Chapter 575: Admitting Mistakes

 Chapter 575: Admitting Mistakes

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Air currents blew onto Bruce's body at a rate of over 1,000 meters per second. His countenance turned grim, and he unleashed his power wildly. However, he was still pushed back over 1,000 meters before he came to a stop.

Lilia's countenance changed, and she was about to be blown away when Rehlings' hand grabbed her shoulder lightly. Then he did a hand chop, creating blades formed from the countless thunderbolts soaring up into the air. With that, he managed to destroy the tempest, avoiding a situation where countless people would be sent flying out. In an instant, the entire lawn was charred.

Everyone immediately looked toward the sky, but there was no longer any sight of Diana's body. Only Fang Xingjian was left, dressed in the golden World-Engulfing Battle God Armor as he stood in void space. He was emitting waves, that would make people's heart palpitate, from all over his body.

"Fang Xingjian, I remember you now..."

Xia's voice came ringing out from void space, becoming softer and softer until it completely dissipated in space.

The martial will of Xia-one of the ten Divine level experts-was wiped out by Fang Xingjian's sword.

What is power? What is influence?

What of the Henry Clan, of Pop Clan, of the number one genius in the Northern Ice Region? Before Fang Xingjian's sword attack, all of them appeared dull and meaningless.

To think that he could suppress Xia's martial will even though he was only at the level of a Demigod... It was a miracle, a legend, something which was unprecedented in the course of history.

At this moment, the faces of the many aristocrats turned grim. Madam Vivian stared at Fang Xingjian. Then as she thought of what she had said earlier, her face turned flushed red. To think that she had been unable to recognize Mount Tai and had treated a dragon as a loach.

At this moment, Bruce was looking at Fang Xingjian with a dazed gaze. 'Fang Xingjian? He's the Empire's number one genius... That Fang Xingjian? To think that he has pushed back Xia's martial will? How is that possible?' Thinking of all these, his countenance changed drastically. There was regret, worry, anxiety, jealousness, and hatred in his eyes.

'Why?! Why is there someone like Fang Xingjian in this world?! Why am I not the one to have his talent and his abilities?!'

Rehlings' eyes were gleaming. 'Amazing, this is really amazing. To think that he has defeated the martial will of a Divine level expert as a Demigod... This is something that has never happened in history before.'

Audrey looked at Fang Xingjian who was in the sky. Her mind was completely filled up with images of him.

Lilia looked at Fang Xingjian who was in the sky, and the admiration in her eyes grew increasingly fervent.

The head of Pop Clan, Andolf, looked at Fang Xingjian. Then as he thought of what he had said earlier, his eyes were filled with regret. Earlier on, after Xia appeared, Andolf had been the first to step out and push the blame onto Fang Xingjian. He had wanted to let Xia think of him favorably while also shirking away from any responsibilities.

However, he had not expected for Fang Xingjian to be this strong, to be unexpectedly capable of going up against Xia's martial will.

'Sigh, how did things turn out this way? Why did something like this happen? I'm so regretful!" Andolf screamed out in his mind. 'If I knew that this would happen, I wouldn't have taken a stand so quickly! Now that I've offended this person, I wonder how he will deal with me.'

Fang Xingjian descended slowly from the skies. His mind was still occupied by the battle he had with Xia earlier. This was the first time he had gone all out in a fight against the will of a Divine level expert, and he could be said to have comprehended a lot through this experience. He had the faint feeling that his sword art had improved again, and the Five God-Slaying Swords showed further signs of integrating.

However, just as he landed slowly, with everyone watching him dazedly while wearing various expressions, a loud whistle rang out. Then a figure pierced through the sky like a thunderbolt, appearing above the lawn with loud laughter.

"Henry Clan's Masa has arrived. Young Master, is this the lad who is courting death?"

Bruce shouted out in astonishment, "Don't!"

However, it was already too late. The figure in midair paused for a moment and then came plunging down like a meteor, heading for Fang Xingjian.

The auras of 1,440 specialty seeds were unleashed, representing that this person was at least a Demigod with one tier of perfection. The terrifying power continued to be unleashed explosively in his body with every bit of his muscles shaking and his every bone trembling, releasing a loud sound like that of a thunder.

With just a simple dash, it was as if a myriad of thunder claps had rung out in the entire sky.

The person's power, might, and courage had all reached an extreme. Then at the next moment...

There was a bang!

As Fang Xingjian punched out behind his head without taking even a single look, the man by the name of Masa was punched into minced meat across space, scattering onto the ground like a rain of blood.

Fang Xingjian stopped trying to comprehend the experience and opened his eyes. He looked toward Bruce with a scorching gaze, "You sent him here to kill me?"

Shrouded by Fang Xingjian's gaze, Bruce currently felt that his thoughts and consciousness had all frozen. His body felt weak like he was going to drop to his knees at any moment.

However, he was after all the person who was first in line to succeed the Henry Clan. It was impossible for him to give in so easily with just a glance from Fang Xingjian. Bruce continued to push himself to stand and look at Fang Xingjian. He said furiously, "Fang Xingjian, I offended you a little earlier, not knowing of your identity and abilities. However, I didn't bring you any harm after all.

"But not only did you injure me, you've even killed one of our Henry Clan's Demigod experts. What else do you want?"

Fang Xingjian looked at him with indifference and said slowly, "Earlier on, did you say that you wanted to get this Masa here to kill me?"

"That was just something I said out of spite." With Bruce's pride, he was already feeling greatly humiliated just from saying this. However, under Fang Xingjian's pressure, he had no choice but to put aside his pride for now.

Bruce had initially thought that although Fang Xingjian had some talent and potential, he would only be about the same as Rehlings, being at most at the level of talented geniuses or teachers in the Regional Academy.

Although Fang Xingjian was strong, it would still have been easy for a great clan of long history like the Henry Clan to deal with him.

However, Bruce had not expected that Fang Xingjian's abilities to have far surpassed his imagination, managing to destroy the martial will that Xia had sent with just a single sword attack.

Bruce was not the only one. Beside him, Oliver also felt extremely regretful. How could he have expected that he would encounter a great genius like Fang Xingjian who could go up against a Divine level expert at this banquet? It was like he had encountered a scene from some legendary story.

Still wanting to maintain some of his pride, Bruce could not let go of himself fully. Instead, he quickly got Kite, who was still stunned and in a daze, to kneel down and beg, "Lord Fang Xingjian, we have been ignorant to not know of your identity, thus resulting in there being some misunderstandings. Since you're able to go up against the martial will of a Divine level expert, you are undeniably the top genius of the Empire. Please let us off, we'll definitely repay you with great thanks."

Kite then tugged at Bruce's pants and tried to persuade him, "Bruce, Lord Xingjian is able to fight against Xia's martial will, proving that he is already someone at the level of a Divine level expert. What's so hard about apologizing and admitting your mistakes to him?"

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