Chapter 560: One Against Two

 Chapter 560: One Against Two

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As a wave of white lights shone on Tyrant and passed through him, his expression stiffened. At the next moment, the martial will throughout his body was already completely suppressed by Tian Yi.

The difference between their martial wills was far too great.

Tyrant's martial will was being compressed to a corner of his consciousness, continuing to bellow out furiously like a huge beast.

Tian Yi smiled as he watched the suppressed Tyrant. He slowly took over and controlled Tyrant's body.

"Too weak.

"Why is it that people in the world are so weak, causing me to feel so lonely...

"Is looking for an opponent so difficult?"

'Tyrant' smiled, revealing a strange expression. He looked at his body and hands and said, "This body isn't bad. Why don't I use convert the power of this physical body into the the power of my will and try to attain for the Divine level?"

With how powerful this physical body was, if he were to convert all of the physical power into willpower to strive to attain the Divine level, how powerful would he become after succeeding?

When a person was in a good mental state and had a strong will, their body would become healthy as well. When a person was plagued with illnesses, their mental state would shrivel and their will would be weak.

The will and the body always had a close connection, affecting and influencing each other. When a Knight attempted to attain the Divine level, they tended to tap into this connection, using their extremely powerful body to strengthen their martial will and break out of the restrictions of the Divine level.

Even Tian Yi himself was curious to find out how far he could go if he were to refine the power from this body.

On the ground, James and the others revealed astonished looks. Zhou Xingwen and the others had also rushed over. They looked at the two black dots in the sky and asked, "How is it?"

James wore a grim countenance. "Mister Tyrant seems to be suppressed."

"Weren't they fighting on relatively equal grounds earlier?" Anderson asked puzzledly.

"Another person seems to have appeared and suppressed Tyrant's will." James' brows knitted tightly together, and there was great worry in his eyes. "Mister Tyrant's body is so powerful that it's a rare find of one in every 10,000 people. To be able to easily suppress his consciousness in just an instant, and even taking over his body... This person's strength is no joke."

The leader of the sword arts team, Hoppes, also appeared surprised. "If he's able to suppress Tyrant so easily, then won't he able able to suppress all of us with just a single thought if he wishes to?"

"And it seems that the person has only appeared in the form of his will. His actual body isn't present." Thinking of this, James exhaled and said, "To be suppressing Tyrant with just a will... This power...

"Could he actually be a Divine level expert?"

Thinking of this, everyone appeared dazed, nervous, and terrified.

Zhou Xingwen mumbled, "A Divine level expert... Doesn't that mean he's invincible amongst everyone in the entirety of the Great Western Region? Won't it be useless even if Xingjian comes back?"

After all that talk, the expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed. The power which Tian Yi had displayed so simply in this instant was really astonishing.

However, at this moment, a stream of sword Qi cut across the air and rained down like the Milky Way, shrouding over both the Fifth Prince and Tyrant.

Just as Tian Yi had used his terrifying martial will to suppress Tyrant, and was even thinking of refining Tyrant's body to strengthen up his will and strive to attain the Divine level...

An astonishing stream of sword Qi came plunging down from the skies. Everywhere it passed by, light and space distorted, and it was as if the sword Qi wanted to crush everything into dust.

This single sword sliced through the air, forming a 1,000 meter sword Qi, and even distorting light and space. The person who could accomplish something like this was naturally Fang Xingjian, who had condensed 1.08 billion physical particles and 10,710 specialty seeds in his physical body, breaking through all extremities.

The sword Qi that cut across the air immediately caused Tian Yi and the Fifth Prince to sense an immense danger. Both of them retreated and dodged it.

The single sword attack had separated the two of them. Fang Xingjian stood high up in the air, frowning as he looked at Tyrant and the Fifth Prince. Then he said coldly, "Fifth Prince? You still dare to come court death?"

The Fifth Prince laughed out loud and said, "Fang Xingjian, you really think that you're a genius who is blessed by the heavens and is unrivalled in this world? Previously, you were only lucky and had temporarily surpassed me.

"The truth is that I'm the real main character in our history, the destined one. The reason I've come to the Great Western Region today is to exterminate your entire family! Everyone related to you must die!"

"Ignorant," Fang Xingjian said with a cold smile. Then he looked in Tyrant's direction and asked, "And what are you?"

Tian Yi controlled Tyrant's body and revealed a faint smile at the corners of his lips. "Although you're amazing, you've yet to reach the Divine level and are still a little weak. You don't have the right to know who I am. But if you can manage to keep yourself alive with the two of us around, you'll have the right to know my name."

"Interesting. When I fought against the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord, the degree of his arrogance wasn't even as much as that of the two of you," Fang Xingjian said in a cold voice as streams of light burst out from his eyes. "Since that's the case, I'll first kill the Fifth Prince before I drag you out from Tyrant's body.

"The two of you can do your best to fend off my attacks."

As Fang Xingjian spoke, he had already swung his hands to send a sword Qi, that was several thousand meters in length, slashing out and tearing through the entire sky.

Faced with this astonishing sword Qi, the Fifth Prince and Tian Yi dodged it once again.

However, this time around, the sword Qi was not the one which Fang Xingjian had hastily sent out when he was rushing over earlier.

How could the sword Qi, that was unleashed when Fang Xingjian was in his serious mode, be dodged so easily? Moreover, after the sword arts exchange which had lasted for the past seven days and seven nights, his sword arts had improved in leaps and bounds once again. In that instant, the sword Qi concealed itself, having darted into spatial gaps.

'What?! To think that even the sword Qi he unleashed is able to move into spatial gaps? His sword arts has already reached such a level? The Supreme Chief's Astral Obscurity Sword isn't even fit to carry his shoes for him.'

These thoughts flashed through the Fifth Prince's mind at lightning speed. However, before the sword Qi arrived, Fang Xingjian's body had already appeared before the Fifth Prince with a flash. Fang Xingjian pierced the air with his sword finger, and tapped on the Fifth Prince's head.

With a single sword attack, a deathly aura gushed forth. Then the Fifth Prince felt as if his life did not belong to himself, and that he was already dead.

One after another, attacks were made without any reservation at all.

'What a terrifying martial will!' Knowing that he was already in a life and death situation, the Fifth Prince also unleashed his full powers.

Sovereign Fist-World-Shaking Fist!

When this punch struck out, it was as heavy as mountains and rivers. The Fifth Prince's fist seemed to have prints that were like the mountains and rivers, the sun, the moon and the stars, as well as like the homes of people. It was as if the entire world was contained in this single punch, bursting forth explosively as his fist struck out.

Engulfing the world, turning the world into one's own... This was the disposition which the Fifth Prince had nurtured from countless victories and trainings. It had caused his fist intent to be especially powerful.

Now, everything in this fist was being smashed out toward Fang Xingjian.

The image depicted in this fist was as if a sovereign had tossed the entire world toward you, and it all depended on whether you would be able to accept it.

How domineering was the Fifth Prince and how strong were his desires? He was a person who wanted to possess everything and snatch it all for himself. However, this attack was one which went against how he usually acted. It seemed to say he was going to give up the world, which he had fought to possess, to his opponent.

It could be said that ever since he created this World-Shaking Fist, the Fifth Prince had decided on not using it unnecessarily. The moment he used it, it meant that the situation was such that he had gone all out and either party involved must die.

As the punch struck out, it was as if the entire world was thrown out as an attack. The Fifth Prince felt that his entire body was very empty. This was because all of the power from his will and mind had been condensed into this single punch, and it was now pouring out.