Chapter 578: Breaking Formation

 Chapter 578: Breaking Formation

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"Arrogant," the elderly man said, letting out a snort. "Then I shall let you have a taste of our power. Otherwise, you won't know just how big the world out there is."

At the next moment, the elderly man formed seals with his hands, instantly creating over 100 seals. Simultaneously, the four clan heads opened their mouths with savage expressions and let out a furious bellow. It was as if they were demons or devils bellowing out furiously under the moon.

Trembling sound waves, which seemed like they were physical, were sent out, and layers of invisible ripples that could be seen by the naked eye swept across the entire sky. Even the earth started to shake a little like there were a myriad of horses galloping and stomping down on ground.

Soon after, the four figures turned into four bolts of lightning, clashing toward Fang Xingjian.

Roar roar roar roar!

A series of four tremendous roars and four punches struck out, breaking through the air. It was as if the sky was collapsing and the earth was caving in. Fang Xingjian took a step forward into the air, dodging the attacks.

However, the surface under his feet had been blasted into smithereens in this explosion, turning into a huge crater that was five to six meters deep.

Concurrently, the four clan heads did not hold back and continued to chase Fang Xingjian. Violent fist force whizzed about in the air, creating vibrations as if they wanted to tear a hole in the sky as well.

Streams of strong gales continued to blow in the air, pushing a way through the cloud layers and revealing the bright moonlight.

The currents from the powerful tornadoes almost overturned the manor, and countless buildings had already been turned into ruins.

Everyone looked into the sky and saw that Fang Xingjian was like a ray of flashing light, continuously flitting around in the sky. Occasionally, he would deal punches and kicks, and then retreat immediately. It was as if he was being constantly chased by the power of the four clan heads, looking like he was being completely suppressed.

However, Fang Xingjian was extremely calm, and he was still thinking, 'These four corpses are really good materials. I shouldn't waste them.'

He was afraid that if he were to deal too great a blow or the rebound power from his body would damage these four sets of remains. That was the reason why he continued to retreat.

Fang Xingjian wanted to look for an opportunity to launch a single sword attack to deal with the battle prowess of the four corpse yet not inflict any harm to the state of their corpses.

However, the others did not know what was going through his mind. When the head of Henry Clan saw that Fang Xingjian was being completely suppressed by him and was not even able to retaliate, he immediately unleashed his martial will with a cold laugh. "Fang Xingjian, it's better if you surrender. Although you have extraordinary talent, the corpses are able to almost endlessly absorb the power from ether particles while they're within my formation. They enjoy almost limitless power and vitality, so it's impossible for you to win."

On the lawn, Bruce appeared to be pleasantly surprised. He had wanted to get up to his feet, but was kicked back onto the floor by Lilia.

"What are you doing?!" Bruce bellowed furiously. "Can't you see the battle situation in the sky? Fang Xingjian is already at a disadvantage, and it's over for him. Do you still want to resist?"

Lilia frowned and sent Bruce rolling on the ground with a kick. She shouted, "That's bullsh*t! With Master's ability, even if that Xia comes personally, he'll only be doomed to death, let alone the few dead dogs from your clan. Just wait and see."

Lilia had absolute confidence in Fang Xingjian, but that was not the case for the others.

Bruce smiled coldly as he watched the battle in the sky, hoping that Fang Xingjian could be captured alive and that he would be able to step on him.

Audrey was also looking at Fang Xingjian anxiously. She was worried if Fang Xingjian had really been hurt in the earlier exchange with Xia, wondering what would happen if he were to really be defeated by the head of Henry Clan.

The head of the Pop Clan, who was standing at the side, was equally nervous. Right now, Fang Xingjian was considered to be their backing, and if he were to be defeated by the Henry Clan, then the Pop Clan would end up in even more dire straits.

While many thoughts flashed through everyone's mind, the battle situation in the sky had already undergone a change in less than a second.

Just as all the people present held gazes of worry, relief, or vengeance, Fang Xingjian received a punch, from one of the clan heads, with one hand. Then with a bang , he held down another clan head's wrist.

However, while Fang Xingjian had the two clan heads locked down, it also meant that his body was being held down by the two of them. Therefore, the two of them concurrently kicked out toward Fang Xingjian's stomach.

Violent power came pressing down, and the air seemed to be compacted into something material. Before their physical bodies clashed, the shock waves from the air were already colliding into the golden armor, releasing huge rumbles .

Concurrently, the remaining two clan heads also punched out toward Fang Xingjian's back. Not only did their attacks amass violent power, but there were also endless amounts of wind and fire accompanying them.

One of the clan heads' fists had green flames that burned intensely, and the high temperature caused the air to distort. The piercing green light seemed as if it had become a sun, and there were even hints of burned marks on the clan head's fist. The punch seemed to be mixed with an intent of world annihilation in it as it struck out.

The fist of one of the other clan heads came toward Fang Xingjian with powerful gales. Surges of wind force were sent out at several thousand meters per second, making each gust of wind like a blade cutting through the air. They were capable of slashing apart an aircraft carrier's armor plate. It also seemed to carry the intent of a kind of irreversible generation trend, in which history seemed to seethe forth like strong gales.

With the two clan heads attacking at the same time, the wind enhanced the intensity of the flames. The flames borrowed the power of the wind, turning into many green flaming tornadoes that came pressing down explosively on Fang Xingjian's back. When paired with the punches of the other two clan heads, it seemed as if the four clan heads were going to break a hole in the sky.

The even more terrifying thing was that when both of their fist intents, great annihilation and historical trends, were mixed together, it was as if they were telling everyone that the end of the world was coming. There seemed to bet a trend that was irreversible and undefiable, preventing the people from being able to summon any power to resist.

If this joint attack by the four of them were to be unleashed on the ground, it was likely that half the city would disappear completely. If unleashed, the violent intents of the impending world's end could even cause several hundred thousands of people to lose their will to survive, go crazy, or commit suicide.

However, when faced with such an attack, there was not even a hint panic in Fang Xingjian's eyes. The moment he wanted was the instant when the four clan heads were all held down in one spot at the same time. This short instant, when their positions were all held down at one spot due to the joint attack, was sufficient for him to do many things.

The Instant sword technique was activated!

The graceful sword mark slashed across the bodies of the four clan heads, cutting through their nerves and cerebellums.

No one could see clearly where this sword attack had came from nor when it had ended.

By the time the head of the Henry Clan reacted, many sword marks had already appeared on the four bodies, having cut through their countless neural networks and their entire cerebellums. In that instant, the physical bodies of all four of them went out of control.

"It's useless." The head of the Henry Clan put his hands together, continuously forming different seals. "Recover!"

With the physical bodies of the four clan heads and the enhancement from the formation, their injuries could heal almost immediately.

However, just as they were recovering, Fang Xingjian took this opportunity to send his deathly sword intent sweeping out, covering the four clan heads' bodies entirely.


There seemed to be pop pop pop pop sounds of explosions ringing out in void space, and the will, the head of the Henry Clan had placed on the four bodies, was completely wiped out. His control over the four clan heads was instantly lost, and the four clan heads plunged down toward the ground.