Chapter 561: Slashing Repeatedly

 Chapter 561: Slashing Repeatedly

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It had been a long time since the Fifth Prince had this kind of feeling where his body felt very empty. After this one punch, he gained an additional comprehension that was quite famous.

'When a sovereign gives away the world, he requires endless resolution and courage. It's an act that pursues great freedom and liberation, to be freely advancing with valiance.'

The Fifth Prince could feel that his fist art cultivation had improved once again. After this battle, he would definitely be able to reach a whole new level.

This one single punch could be said to contain all sorts of intriguing colors. Who would be able to remain unmoved when faced with the entire world? The horror held in that gush of will would intoxicate anyone. They would not dodge it even if they knew it was fake.

However, when faced with this punch that the Fifth Prince had sent out with the entire world behind it, Fang Xingjian did not have any yearning for it. Neither did he receive it forcibly. Instead, he disappeared once again, moving through spatial gaps and then abruptly appearing beside the Fifth Prince, thrusting out a sword attack.

Avoiding the strong power and striking weak spots, Fang Xingjian was like a sword immortal from the ancient past. He also seemed to have a great determination to disregard everything. Even if he was given the entire world, he would view it with disregard and turn to leave with a flash. This displayed Fang Xingjian's martial will that had broken through life and death, and sought to live on in the midst of death.

Having seen through even life and death, what would one see in the world?

With that last flash when he entered spatial gaps, it was as if he had gone into hidden seclusion, yet still remained renowned in the world. He then reappeared in the world, rising up in revolt and shaking the entire world.

Accompanying this sword attack from Fang Xingjian, many deeply entrenched scars appeared on the Fifth Prince's Divine Armor. Terrifying sword force surged, weakening the defense of the Divine Armor, layer by layer.

As the sword of Infiltrating Void cut in deeper into the layers, the insides of the Fifth Prince's body had been minced up into a fog of blood, and he could not regenerate in time.

However, right now, the most terrifying thing was still Fang Xingjian's sword intent attack. It depicted a scene which held a message, 'I don't need you to give me the world, and I don't want the world that you're giving me. Now, I'm going to snatch it over by myself.'

It was as if this one sword attack had brought about a precarious situation-a difficult choice between life and death. There was even a gush of the Six Heaven-Soaring Swords' intent mixed in with it.

There seemed to be an explosive sound ringing in void space, and Fang Xingjian managed to actually shake out the Fifth Prince's consciousness from his physical body.

Seeing this scene, Tian Yi was about to make his move. However, just then the sword Qi that had cut into the spatial gaps previously suddenly appeared before him explosively, slashing down on Tyrant's physical body viciously.

The sword Qis which Fang Xingjian had slashed out at full power were something which even Tyrant could not neglect, let alone Tian Yi who had just suppressed Tyrant will and had yet to get accustomed to this body. Tian Yi was sent flying several thousand meters away by this sword attack.

Despite this, he managed to recover very quickly. However, it was in this short instant that Fang Xingjian managed to find the smallest opportunity.

Under the Fifth Prince's astonished gaze, his body which had lost the control of his will was now defenseless. The insides of his body had been shattered directly by Fang Xingjian's Infiltrating Void, turning into lumps of bloody fog and encompassing the Divine Armor.


The Fifth Prince let out an agonizing cry, wanting to return to his body and regenerate it. However, how could Fang Xingjian possibly allow him to do that? With a sweep of his sword finger, Fang Xingjian's deathly sword intent once again slashed out toward the Fifth Prince's will.

The black sword intent, which filled up the sky, encompassed the Fifth Prince's body, instantly exploding his will and stirring it into mush.

By this time, Tian Yi had finally arrived. Controlling Tyrant's body, he sent out a punch. Violent power came smashing down, as if breaking through the restraints of time and space.

The auras of over 1,440 specialty seeds were suddenly unleashed explosively, turning into streams of auras and soaring into the air. Countless physical particles exploded concurrently, unleashing glorious light into the sky.

