Chapter 585: Danger

 Chapter 585: Danger

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The Fist Emperor frowned and said, "The Empire wants to wipe out all the factions. If I kill Fang Xingjian now, your father will probably make me his target immediately.

"Moreover, if you want to seek vengeance, then you should work hard cultivating by yourself. What's the point in relying on my power?"

The Fifth Prince lowered his head. Thinking of how Fang Xingjian was wearing his armor, standing at the top while continuing to grow stronger, even becoming capable of fighting against a Divine level expert... The pain the Fifth Prince felt in his heart was so intense that it felt as if ten thousands of ants were biting him.

He looked at the Fist Emperor and said, "Then how about this. Brother, please let me train in the Asura Way with you."

The Asura Way was a terrifying Killing technique which the Fist Emperor cultivated. It was also a martial path that was brutal toward the enemy and even more brutal toward the practitioner.

"The tiger eats the sheep, the sheep eats the grass, the grass absorbs all the nutrients of the world. The intrinsic nature of the world is brutal. To be able to understand and know brutality, to be brutal toward your enemy and toward yourself... To absorb nutrients from brutality and comprehend the balance of the world... This is the Asura Way."

The Fist Emperor said in a deep voice, "When a person is in pain, their potential will be stimulated. An injured wild beast is even more vicious. One can experience rapid progress in the Asura Way, but the stimulated growth in cultivation is one that stems from the body's instincts toward pain and brutality. It brings about great damage to the body and the mind. Are you sure that you want to do this?"

"Yes," the Fifth Prince said, "If I don't kill Fang Xingjian... If I don't crush him completely with my power and surpass him, I might as well be dead."


Fang Xingjian still did not know of the various changes that were currently occurring within the Empire. After spending some time studying the temple at the entrance, both he and the Fourth Prince affirmed that someone had already entered it before them.

"It seems like there really are other people who have also received the legacy of the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor," the Fourth Prince said, with his countenance turning a little grim. "We must be even more careful when we enter."

"We'll cross the bridge when we come to it," Fang Xingjian said and then looked at the marks outside the door. "The marks disappear at the entrance. It seems that once you enter through the doors, unforeseen circumstances may occur.."

The Fourth Prince nodded and said, "The Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor from 5,000 years ago was a powerful figure who ruled over the world and led mankind against the fifth onslaught. His Divine level cultivation had probably reached level 35, 36, 37, or even higher. He probably had the powerful abilities to control time and space, as well to create an alternate space.

"The Hades Vault he created probably doesn't exist in this world. Instead, it exists in the time and space which he created."

Fang Xingjian nodded, looked at the door in front of them, and said, "Then let's go."

The two of them were on their guard, preparing the powers in their bodies as they walked toward the door.

At the next instant, Fang Xingjian and the Fourth Prince both entered through the door to the temple at the same time. The moment they passed through the doors, the scenery before them changed, and it was as if both time and space had been put through a series of distortions. When they took another look, they had already arrived at an extremely wide and spacious sky.

The entire sky was filled with thunderbolts, strong gales, and an endless stretch of tempest.

The two of them were slightly stunned to suddenly appear amidst the tempest. However, at the next moment, both of them activated their specialty seeds and stepped into void space, using the backlashing forces to stabilize themselves.

"Hmm?" Fang Xingjian frowned as streams of electricity flashed all over his entire body. "I feel there's an invisible force that keeps on tugging at the physical particles in my body, wanting to absorb me into the ground."

The Fourth Prince's body was also flashing with electricity as he continued to strengthen the power of the physical particles in his body. He then lowered his head to look at the layers of strong gales and thunderbolts under his feet.

"There's a force that keeps on disintegrating everything physical and then absorbing the from somewhere under our feet." A hint of astonishment flashed in the Fourth Prince's eyes. "It's said that powerful Divine level experts can distort time and space. How big is this Hades Vault that the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor created?"

"I don't know," Fang Xingjian said, looking at the endless layers of clouds, lightning, and all sorts of burning flaming clouds and flashes under his feet. "Everything will continue to be absorbed to the center. Then let's go down and take a look."

