Chapter 557: Revenge

 Chapter 557: Revenge

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The Fourth Prince was the first to open his eyes. It seemed as if the netherworld itself was in his eyes, and they gave off an unfathomable feeling.

Hearing what Philip said, the Fourth Prince looked toward Fang Xingjian and commented, "Compared to Xingjian, my talent is really nothing."

Fang Xingjian also opened his eyes, and the deathly aura coming from him disappeared with a flash. He looked at the Fourth Prince and asked, "Aren't you afraid that after I pick up this sword technique, I won't help you to get through the Hades Vault?"

The Fourth Prince said, "Then I only have myself to blame for having poor judgement. However, my assessment of people has always been good. In this world, there are people who are treacherous and will keep changing their stances. Then there are people who are vicious and keep their intentions deeply hidden. There are also some people who are open and aboveboard.

"There is nothing superior or inferior between these different characters. However, in order to become a top notch expert and be capable of condensing one's martial will, one must have the determination and will to have no regrets even when experiencing death repeatedly, and to not bend or falter despite facing countless obstacles. One must be able to push forth on the path they choose for themselves.

"I don't think that you have the character of sovereigns, who keep changing their stance and are wary of others. I feel that you have the character of an honorable swordsman. You're a person who makes good of your words, repaying feuds with vengeance and kindness with kindness. I believe that my judgement will not be wrong."

Fang Xingjian nodded. "If the Hades Vault really appears, you can come and look for me anytime. However, if there are any other legacies of sword techniques in there, I must have a share."

The Fourth Prince broke into a satisfied smile. "That's a promise."

Fang Xingjian closed his eyes and continued to sense his sword arts. The sword arts exchange they just had for seven days and seven nights had brought his sword arts to an even higher level. This was especially the case when he had learned the profoundness of the Six Heaven-Soaring Swords and merged it into his Five God-Slaying Swords. Now, in his each and every stance or move, there would be a power that could shake his opponent's consciousness and crush their mind.

Right now, his attributes had become:


Name: Fang Xingjian

Age: 17

Occupation: Heavenly Sword Sovereign

Level: 29

Strength: 326+21

Agility: 324+21

Reaction: 229

Endurance: 210

Flexibility: 209

Ether Synchronization Rate: 100%

The attributes above come into effect once the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves are activated.

Due to Perfect Muscles, +21 in strength and agility (10% of the endurance attribute).

Skills / Techniques: Boundaries Negation, Level 40 Five God-Slaying Swords, White Bone Divine Weapon, Heaven's Volition Sword Intent

Internal Specialties: 1,440

External Specialties: 9,270

Waves: Level 10 Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves

Mental Cultivation Method: Level 10 Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar


The continuous training had allowed his abilities to once again undergo an explosive increase as compared to when he returned to Demonic City.

However, just then, he suddenly opened his eyes and turned his head abruptly toward the direction of the Great Western Region. "To think that you would still dare come and court death?"

At the next moment, he dashed out with a swoosh at a speed that was so fast it could not be seen by the naked eye, rushing toward the Great Western City.


While Fang Xingjian, the Fourth Prince, and Prince Philip had been having their exchange which went on for seven days and seven nights, a series of laughter had filled up the skies in the desert of the Eastern Sand Region. It was as if the laughter was going to shake off all the cloud layers in the sky.

The aura throughout the Fifth Prince's body swelled up, and black demonic aura seemed to have materialized and was burning intensely around him. Crackling sounds rang out as if the many stars in the sky were slowly exploding.

This was his martial will, the martial will which had crumbled under a single attack from Fang Xingjian. Right now, it was extremely strong and condensed, as if it had reached an extreme amongst the people who were below the Divine level.


"This is fantastic!

"Master, after receiving the impacts from your martial will for half a month, I've finally managed to condense my martial will into one, removing all impurities. I'm now only one step away from reaching the materialization of my will which can only be done by tier one Divine level experts.

"Moreover, during the past half a month, I've integrated and tempered my fist arts, combining with my martial will. I transformed my Killing technique, Tai Chi, into the Sovereign Fist, thus bringing my fist arts up another notch." The Fifth Prince broke into a confident smile like he was a god from the heavens with everything in his control.

All level 29 experts had their own signature Killing techniques, which were usually created through merging the many Killing techniques they had acquired in the past into one.

Initially, the strongest Killing technique the Fifth Prince had created through the merges was Tai Chi. However, over the past half a month, his training had brought the level of his fist arts up another notch, and he was able to transform the Tai Chi into the Sovereign Fist.

The Fifth Prince contemplated, 'Right now, if I strive to attain the Divine level, I'll probably be able to succeed immediately. However, I won't try to attain it right now. No one in the world, not even my Eldest Brother, is aware of how to attain the perfection in their physical particles, but I am.

'The theories behind the physical particles have similarities to the theories of fusion and fission. In time, I'll be able to comprehend the meaning behind the microscopic world, reaching the unprecedented five tiers of perfection. If I wait till then before I strive to reach the Divine level, I will be invincible.'

Thinking of this, he suddenly looked toward a lump of light next to him. An armor that was pure gold all over and exuded waves of powerful aura was fluctuating in the light. The armor was covered in layers of prints that were like ripples formed in space. An aura that seemed near yet far was gathering on it, as if with just a light touch, it would disappear.

At that moment, Tian Yi's voice rang out from it, "I've already refined your Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast into a Divine Remains Equipment.

"According to what you've said, if this Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast matures, it'll be a tier two Divine level ferocious beast that has the power to transform its will into flesh and blood.

"However, it's a pity that yours has yet to mature, and I can only refine and extract its traits. I can't really let it unleash the power of a tier two Divine level Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast."

As he spoke, the set of armor shot out and wrapped around the Fifth Prince's body as if it had a mind of its own. In the blink of an eye, the pure gold armor went through a change, and the Fifth Prince was shrouded in golden light.

Wearing this Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Armor, it was as if the entire armor was breathing and that it had a heartbeat, like it was alive.

The even more terrifying thing was that as the Fifth Prince activated his martial will, his physical body and the armor gradually merged together. His martial will, changed by the armor, continued to increase his power.

Tian Yi materialized into a light figure and appeared before the Fifth Prince, saying nonchalantly. "With this Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Armor, your martial will will be indestructible, and your physical body immortal."

Sensing that his martial will continued to further strengthen his physical body under the endless effect of the armor, emitting strong waves of power, the Fifth Prince instantly had the feeling that the strength of one's heart spelled the might of one's power.

"Thank you, Master. Over the past half a month, I feel that my power has been raised by over ten times. In less than a year, I'll be able to successfully reach the Divine level." Saying this, the Fifth Prince suddenly broke into a savage expression upon recalling the scene when Fang Xingjian defeated him.

"But before I enter seclusion and strive to attain the Divine level, I still have a small wish that I would need to fulfil, which is to kill that Fang Xingjian. If I don't kill him, I won't be able to appease the fury in my heart, and I won't be able to make a smooth attempt to strive for the Divine level."

Tian Yi frowned, feeling that the name 'Fang Xingjian' seemed to have caused him to feel extremely disgusted, hateful, and even... a little terrified?!