Chapter 577: Formation

 Chapter 577: Formation

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"No, I have no complaints," Andolf said dejectedly. "It's true that this time around, I failed to assess the situation and make the right judgement. From today onward, Audrey will be the head of the Pop Clan, and I'll listen to all of her commands."

At this moment, he felt extremely regretful. If he had not offended Fang Xingjian, then he might have been able to borrow Fang Xingjian's power to really become the head of a top notch aristocrat clan like the Henry Clan.

"Alright, but Audrey will return to the Great Western Region with me in case the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon comes to launch a sneak attack. I'll temporarily send someone to manage the Pop Clan on Audrey's behalf." Fang Xingjian's voice resonated in the air, as if many explosions were set off in the sky.

Faced with Fang Xingjian's words, no one else present dared to go against him. The series of thunderbolt-like actions and means he displayed earlier had really given everyone a huge shock. It was likely that from that day onward, as long as Fang Xingjian was still alive, no one would dare to offend the Pop Clan.

Even an aristocrat lady like Vicky had a slightly flushed expression when looking at Fang Xingjian. Thoughts of love were stirring within her, and these were reflected through her gleaming eyes as she licked her lips slightly.

This was how it was. With how young and powerful Fang Xingjian was, he was extremely attractive to these married aristocratic ladies.

However, just as everything present was almost settled and no one else dared to resist Fang Xingjian, a soft sigh rang out from the horizon and entered everyone's ears.

Concurrently, waves of green flames started burning on Bruce's body, bringing forth waves of explosive powers and grabbing Bruce toward the air.

Looking at this scene, Fang Xingjian let out a cold laugh and sent an immense deathly sword intent charging into the horizons. "Trying to pull tricks before me? Come out here!"

The deathly sword intent struck an area of the cloud layer across space, clashing fiercely with the martial will of the concealed person.

It was a white-haired man who looked very old and had a strong resemblance with Bruce.

"Great-Grandfather! Save me!" Bruce cried out in pleasant surprise upon seeing the elderly man in the sky. He was Henry Clan's strongest expert, the previous generation Governor who had the cultivation of a Demigod.

The old man let out a sigh and said, "Sigh. Young man, being too impetuous will make it easy for you to be placed in an extremely unfavorable position in the future. Be forgiving and let people off whenever possible. Since Bruce has already admitted his mistakes, why do you still have to push him so far?

"Although our Henry Clan is neither the royal family nor a Divine level faction, we won't mind going all out with our lives on the line. Do you really want to make sworn enemies out of us, not stopping until either party has died?

"Moreover, when you forcibly went up against Xia earlier, you only defeated a portion of his martial will. You definitely don't feel good knowing that you're going to be targeted by the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon, right? Why do you have to create more enemies for yourself?

"Moreover, in the exchange of that one move with Xia earlier, it's impossible for you to be completely unscathed. You must also have been inflicted with injuries, right?"

Unlike Masa from earlier, who had been too rash and gone straight into fighting upon his arrival, this Old Ancestor of the Henry Clan had secretly made his way here after sensing Bruce's danger. He had made sense of the situation first before suddenly making his move, wanting to save his great-grandson. It was a pity that he still had not managed to escape from Fang Xingjian's sharp eyes.

"Not stopping till either party has died?" Fang Xingjian repeated these words softly. Then he looked at the elderly man and said, "Old man, you've attained two tiers of perfection in your specialty seeds and ether organs, right?"

Fang Xingjian's gaze was as sharp as sword light and instantly saw through the elderly man. He continued calmly, "A mere Demigod with two tiers of perfection dares to mention in my presence about having a battle to the death? Let me show you if I've suffered from any injuries in the fight against Xia."

As he spoke, the sword intent on Fang Xingjian's body grew even stronger, and he pointed outward with a finger. Streams of Infiltrating Void sword force exploded both inside and outside the elderly man's body. It was as if the elderly man's body had rebelled, and endless amounts of his flesh shattered. His muscles were disintegrating, and his organs breaking down. In almost a single move, the elderly man was about to be turned over.

The elderly man let out an agonizing cry. Covered in blood all over, violent martial will vibrated out as he looked toward Fang Xingjian savagely. "You little cheat! Do you really think that you have our Henry Clan in your grasp? The 100 years of power our clan has accumulated isn't something you can even imagine!"

Violent will soared into the air, and the auras of four experts rose from it, appearing around the surroundings of the entire manor in a flash, seeming to have encircled it.

