Chapter 581: Shang

 Chapter 581: Shang

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Just like that, Fang Xingjian would cultivate day and night, occasionally giving guidance to Lilia regarding her sword art or having a spar with Tyrant. There were also times when he would head to Great Western City to have some food. Fang Xingjian did all these, while concurrently condensing ether organs, learning about formations, and working on merging his sword techniques together. Unknowingly, another half a month passed by.

As Fang Xingjian combined the sword of Infiltrating Void and Light Pursuit sword ripples together, he finally managed to add in a little of the sword light from the All-Conquering sword.

The sword of Infiltrating Void would penetrate through void space, combining both attack and defense into one.

The speed of the Light Pursuit sword ripples were extremely fast and would catch the opponent unaware.

The All-Conquering sword could destroy everything, even light rays.

If he could combine these three swords into one and perform them as a single move, the result would be extremely powerful.

Other than this, Fang Xingjian had also gained a faint understanding of the art of formations. Now, he only needed to find a chance to test it out and think of how he could integrate it into his sword art.

On this night, just as Fang Xingjian had merged three of his sword techniques together, he opened his eyes abruptly, unleashing a three-foot long sword light, and looked toward the north of the Great Western Region.


A feeling rose in his heart due to Sudden Inspiration and Fang Xingjian sensed that something was amiss. It was as if something that was related to him had happened, and yet he did not feel any danger.

'I should go over and take a look.'

Fang Xingjian knew that the Sudden Inspiration would not appear for no reason at all. He stood up and took a light step forward. Then, in a few flashes he had already darted through the Sacred Land, soaring into the sky and heading toward the north of the Great Western City.


Right before Fang Xingjian flew out of the city, in a northward commoner village outside the city, a Knight darted toward a small alley along with his two subordinates.

The Knight had thick golden hair and was very handsome. However, he wore a cold expression as he spoke, "This is the tenth person who has gone missing. As they are all commoners, the management does not pay it much heed. However, I can't leave it be. This time around, I must track down this evil sect."

As of late, some evil sects and influences had suddenly appeared in many areas around the Great Western Region.

In fact, with the existence of extraordinary strength in the Miracle World, as long as a second transition expert or even a first transition expert would build up some influence, it would be extremely easy for them to start up a sect.

However, once religious sects got out of control, they would bring about great disasters. This was also why the Empire always actively suppressed the many religious sects.

"This newly appeared sect is called Shang," the handsome Knight declared. "It's said to have been created by an insignificant first transition character. The people they target are often commoners, and thus the management isn't paying it any heed. However, I can't just leave this be. This is considered an unauthorized operation. You guys should think this over carefully."

There were two Knights behind him, one male and one female. Hearing that, both of their expressions froze. Then they replied, "Leader, we'll listen to your command."


In the spatial gaps, Fang Xingjian frowned slightly. 'Shang? Evil sect?' He thought, 'Now that the seventh onslaught is getting closer and closer, all influences and organizations keep on expanding their powers. The situation will become increasingly chaotic, so there would be space for the religious sects to survive on this land.

'But my senses... was it about this Shang?'

At that time, in the courtyard of an empty and spacious house that was located in a corner of the commoner district, deep in a dark and small valley, several tens of poor people who appeared very haggard and were dressed slovenly had gathered together. They crowded around a fire, mumbling some kind of ancient and mysterious incantations as they wore respectful and fervent expressions.

Behind them, a man with a tall stature and with tattoos on his face looked at this scene and nodded, revealing a satisfied expression.

There was a man with a short stature next to him who said, "It's a pity that once we have revived, we need to cultivate from the very beginning. Our abilities are recovering too slowly, considering how we can only get a hold of the bodies of commoners like these."

The taller man said, "It's fine. With the world's metamorphosis, plus the fact that we still have our experiences, we'll be able to recover our abilities in one to two years at most." Thinking of this, hints of a fervent gaze appeared in his eyes. "With our influence, through gathering countless unrivalled experts and legendary characters, it'll only take us one to two years to grow enough to rule over the entire world.

"There's no way that anyone could be a match for us. Furthermore, as our abilities continue to grow stronger, our influence will also get increasingly stronger. It won't be long before we'll be able to prepare the bodies of first transition or even second transition experts of the Lords and let them revive as well. Our growth rate will get increasingly faster."

"It's a pity that True Lord Qingshan, Grand Duke Alba, and the Saint can't be revived," the short man sighed, saying, "The requirement for the power of the physical bodies to sustain their consciousness are quite high. We'll probably need to look for second transition or Demigod experts."

Thinking of the few legendary characters, the two men's gazes filled with respect.

"When True Lord Qingshan revives, we'll instantly become the strongest organization in the world. With his capabilities, it'll only take one word for him to overthrow the Krieg royal family."

As the two of them were talking, the tattooed tall man's brows suddenly rose, "Hmm? Someone's here?"

With a dash, he came to a wall and punched out with a sound like the rumbling of a cannon, his fist crumbling the walls and going for the enemies behind the wall.

However, just as he unleashed his punch, a furious bellow rang out from the other side of the wall, unleashing a punch that clashed with his.

Bang bang bang bang! Sounds of muscles exploding kept ringing out and the handsome Knight who had been hiding behind the wall let out a sniffled snort, retreating over ten steps back, with hints of blood flowing down from the corner of his lips.

The tall man let out a cold laugh, kicked away the shattered pieces of the wall hat was under his foot and asked, "Whose lackeys are you to dare to create trouble here?"

The handsome Knight looked at the tattooed tall man and said, frowning, "Who are you? I don't recall someone like you being part of the Great Western Region. Someone who's at the peak of the first transition shouldn't be a nameless nobody."

"You don't have the right to know who I am," the tattooed tall man replied with arrogance. "There are two other small mice? How could you possibly hide from me? Come out."

After saying these, at the next moment, the tall tattooed man created several tens of afterimages and illusions with a flash, attacking in all directions. With a single move, he managed to force the two other Knights out as well.

In the blink of an eye, the four of them were engaged in an intense battle. Each and every move of the tall tattooed man created countless afterimages and illusions as he attacked with them, managing to suppress his three opponents.

The handsome Knight said in surprise, "Is this the Myriad Spirit Sect's Myriad Phantom Fist? This skill should have been lost 200 years ago. How is it that you know it?"

"You only managed to recognize it now? It's too late. Take my Nine Illusions Fist as well." The tall man let out a laugh and punched out. In that instant, nine illusions came pouncing out from his body and attacked the three Knights. Each of the illusions were able to strike out with the full power of the tall tattooed man.

Amidst layers of trembling and exploding air, the three Knights were sent flying and they collapsed on the ground, unable to get back to their feet.