Chapter 576: Display of Power

 Chapter 576: Display of Power

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Hearing that, Bruce was infuriated. He glared at Oliver and scolded, "Oliver, I couldn't tell that you're someone who would fawn upon the rich and influential, and bend with the wind depending on the situation.

"While you may want to kneel down and admit your mistake, to curry up to Fang Xingjian, I'm not as shameless as you are."

He then looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Fang Xingjian, regarding the earlier matter, that was my bad. After I return, I'll get my clan to send you an apology gift of 100,000 gold. We'll considered the case closed with this. What do you think?"

"Case closed?" Fang Xingjian looked at the three of them with a spurious smile. How could he possibly let the two of them off easily? However, although he had decided to protect Audrey, he was not able to attend to everything himself. Otherwise, all sorts of insignificant people could come for him.

Therefore, he naturally had to back up the Pop Clan, letting this clan be the one that could truly be a shelter for Audrey in the future. For this, he did not mind to showing off his power in the Northern Ice Region a little, making a stand for himself.

Fang Xingjian said, "Initially, it could just be considered a small warning with me dealing you a sword attack when you've offended me. However, since you even harbored the thought of killing me, it's impossible for me to let things end so simply."

"Fang Xingjian, don't be asking for too much," Bruce said, stiffening up. "I've been bestowed with the title of a Conferred Knight by the Empire, and I have both a government title and authority. Are you planning to violate the laws and kill me?

"I've suffered and admitted my mistakes after having offended you earlier. What else do you want?"

What Bruce said was right. Although both the Sybarite Concubine Diana and the Undying Xia were both very powerful, they did not have any roles in the Empire's government. Even if they were to be killed, the government would not come looking for trouble.

However, if Fang Xingjian were to kill Bruce right in front of so many people, he would be considered to have violated the rules of the Empire and the Knight Association. He would get himself in a lot of trouble. This was also what Bruce was depending on.

Furthermore, the action of him admitting his mistake had already dealt a great blow to his pride. When Fang Xingjian continued to push him further, it stimulated rebellious thoughts in Bruce. He immediately summoned up the courage to be unafraid of death.

Even an ordinary person would jump off a building and commit suicide or slash people up with a blade if they were extremely infuriated, let alone a prideful person like Bruce when pushed to the extreme.

'At the very most, I'll just fight it out with you. Aren't you just more powerful than me? If you kill me, it won't be good for you either!'

At this moment, the rebound effect from being extremely infuriated and having his pride suppressed to the limits caused Bruce to forcibly lift up his head despite the oppression coming from Fang Xingjian. His martial will even showed signs of making a breakthrough.

A series of thoughts flashed through Bruce's mind, and he suddenly had a new comprehension toward the current situation.

'That's right, he doesn't dare to kill me. Although Fang Xingjian is powerful, there's still the First Prince and the King to suppress him. If he really dares to make a move, the royal family will have a handle over him and take the effort to bring him down.

'That's right, what does it matter how strong he gets? As long as I don't die today, within ten or even twenty years, there'll be one day when I'll surpass him and I'll stomp down on him.'

This series of thoughts and comprehension gave one the feeling of dancing on the edge of a blade, especially when the person was facing a powerful expert like Fang Xingjian.

The aura coming from Bruce got increasingly stronger, and his martial arts began to progress even further. He once again regained the disposition of a confident and sagacious elit, just like how he had been at the banquet earlier.

Fang Xingjian looked at him and said, "Why would I kill you? Of course, I won't. I just want to take you in as a cleaner. I'll have you cleaning up dirt and toilets for me for ten years."

"What?!" Hearing Fang Xingjian's first line, Bruce was still feeling very proud and thought that he had understood the most important point. However, he got a huge shock as Fang Xingjian continued on, and grief and indignation appeared on Bruce's face.

"Fang Xingjian! You want me, the successor of the Henry Clan, to clean toilets?! You're taking this too far! You're really taking this too far! I won't do it even if I die!"

"You don't have a choice." As he spoke, Fang Xingjian shook his palm, sending out streams of sword intents that tore apart the sky and headed for Bruce. The terrifying sword force and martial will mixed together, making it hard for one to discern which was the true power and which was just a phantom martial will.

After his fight with Xia, Fang Xingjian now had a new understanding in martial arts. The powers from both his physical body and will mixed together and combined perfectly, as if he were truly a Divine level expert.

Bruce let out a furious bellow. Then just as he was about to explode and retaliate, he was completely suppressed by a deathly sword intent. He could not move his physical body even an inch. The sword force then continued to move around Bruce's body fiercely, destroying all the power he had. They then gathered in Bruce's consciousness, suppressing all of his martial arts, co-ordinating abilities, and his martial will.

It could be said that at this moment, Bruce still had the physical body of a level 29 Conferred Knight, but he only had the power of an ordinary person. He was unable to to unleash any hint of martial technique or extraordinary strength.

Then a wave of pressure surged forth, and Bruce dropped to his knees with a plop like he was grovelling and kowtowing for forgiveness.

Bruce's cultivation had gone from that of a level 29 Conferred Knight to that of an ordinary person, and he might not ever be able to cultivate again in the future. What kind of blow was this?

Bruce's countenance was pale, and his eyes were filled with desperation. It was as if his soul had been drawn away in just a moment.

Fang Xingjian said calmly, "Lilia, keep a watch on him. Later on, bring him back to the academy to be a cleaner."

"Yes." Lilia walked up next to Bruce.

Seeing how vicious Fang Xingjian was, all the people present were silent like cicadas in winter. Both Oliver and Kite lowered their heads even more, and their hearts beat increasingly faster, seemingly afraid that Fang Xingjian would deal with them in the same way.

Fang Xingjian threw a glance toward Oliver and Kite, saying, "After you scram home, bring one million gold to the Great Western Region as an apology gift for the things you've done today, and we'll forget about what happened today."

Hearing about the compensation of one million gold, Oliver's face shook, as if something very important to him had been taken away. However, thinking of Fang Xingjian's power, he eventually clenched his teeth and agreed.

He felt extremely regretful. 'One million gold... It's one million gold! I don't have this much money. How much properties and assets do I have to sell? All the hard work of over ten years and all that the clan has accumulated over the decades will all go down the drain.'

Fang Xingjian's gaze swept past to the head of the Pop Clan, Andolf, and said, "You're a person without any backbone, and you aren't capable of taking on the responsibility of the clan. In the future, there's no need for you to be the head of the Pop Clan anymore. Let Audrey take over."

Andolf's countenance changed as he gritted his teeth. However, he did not dare to object.

Audrey, who was at the side, said, "That's enough, Fang Xingjian. I never thought of becoming the clan head. You can just bring me away from here from today onward."

Fang Xingjian said, "Since I asked you to do it, then you must do it. Andolf can't defy, neither can you."

Audrey was extremely angry and wanted to rebut, but she felt an extremely powerful and overwhelming will that seemed like something material pressing over and encompassing her body. It prevented her from saying a single word.

Fang Xingjian turned to look at Andolf and said, "Do you have any other complaints?"

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