These four auras came from four corpses, the corpses of the Henry Clan's previous clan heads. Right now, all of them were floating in midair, sending out waves of world-shaking power explosively.

These four clan heads who had already died seemed to all have been Demigod level experts when they were still alive. Their physical bodies had not rotted, and right now, they still looked very much alive. They also seemed as if they were just in deep sleep and would wake up with just a blink.

The Henry Clan had been around for over 100 years, but their foundations had already developed long before the Empire was founded. It was just that they only truly became a top notch great clan starting from 100 years ago.

Prior to their establishment as the Henry Clan, they had been an evil sect-the Myriad Spirit Sect-which had run amok across the entire Northern Ice Region. The Henry Clan's first clan head had been a member of the Myriad Spirit Sect's upper echelon.

Thereafter, with the unification of the Empire suppressing the Myriad Spirit Sect, the founder of the Henry Clan had rebelled against the Myriad Spirit Sect and worked with the Empire to eradicate it. The Henry Clan had thus gained a lot of benefits from this. They had even inherited a large part of the Myriad Spirit Sect's art of formations.

Thereafter, in order to remove the influence from the Henry Clan, the Empire moved the entire Henry Clan to another region. However, after generations of hard work, as well as two of their clan heads becoming the Governor and managing the Northern Ice Region, they eventually moved back to the Northern Ice Region.

Throughout this long passage of time, countless stories and legends were created.

Aside from the current elderly man, there had been a total of four Demigod level experts produced in the clan. They were usually stored in the Henry Clan's ancestral burial ground, enshrined and worshipped day and night. Various formations were used to maintain the power and vitality that still remained in their bodies.

In crucial moments, the corpses of the four experts would be brought out. The elderly man would set up layers of formations and would immediately be able to unleash astonishing battle prowess.

Of course, they would not choose to do this unless there was no other way out. Bringing out the corpses of their ancestors for battle was something that would only happen when they were planning to fight it out with their opponents to the bitter end.

At this moment, the four Demigod experts abruptly opened their eyes as if they had been revived. All four pairs of eyes, which were filled with killing intent, were staring at Fang Xingjian.

Right now, their physical bodies had the energy of ether particles flowing through them. Their minds were filled with the information of various battle techniques and battle experience that had been drawn out from ether particles. The auras coming from them continued to increase, seeming to have already reached the level of a Demigod with three or even four tiers of perfection.

Even the corpse of four Demigod experts would not be able to hold up such a formation and power for long. They would only be able to activate this for two to three times a year. Otherwise, the corpses would break down.

However, the moment the formation was activated, the prowess would also be world-demolishing. It was the highest level of profound secrets that belonged to the Myriad Spirit Sect, and it had been perfectly inherited by the Henry Clan.

Furthermore, due to the world's metamorphosis which had occurred during the past few months, the formation's prowess had increased once again. This also increased the confidence of the Henry Clan's head even more.

The head of the Henry Clan laughed out loud, saying, "Fang Xingjian, this is the Midchilda Formation that has been passed down in secret throughout our Henry Clan. It can use the physical bodies of Demigod experts to draw out energy and information from ether particles. All of them hold the power of a Demigod with four tiers of perfection, as well as endless martial arts and battle experience.

"This is the power our Henry Clan has accumulated for a hundred years. It isn't something that you can imagine.

"You're only able to defeat a small portion of Xia's martial will. Do you really think that you can go up against Divine level experts? It's impossible for you to be able to defeat the five of us single-handedly.

"However, I'm unwilling to become sworn enemies with you. If you're willing to just admit your mistake and offer the armor you have on you as compensation, then I can consider letting you off."

As he spoke, a strong greed glowed in his eyes as he looked at the World-Engulfing Battle God Armor that Fang Xingjian was wearing. It was apparent that he very much wanted this Divine Remains Equipment, which exuded Divine level will.

Before the elderly man launched the sneak attack earlier, he had been setting up the formation. Talking with Fang Xingjian was merely him trying to feign civility. Now that he had activated the formation, he finally bared his claws and teeth.

"Gift you my equipment and then let you deal with me later on? Do you think that I'm an idiot? Furthermore, old man, this is what you've been relying on?" Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "It's a waste for me to give you a chance."

Fang Xingjian eyes started assessing the four Demigod bodies as he wondered if he should also add them to the materials used for the forging of his Divine Sword.

How astonishing would the prowess of his Divine Sword be if it were made from a chunk of Divine level spinal bone and the remains of four Demigods?