At the next moment, the two of them dashed deep into the cloud layers. However, after dashing for several tens of kilometers, Fang Xingjian pulled the Fourth Prince, and they came to a stop. The Fourth Prince looked at Fang Xingjian oddly and asked, "What's wrong?"

Strange gazes flashed in Fang Xingjian's eyes as he said, "Let's wait a little. I've been sensing people following us as we moved. Let's take a look to see if it's really the case."

Not long after they moved, a gray light appeared about one to two minutes later. It was the Terrene Shrine's Grand Elder, the Worm King.

The Terrene Shrine had been keeping watch on the Fourth Prince's movements.

However, the moment the Worm King appeared, a sharp sword light exploded on his body, instantly slashing him up into several hundred pieces of minced meat.

"Ahhh!" An endless string of agonizing cries rang out from his body, which instantly transformed into countless flying bugs, scattering off and fleeing in all directions.

At the same moment that the Worm King's body dispersed, Fang Xingjian's sword finger moved. Light Pursuit sword ripples were sent sweeping out, about to kill the countless waves of bugs.

However, just when the Light Pursuit light ripples were activated, surges of black Qi rose from the sea of worms that had come from the Worm King. It turned into countless black snakes and clashed fiercely with the Light Pursuit light ripples, blocking Fang Xingjian's attack.

The auras from the black snakes formed a body that was human for the upper half and snake for the lower half. It was like a demon from the legends, standing amidst the lightning and flaming clouds.

The Worm King also successfully regenerated himself, turning into a human figure and hiding behind the creature that had just appeared.

Fang Xingjian frowned and said, "World Annihilation Heavenly Lord? You've been following us?" As Fang Xingjian had sensed that there were people chasing after them, he had brought the Fourth Prince with him as they moved through spatial gaps. However, he was still unable to get rid of that feeling.

Seeing the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord appear, Fang Xingjian finally understood why. The martial will of a Divine level expert could directly scan the existences in the spatial gaps. It was just like how in the past, Li Shuanghua had been able to locate where he had been.

This figure that had emerged from the Worm King's body, formed from condensed martial will, was the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord. It was apparent that he had left behind a portion of his will in the Worm King, then the two of them had followed the Fourth Prince all the way into the Hades Vault.

Hearing what Fang Xingjian said, the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord said coldly, "That's right. Both you and the Fourth Prince have blessed destinies and have experienced various fortunate encounters. So, of course, I'll keep an eye on you to snatch away your fortunate encounters. This time, the treasures from the Hades Vault will all belong to our Terrene Shrine."

"Is that so?" The World Annihilation Heavenly had just finished saying his piece when another two black figures descended from the skies. Waves of auras that were like the sulfur and lava of hell came down plunging from above as if dragging the entire space down into hell.

"All the land in the world belongs to the royal family. World Annihilation Heavenly Lord, have you asked if I'm agreeable to you snatching the Empire's land?"

At the next instant, a huge black palm came plunging down from the skies.

It was so huge that it seemed as if it had filled up the entire world. The palm's pitch black color was like that of River Styx in hell, and it was as harsh as the scorching sun high up in the sky.

Violent power came striking down, with the pressure of the attack, Overturned Hell. The World Annihilation Heavenly Lord let out an agonizing cry, and his figure, which had been condensed from his martial will, shattered and went flying out.

The Word Annihilation Heavenly Lord screamed, "George Krieg! You've reached tier two of the Divine level?!"

The First Prince's voice seemed to have penetrated through time and space as it transmitted in from all directions, "Fourth Brother, I've known since a long ago that you inherited the legacy of the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor. It's fine that you don't care about cultivating the martial arts of the Ancient Path of Hell and instead focus on these small legacies.

"But at this moment, when the country is in danger and the world's circumstances are changing, you should be stepping out quickly and assisting me in obtaining the treasures from the Hades Vault to substantiate the country's reserves."