Chapter 574: Shaking Strongly

 Chapter 574: Shaking Strongly

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"Then take on my sword attack. I shall shake the dignity of Divine level experts like yourself."

Faced with a portion of Xia's martial will, Fang Xingjian knew that it was impossible for Xia to agree to his request easily. Therefore, he was prepared to fight at full power from the very beginning.

In that instant, over 10,000 specialty seeds exploded, and at this moment, there seemed to be a power that would cause the mountains to howl and tsunamis to surge in Fang Xingjian's body.

The power from the 1.08 billion physical particles was also unleashed, turning into countless beams of piercing white light that pierced through the skies.

A black sword blade soared into the sky, and the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent was activated. The majestic power sliced the layer of clouds into two.

Simultaneously, a golden armor appeared, encompassing Fang Xingjian's body completely. The will of the World-Engulfing Battle God Armor was also fully activated, turning into waves of warm golden currents that surged within Fang Xingjian's body. Waves of power mixed together with Fang Xingjian's own physical strength, and the surrounding space trembled crazily, as if it had been twisted to an extreme.

The golden gleam from the World-Engulfing Battle God Armor and the dark gleam from the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent intertwined together, turning into a stream of dark golden light that exuded waves of auras of death and destruction.

The changes happened in that instant. Within almost one-thousandth of a second, Fang Xingjian had unleashed almost all of his powers, bent on giving Xia, the leader of the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon, a great shock right at the very beginning.

Violent sword intents seemed to want to pierce through space as waves of extremely intense power seethed in his body. At this moment, Fang Xingjian felt like he had turned into a star. If he were to unleash the trembling and seething power in his body, the power would bring about earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcano eruptions.

It was also almost at this same instant when Fang Xingjian unleashed his powers that a look of surprise first appeared on Xia's face.

Xia then immediately took action as well. Then as he did so, waves of vast, immense, primitive, and bloodthirsty will came gushing forth. When he sent out a single punch, the entire world seemed to have returned to the moment when humans had just been created, and everything was still in a state of chaos.

The survival of the fittest, in which the weak fell prey to the strong-this was what the heavenly way entails.

Those in power controlled and ruled over everything. This was the ultimate truth of this world.

Waves of intent were unleashed explosively from Xia, turning into an overwhelming power and striking out toward Fang Xingjian.

Xia's martial technique was primitive, rough, and blood thirsty. It was like how ancient human tribes would scavenge for food, filled with an instinctive aura and a unique martial will.

"My way is the heavenly way!"

"Take this! Heavenly Way Fist!"

With this punch, air currents exploded, the space became twisted. The punch also held an extremely terrifying martial will of survival of the fittest, and that his way was the heavenly way.

Before this Heavenly Way Fist, as long as they did not surpass Xia in power, everything physical would be crushed into dust by the will that was filled with the seething principles of the heavenly way.

Therefore, Xia did not perform and fanciful techniques with this punch. He merely continued, continued, continued, and continued to unleash all of Diana's power, sending out all the power from his martial will explosively and then turning everything before him into scraps.

With this one punch, it was as if those who abided by it would prosper while those who went against it would be destroyed, and that everything in the world was crumbling.

There were no techniques which could dodge or negate Xia's Heavenly Way Fist, and his opponent would be forced to collide with him head-on.

Every strong expert would have their own way, their own paths, and their own unique disposition. For the First Prince, it was to dominate over the world, attaining the dignity of a sovereign. Therefore, he had always been suppressing other influences, wanting to be the ruler of the world.

For the Fifth Prince, it was to engulf the world, using the entire world to nourish himself. Therefore, all this while, he had been on the search for heavenly and earthly treasures all around the world, looking for various benefits to strengthen his own abilities.

As for the way of the Undying Xia-the leader of the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon-was the survival of the fittest and instincts of all living things. Everything would be returned to the most primitive state.

It was at this moment that Fang Xingjian suddenly understood that the paradise Xia had built was not only purely for his enjoyment. The paradise was also for him to see through his own path. It was because all living things had only two instincts-survival and reproduction.

This was also the difference between the heavenly way and human way. Xia had carried out the pursuit of the heavenly way. In a whole of survival of the fittest, one would have to eradicate their human nature, leaving only their beastly side to them.

Faced with this punch, with the effect of the heavenly way where it was the survival of the fittest, the immense fist intent, spirit, and martial will made everyone feel as if they had been brought back to the ancient times when humans had just been created... the era when humans led the lives of savages.

Waves of boundless and primitive auras surged forth. Everyone present felt as if their existences were very insignificant, and it was as if their physical bodies would disintegrate at any moment under Xia's terrifying fist force.

The terrifying aura and power left everyone present without any ability to resist, leaving only desperation in their eyes.

At this moment, the same thought appeared in everyone's mind-it was impossible for them to fend off this punch.

However, Fang Xingjian did not think the same way. He had never planned on negating or escaping the power from this punch. Instead, he also summoned all of his power and sent out a tap of his finger toward Xia's fist.

The powers from over 10,000 specialty seeds and 1.08 billion physical particles, the will of the World-Engulfing Battle God Armor, and the blade of the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent were all activated, amassing to become a gush of power that was no weaker than Xia's.

Both the Infiltrating Void and Light Pursuit swords were activated concurrently and merged into a single move by Fang Xingjian's unrivalled sword art. They turned into a myriad of sword waves and exploded both within and outside of Diana's body.

At the next moment, the two powers completely clashed. The light rays became twisted, turning into many light rings that circled around them. The space in the surroundings started to tremble, sending out layers of ripples.

Countless forces exploded on their bodies. However, due to the effect of the distorted space, they gathered within ten meters around the two of them.

At this moment, the area within ten meters around them was filled with light rays that had circular shapes, distorted space, erupted air currents, and the high temperature of several ten thousands of degree celsius which had been created from the explosions. The area within ten meters had turned into a completely dead space, but not a hint of it was leaked out. All of these continued to attack the bodies of the two people crazily in the distorted space.

It was also due to the distorted light rays that their bodies had instead turned pitch black They were like two black holes crazily engulfing and releasing the light rays and heat energy from their surroundings, increasing the temperature and the destructive forces at the center.

Everyone looked at the darkness in the sky with astonished gazes, feeling terrified by the overwhelming destructive powers.

Any existence below the Divine level would probably become disintegrated into the most basic physical particles if they were to get close. Everyone present could not even observe the situation that was happening.

A very long while later, the darkness slowly dissipated, and the distorted space gradually became calm again.

When the space was no longer distorted, a loud explosive bang rang out. Shock waves, which brought along seething heat currents with it, were instantly unleashed, flipping over several tens of buildings. Then they shot out toward everyone present oppressively as if they would tear apart everything.