At this moment, Tian Yi had actually ignited 99% of Tyrant's power, displaying his great cultivation of being able to suppress consciousness and control another person's physical body.

Faced with Tyrant's almost full-power punch, even Fang Xingjian was unwilling to take it head-on forcibly. With a flash, he stepped into the spatial gaps once again and then reappeared abruptly several thousand meters away with a flash, slashing out across space with multiple swords.

With each slashing sword, waves of black deathly aura attacked toward Tyrant. The terrifying sword light moved at light speed in the air, piercing into Tyrant's mind in an instant and clashing with Tian Yi's will.

Fang Xingjian could even see that in Tyrant's consciousness, a huge figure of light was standing in the middle, exuding waves of majestic divine pressure. It was as if the figure was the King of all Gods in the heavens, the commander at the center of the world, capable of suppressing the entire world with just the back of his palm.

Streams of deathly swordless paths slashed against that light figure's body, sending out endless ripples and sparks splattering. Those sparks were from their thoughts, created from the collision of wills.

"Oh?" Fang Xingjian did not manage to defeat Tian Yi with that slash of his deathly aura. The toughness of Tian Yi's martial will had reached an unbelievable level.

Taking this chance, the Fifth Prince once again gathered his martial will, turning into a floating phantom. It was clear from just one look that he had suffered great damages.

The Fifth Prince cast an extremely vengeful and blood-thirsty gaze toward Fang Xingjian, then he looked at his own body.

His physical body had been torn up by Fang Xingjian into meat paste, and there was a fog of blood covering his entire Divine Armor, which seemed to be going through some changes.

After the Divine Armor shrank and scattered with the Fifth Prince's flesh and blood, it seemed as if it had been revived and was now endlessly absorbing the Fifth Prince's flesh and blood.

The Fifth Prince immediately started communicating with Tian Yi by sending information currents to each other's consciousness.

The Fifth Prince said in astonishment, "My physical body! What is going on?!"

Tian Yi frowned. "It seems that although the Four-eyed Heavenly Winged Beast's consciousness died, it hasn't been vanquished. Right now, stimulated by your flesh and blood, it has awakened once again. However, it's still in a hazy state. If you let it continue absorbing your body like this, it might really come back to life."

"Little Black isn't dead?" The Fifth Prince asked in astonishment. However, at the next moment, he became a little nervous. "Then if I let it continue absorbing my body like this, won't I lose my physical body?"

"So be it then. You'll be able to join me in purely training your martial will."

The Fifth Prince said anxiously, "That can't do! Master, quickly help me to stop it! Save my body!"

The Fifth Prince still wanted to takeover the entire mortal world and enjoy endless beauties, great wine, great delicacies, and everything else in this world. How could he lose his body?

Their communication was completed in just an instant. Tian Yi frowned and grabbed out with one hand, plundering through the world. He was like an ancient god wanting to grab the sun and the moon as he grabbed out for the Fifth Prince's physical body. Violent power pressed down inch by inch, creating explosions in the air and turning the area within 100 meters into a vacuum.

This was Tian Yi's self-created palm art-Number One Palm in the World.

However, how could Fang Xingjian possibly allow Tian Yi to grab the Fifth Prince's physical body? He tapped out with his sword finger, meeting and clashing with Tian Yi's palm. Amidst the violent shakes, it was as if the entire space was going to collapse as thick waves of white forces swept out in all directions from where their palm and finger met.

The shock waves created from this attack sent the Divine Armor flying out over 1,000 meters away, simultaneously completely shattering the Fifth Prince's physical body into dust.

As the Fifth Prince watched this scene, he let out an agonizing cry, and his eyes filled with endless madness and vengeance.

However, Fang Xingjian still did not stop there. With a swoosh, the aura from the sword intent in his body soared into the air. Then, with a flash, Fang Xingjian appeared behind Tian Yi and tapped out toward Tyrant's head.