Chapter 558: Fist Arts

 Chapter 558: Fist Arts

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"Fang Xingjian? That person who defeated you?"

"That's right," the Fifth Prince said viciously. "He is said to be the Empire's number one genius in sword arts in the recent years. Some ignorant people even see him as the number one genius in the world. It's really ridiculous.

"People like Fang Xingjian are only experts amongst Demigods at most. They rely on some minor chance encounters to train up their physical bodies to a powerful level. This was how he was able to defeat me the other time.

"But it's when I encounter people who are strong that I become stronger. After experiencing defeat, I learn from the experience. Moreover, I have now received Master's guidance, and having become one with the armor, I'll be able to crush him with the back of my palm."

Thinking of this, the Fifth Prince was exhilarated. He suddenly looked at Tian Yi with an eeriness in his eyes.

He said, "But that guy has my second brother backing him up, and there's also a bunch of fools in the Great Western City who support him. I don't have the full confidence in handling them if I go alone. Master, can you make a trip there with me? With someone of your power backing me up, things will be settled very easily."

Having received the constant impacts from Tian Yi's martial will and also being trained by him, the Fifth Prince showed an increasing amount of respect to this Master. Although his Master might not be really the number one in the world, the strength of his martial will, as well as the violent and terrifying power it held, was really startling.

If Tian Yi were to agree to support him, with the Fifth Prince current abilities, he had absolute confidence that he would be able to find trouble for Fang Xingjian in the Great Western City.

Tian Yi's frown deepened. He did not know why he felt frustrated whenever he heard the words, 'Fang Xingjian' and 'Great Western City'. However, he could not recall where the frustration came from, thus he could only continue to frown.

'Why do I find it so detestable to hear the name 'Fang Xingjian'?

'This is really strange. I haven't even met this person before.'

He searched through his mind once again, but he still found nothing. So, Tian Yi could only shake his head and give up.

"Alright, I'll go to the Great Western City and take a look at what kind of expert he is to be able to defeat you. If he can perk up my interest, I can also provide him with some guidance. I'll teach him what it means that there's always someone out there who is better."

At the next moment, Tian Yi's figure of light entered the Fifth Prince's body with a flash.

"Let's go. With me backing you up, no one in the world will be able to do anything to you. Your body will be the safest place in the entire world."

In an instant, bringing along a long whistle, the Fifth Prince tore through the cloud layers, soaring 10,000 meters high up in the air. Then, with a slight pause to check his bearings, he flew toward the Great Western City.

Currently, the Fifth Prince's physical body had become one with his armor, and it was an easy feat for him to pierce through the clouds and cut through the skies. In less than ten minutes, he had travelled across the region and appeared above the Great Western Region. He then reduced his speed slightly and appeared above the Great Western Region's Regional Academy.

'Fantastic. Fang Xingjian's base is in this Great Western Region's Regional Academy. I'll first kill his group of subordinates and let him feel pained.'

Thinking of this, the Fifth Prince broke into a savage grin. A fearless and uninhibited martial will soared up into the air. It turned into an overwhelming black demonic aura, gathering behind him.

"The might of a sovereign, the fist of one who dominates. The strong engulfs the world, and there's nothing that he doesn't take, no action that he doesn't do. This is a good opportunity for me to test out my newly acquired Sovereign Fist."

An explosive rumble rang out in the sky. Then as the Fifth Prince launched out his Sovereign Fist toward the direction of the academy, loud explosive sounds burst out incessantly, bang bang bang bang . It was like the fury of a sovereign, with the heavens sending down disasters onto the world. The entire academy was shrouded in a layer of despairing and horrifying aura. It was as if in the wake of this fury of a sovereign, even the world was in fear.

The terrifying fist force was like a five-clawed dragon 1 , plunging down at rapid speed toward the center of the academy. It contained a power so terrifying that one would feel astonished just from looking at it.

However, it was not as if there were no one around in the Regional Academy. At almost the same instant the Fifth Prince punched out, countless streams of aura soared into the sky from the academy. One of them was from Head of Department James. With a long shout, his two fists turned into many meteors, smashing out.

It was the Kingly Meteor Punch again, a fist technique in which each punch held terrifying gravitational waves that could kill all living things in the world.

This time around, when James' Kingly Meteor Punch and the Fifth Prince's Sovereign Fist collided, there was no disparity in terms of their powers. However, waves of terrifying aura which seemed to have the might of a sovereign, wanting to engulf the world as if the entire world revolved around the Fifth Prince, came gushing over. The extremely powerful martial will was so overwhelming that James wanted to either turn and flee or to submit immediately.

This was the terrifying prowess of the Sovereign Fist which the Fifth Prince had created himself. It did not focus of on physical strength but on the martial will.

With a single punch, the prowess of a sovereign, engulfing the entire world and controlling the mortal world, attacked the opponent's mind. In that one punch, as long as the opponent's martial will was not as powerful as the Fifth Prince's, they would either have to submit or to flee. It could even be that in their entire lifetime, they might not be able to break through the layer of pressure on their spirits.

In just an instant, James was pushed back, being badly defeated by the waves of will from the Sovereign Fist. He was unable to summon any will to resist at all.


At the next instant, the Fifth Prince made use of the opportunity, and the back of his palm came crushing down. It was like a super big rubber ball. No matter how much James punched out, it would just absorb his attacks and then send them back, striking James' body with the combined power of James and the Fifth Prince. James was instantly beaten up, and he fell from the sky, smashing into the ground and destroying countless buildings.

However, while the Fifth Prince was engaged in a fight with James, numerous teachers from the Regional Academy had also charged up into the sky.

The person at the forefront was the leader of the sword arts team, Hoppes, who had in the past invited Fang Xingjian to the Sword Tower to join them in their sword techniques research.

Hoppes slashed out toward the Fifth Prince, sending out a series of sword Qis that tore through the air with an aura which seemed if it was going to tear the world apart. Concurrently, another two teachers, one with a spear while the other with a staff, unleashed waves of explosive power behind the Fifth Prince. They sent out flames and electricity, which then turned into a tornado of fire and thunder, sweeping toward the Fifth Prince.

"To think that a bunch of good-for-nothings like you dare to raise your hands against me. I shall let you see what the world's best fist art is like." Violent martial will, bringing along endless demonic intents, swept across the sky and gushed into the minds of the trio. "Remember, being defeated by this punch of mine will be the glory of your life."

At the next instant, as the Fifth Prince moved, gushes of violent gales blew, and many thunderbolts exploded in his body. Tiny sparks burst forth from each cell of his body, and waves of powerful gravitational waves spread out together with his will.

In this moment, four types of power-namely wind, thunder, earth, and fire-burst out from the Fifth Prince's body. It was as if he was a giant that had engulfed the entire world, and the world was repeatedly being swallowed and thrown out by him.