Chapter 586: Joint Attack

 Chapter 586: Joint Attack

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The Dark Knight was standing at the entrance to the Hades Vault.

Next to him, a set of platinum armor stood in void space, emitting powerful auras of sulfur and lava from all over its body. It was just like a living volcano that would erupt at any moment.

The set of armor seemed to be grouped together from chunks of unknown remains, with hints of spiritual light shining from the white bones. It was as if the demon lord from hell had appeared.

The World Annihilation Heavenly Lord's martial will went gushing out as he said, "Hell's White Bone Armor? I see... You're not at the tier two of the Divine level. You didn't use your will to create a clone with a physical body and then send it here. Rather, you just left a part of your martial will in the armor."

Thinking of this, overwhelming greed shone in the eyes of the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord. The Hell's White Bone Armor, which belonged to the Ancient Path of Hell, was a treasured armor that had been passed down to each generation's Sect Master. It was said that it had been forged by the founder of the Ancient Path of Hell-Saint Adam-after killing 99 types of Ancient Divine Beasts, 72 demons from beyond the heavens, and 12 Divine level experts, as well as depleting countless heavenly and earthly treasures.

The power the armor held was formidable and vast like the mountains and the seas. In particular, this entire set of armor was used purely for defence. It was said to be indestructible in the face of all attacks and impenetrable in the face of all evils.

"Excellent, excellent, excellent... To think that the Abyss Lord has even passed this set of armor to you," the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord said. "Since that's the case, you can leave this set of armor behind."

As he spoke, streams of gray light rose from his body, and countless black space-time passageways opened. Many tentacles emerged from them and tangled together, quickly forming a huge ball of flesh. It looked just like a huge beating heart.

The First Prince's brows twitched, and the two hands of the Hell's White Bone Armor moved up suddenly, then another Overturned Hell slapped down toward the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord.

Simultaneously, a powerful martial will swept out toward Fang Xingjian. "Fang Xingjian, the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord goes against human nature and is toxic to the world. Let's join forces to defeat his clone first.

"He is performing black magic, summoning the blood and flesh of a demon lord from an alternate world. He's going to use the blood and flesh to form a battle-compatible physique. Don't let him succeed."

As they spoke, a huge black palm was already smashing down fiercely on the huge meatball. With an explosive bang and under the overwhelming power, an endless stretch of space and light rays distorted as the atmosphere within a range of 100-li exploded. All the lightning strikes, flaming clouds, and thunderbolts were all crushed.

Under the terrifying attack of the Overturned Hell, the blood and flesh of the demon lord, who was from an alternate world, was sent splattering in all directions. The demon lord let out agonizing howls like a crying baby or an unrivalled demon fetus that was about to be born.

"Xingjian, what should we do?" The Fourth Prince's will was channelled into Fang Xingjian's brain.

With a flash, Fang Xingjian's finger tore through the sky, bringing about a world-shaking sword Qi that was ten kilometers long. It went toward the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord, slashing down fiercely.

"Kill the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord first, then the First Prince."

At the next instant, the impressive sword Qi tore through void space. It appeared behind the flesh and blood of the demon lord with a flash, and then slashed through it.

Hissssss sounds kept ringing out, and the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord bellowed furiously, "Fang Xingjian! Are you crazy?! Quickly join forces with me to defeat the First Prince. Otherwise, with this set of Hell's White Bone Armor on, his will can unleash 50% or more of his actual body's powers."

Fang Xingjian could not be bothered replying to the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord and activated the Light Pursuit sword ripples directly. Several ten millions of sword ripples slashed out, sending the demon lord's blood and flesh splattering. Then blood rained down.

Howl howl howl howl howl!

The violent bellows brought about a series of sound waves from the demon lord's blood and flesh. A completely blood-red human figure, who seemed as if he had appeared from a pool of blood, appeared.

Level 11 black magic-Crimson Corpse King.

The World Annihilation Heavenly Lord had summoned a Crimson Corpse King from an alternate world, temporarily controlling his will for battle.

The instant the Crimson Corpse King appeared, the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord's will dashed in directly, and bloody flames started to burn all around it.

"All of you will have to die! Undying Flames!"

A tremendous boom rang out! The World Annihilation Heavenly Lord sent out endless waves of light and heat like a sun that had risen into the sky. Endless flames exploded from the body of the Crimson Corpse King, filling up every inch of space within a range of one thousand li.

The even more terrifying thing was that as these flames extended outward, they showed no signs of extinguishing at all. Instead, they turned into lumps of plasma, filling up the sky. They heated up and disintegrated everything, turning into physical particles-the basic form of all things.

Fortunately, Fang Xingjian had hidden himself within the spatial gaps. Meanwhile, the Dark Knight and the Fourth Prince had to retreat rapidly while cutting off the parts of their bodies which were on fire and then performing regeneration.

"What kind of flames are these?! To think that they can't be extinguished!" The Dark Knight let out a surprised cry as he chopped off his right hand.

The First Prince continued to stand upright in void space, not moving an inch. The Hell's White Bone Armor emitted waves of hellish lava aura, and all the flames that neared the First Prince were turned into light and heat, and then absorbed into the armor. The armor appeared as if it really was indestructible in the face of all attacks and impenetrable in the face of all evils.

Concurrently, at the center of the explosion, the Crimson Corpse King had already disappeared. The earlier attack had actually been the self-detonation of this life form which had come from an alternate world.

When the Crimson Corpse King disappeared, another three sets of flesh and blood of demon lords appeared slowly, twitching and hatching.

It was apparent that the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord had summoned another three sets of Crimson Corpse Kings to self-detonate. An attack like this was too crafty and too fierce!

Fang Xingjian could imagine that an attack like this would only take one second to flatten all of Demonic City. It was no wonder that the Empire wanted to wipe out the Terrene Shrine. Lunatics like these were far too dangerous.

Just as the three sets of Crimson Corpse Kings were about to self-detonate, the First Prince and Fang Xingjian made their moves at the same time.

The moment the First Prince made his move, he used the ultimate skill of the Ancient Path of Hell that was only passed down to the direct descendants-Mortal World Reversal.

His two hands were like two huge millstones crushing against each other, sending out waves of violent power spinning out. Simultaneously, it was also as if there were countless wheels spinning incessantly in the sky.

Surges of air currents and the flames left behind by the Crimson Corpse King were brought up, put through friction, and spun around as they wiped out each other. It was like a great millstone from hell was plunging down from the skies, spinning, erasing, overturning, and reversing all the mountains and rivers, men and women, young and old, righteous and evil.

They seemed to depict a scene of flipping the world over, bringing about great chaos and turning the mortal world into hell. It was as if Mortal World Reversal could directly distort one's will.

With a single move of Mortal World Reversal, the spiral-shaped distorted space came descending down from the heavens and smashing out toward the three Crimson Corpse Kings.

In an instant, the three Crimson Corpse Kings seemed to stretched out endlessly, turning into many spinning strands of noodles and then turning into an increasingly turbid spiral.

While the First Prince was performing the Mortal World Reversal which was out to obliterate yin and yang, distorting righteousness and evil, Fang Xingjian also performed his greatest technique, the All-Conquering sword.

In the blink of an eye, sword mark after sword mark extended out in the spiralling space, just like countless cracks appearing on glass. In the blink of an eye, they filled up all of the space at the Crimson Corpse Kings' location.