distorted states, cry out.

However, with just a dash, Fang Xingjian had already dodged the attack, escaping into the spatial gaps.

At the same moment as when Fang Xingjian dodged, a huge black palm came plunging down. Under the Overturned Hell, the Worm King was like a squashed cockroach, and countless bugs were shaken up across space, turning into pools of liquid.

Immediately after, the black palm quickly retracted, and Fang Xingjian's Light Pursuit sword ripples turned into sword Qi waves, slashing through void space and sweeping through the Worm King's remains like shock waves. They instantly disintegrated him up into basic physical particles.

The series of attacks went past so fast that everything seemed to be a blur. While Fang Xingjian and the First Prince were attacking the Worm King, they were also attempting to attack each other as well as avoid each other's attacks.

After the Worm King was killed, the First Prince and the Dark Knight stood in void space. Their gazes swept through the space of several li around them with an intense pressure.

"Are they gone?" The First Prince said, frowning. "This Fang Xingjian is getting increasingly difficult to deal with. In my current state in which I'm controlling the Hell's White Bone Armor, it won't be that easy for me to suppress him although I'll stay undefeated."

The Dark Knight said, "Your Highness, let's enter quickly and get the legacy of the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor."

The First Prince nodded, Then at the next moment, both of them turned into two astonishing rainbows, bringing about streams of air currents, and they went into the depths of the Hades Vault.

Elsewhere, Fang Xingjian brought the Fourth Prince with him. Moving across void space, they jumped through spatial gaps repeatedly and headed deep into the Hades Vault.

The Fourth Prince asked, "Xingjian, why don't we continue to fight it out? It's rare for Eldest Brother to have diverted part of his power to battle. With you and 30% of Philip's martial will on our side, the three of us might be able to catch them unaware and have the chance to bring down this clone of his."

Before Fang Xingjian replied, Philip, who was in the Fourth Prince's body, said directly, "We mustn't do that. The reason the First Prince dares to send his clone to battle is because of the Hell's White Bone Armor. This armor was made by Saint Adam, and it has unfathomable power.

"Furthermore, this armor was made purely for defence. It has depleted 99 Divine level ferocious beasts, 72 demons that Mages had summoned from beyond the heavens, as well as 12 Divine level experts. With such powers gathered together purely for the sake of defense, how strong would it be?

"There are almost no attacks that are effective against it, and it can be said that ever since the Ancient Path of Hell was founded, there has been no records of the Hell's White Bone Armor being defeated. It can be said to be an unparalleled equipment which has reached a pinnacle that is hard to surpass."

The Fourth Prince's eyed gleamed, and he asked, "It's that amazing?"

"It's that amazing," Philip said. "This unparalleled armor is able to turn all received attacks into pure heat and then absorb the heat to form an unrivalled defence.

"It's because of this pure defence that the Ancient Path of Hell can continue its legacy till today, protecting the generations of Sect Masters from falling."

The Fourth Prince's brows furrowed tightly. Thinking of his Eldest Brother having such an armor, he felt it was a powerful threat. Then he asked directly, "So, this Hell's White Bone Armor cannot be defeated, and we can only find ways to seal and suppress it?"

"That's right," Philip replied with a grim countenance. "Another option is to reach a Divine level cultivation of level 34, 35, or even 36... a level that is beyond our imagination. We might be able to defeat him then."

Fang Xingjian did not say anything, nor did he explain why he retreated earlier.

He did not know anything about the Hell's White Bone Armor. The reason he retreated earlier had been because he had sensed danger. That had been why he left immediately, giving up on fighting it out with the First Prince.

Right now, after travelling for about several hundred kilometers, Fang Xingjian suddenly came to a stop. He noticed that they were moving onto increasingly higher grounds, and there was increasingly stronger suction. Additionally, the space around them was filled with explosions, thunderbolts, and flames. Fang Xingjian frowned and said, "There's something odd about this space."

About one hour later, not long after Fang Xingjian and the First Prince left, a blue-haired young man slowly revealed himself. A pretty young lady followed behind him, put her hand to her chest, and said, "What a terrifying battle. To think that both the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord and the First Prince came.

"And that Fang Xingjian could actually fight against their clones... What terrifying sword arts."

The blue-haired young man frowned slightly and said, "I initially thought that Fang Xingjian was just a person who enjoys undeserved fame, someone the Krieg Clan's second son had brought up to fame. I didn't expect that his sword arts cultivation would already be at this level. He will probably be able to attain the Divine level at any time now."

Thinking of this, he let out a soft laugh. "I didn't expect that, aside from our seven great clans, there would still be others who can reach this level."

The seven great clans were the descendants of seven out of the eight Divine level experts who had founded the country, excluding the Krieg royal family.

For the past two hundred years, they had been quietly resting and nurturing themselves in the dark, gaining strength and slowly accumulating battle prowess. It was only after the world's metamorphosis started that they gradually began to come up to the surface.

"Brother? Aren't we going to give chase?"

The mysterious young man let out a soft laugh, and a brilliant confidence gleamed in his eyes. "There's no hurry. The First Prince is only following after someone else, and the Fourth Prince merely inherited the sword art legacy of the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor.

"I'm the only one who has truly inherited the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's core legacy-the cultivation method of the Styx Netherworld Waves. If I were to hide myself in the Hades Vault, even Divine level experts won't be able to find me.

"As long as I'm willing to, I can even borrow the powers of the Hades Vault.

"Moreover, amongst the eight founding clans of the country, the Krieg royal family is in the center and has inherited the throne. However, those in power will attract animosity, and every generation has to deplete a large amount of energy and power to rule the country. It's unlike how it is for our seven clans who can focus on our cultivation and await for the arrival of the onslaught."

Thinking of this, a hint of viciousness and greed flashed across the young man's face. "Right now, they aren't aware of the actual structure of the Hades Vault. We'll just let them continue to venture deeper in. The deeper they go, the stronger my power will become.

"The talent of someone like Fang Xingjian is too strong. People like him shouldn't exist in this world. I'll kill him and then perform the Styx Netherworld to rob him of his sword arts."

Thinking of this, feelings of great desire and greed were shown on the young man's face.