Chapter 556: Seven Days and Seven Nights

 Chapter 556: Seven Days and Seven Nights

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"It's impossible for the ambitions of the people to disappear. Moreover, without any ambitions, people would no longer have the desire to improve," Fang Xingjian said. Then he nodded and asked, "It seems that you know of the locations to some of the treasures?"

The Fourth Prince smiled. "I'm not afraid to tell you. Although I'm a follower of the Church of Universal Truth, I've also received a portion of the legacy of the ancient Jade Dynasty's Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor. The Hades Vault which the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor left behind has not appeared in the world all this time. However, in the recent few months, I've been feeling it throb. It seems that it is about to appear. This also shows how difficult the seventh onslaught will be.

"I would like to make an agreement with you. I hope that you'll be able to help me get the Senluo Six Heavens Sword from the Hades Vault. This sword is of great importance to me. In return..."

As he spoke, the Fourth Prince sent a section of a mysterious, strange, and ancient sword intent straight into Fang Xingjian's consciousness.

"I know that you're a genius in sword arts. This is the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's Six Heaven-Soaring Swords, a sword technique which removed barriers and set precedence in sword arts. Xingjian, since your sword arts cultivation is extremely high, please provide me with some guidance on it."

The Senluo Six Heavens Sword was clearly the weapon that the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor had carried with him.

In Miracle World, amongst all the weapons in history, that sword would be the one to be held as the most supreme. Amongst generations of experts, there were many who used sword arts. Therefore, amongst the many rulers of the many dynasties since the ancient times, their greatest weapon would tend to be the treasured sword that they carried with them.

An example would be the Grand Solar Nine Dragons Divine Sword which had belonged to the Sun Dynasty's Divine Sun Emperor. Another would be the Senluo Six Heavens Sword which had belonged to the Jade Dynasty's Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor 5,000 years ago.

Since there was a treasured sword, there would naturally be sword techniques as well. The Six Heaven-Soaring Swords which the Fourth Prince sent over to Fang Xingjian was a unique sword technique created by the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor. It specialized in condensing the sword intent, creating shocks to the martial will, and attacking a person's consciousness. This was an unrivalled sword technique.

When the Fourth Prince attacked Fang Xingjian with the sword intent of the Six Heaven-Soaring Swords, Fang Xingjian could immediately feel the consciousness throughout his body start to move. It was as if his consciousness was going to be thrown out of his body under the attack of this gushing sword intent.

What would the result be like for a person's consciousness to be sent flying out?

If an ordinary person's consciousness were to fly out of his body, it would not be long before the person's soul would disintegrate while he entered a vegetative state.

Even the means in which Conferred Knights trained, allowing their consciousness to leave the physical body, would not allow them to do this for an extended period of time.

However, with just one push from this Six Heaven-Soaring Swords' sword intent, it felt as if had the ability to shake one's consciousness out of their body. It was extremely strange, mysterious, and vicious, comparable to the the mysteries and dangers of Hades.

However, being as talented as Fang Xingjian was, with just a tremble, he summoned his sword intent to retaliate.

After integrating what he had learned from countless sword techniques, and then experiencing life and death on Earth, Fang Xingjian had obtained this sword intent from death.

Now that it was activated, waves of deadly aura soared into the air like ink, causing both the Fourth Prince and Philip to seem to be able smell a strong scent of blood and death. It was as if they had been pulled into death entirely.

The moment the two sword intents clashed, there seemed to be pitter-patter sounds of explosions ringing out in void space. Fortunately, the two of them were only having an exchange and had not utilized their full power, thus neither of them were injured.

The Fourth Prince gasped and said, "Death? Loneliness? Emptiness? Is this the sword intent which you had created yourself, Xingjian? What a terrifying sword intent. How on earth did you come up with it?"

"It isn't complete yet," Fang Xingjian said, shaking his head, "But the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor's Six Heaven-Soaring Swords is quite interesting. If I'm not mistaken, there are no concrete sword stances to this sword technique. Its approach is in condensing the sword intent and attacking one's consciousness?"

"That's right!" The Fourth Prince looked at Fang Xingjian and spoke with a tone of admiration. "As expected of a rare talent in sword arts. With just one clash, you're able to have a good sense of what my Six Heaven-Soaring Swords is like.

"This sword technique is a technique where one's heart is of paramount importance. The legacy was only a portrait of the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor. It does not pursue any concrete stance or moves, and the crux of the sword technique lies in the cultivator's heart.

"When someone below the Divine level performs it, they can slash out a person's consciousness from their physical body, causing their consciousness to enter a state of chaos or even to be completely wiped out.

"For those who have attained the Divine level, they would be able to truly condense their martial will, which is also their sword intent, into a Six Heaven-Soaring Swords. They would be able to kill the consciousness and shake the will of their opponent. The sword technique is extremely powerful.

"This means of condensing the will to form a physical form is like Eldest Brother's Yama Sacred Physique, which he inherited from the Ancient Path of Hell."

Fang Xingjian nodded. "Again!"

It was a rare opportunity for him to encounter another sword technique which was the legacy of a Divine level expert. Fang Xingjian was burning with eagerness. Excitement flashed in his eyes as he immediately started to have an exchange with the Fourth Prince in their sword arts.

Their sword intents continued to cross paths in void space. Each time they clashed intensely, it was as if many explosions had gone off in their minds.

Each time their sword intents collided, it was not just an exchange of their sword theories. It also tempered their martial wills.

However, Fang Xingjian's learning speed was far too terrifying. After a short half an hour, Fang Xingjian was already able to create a simulation of the Six Heaven-Soaring Swords and was pushing back the Fourth Prince, whose face had turned pale.

If it was not because he wanted to learn from the Fourth Prince's sword intent, Fang Xingjian would have long won.

Philip, who was at the side, laughed and said, "Watch out, Xingjian. I'm joining in too."

The moment he spoke, another gush of sword intent soared into the air. This sword intent was yet again different from Fang Xingjian's deathly sword intent and the Fourth Prince's Six Heaven-Soaring Swords.

At the beginning, it was just a hint of light. However, as the sword intent circulated, the hint of light soon developed into a light pillar that penetrated through the sky and the earth, as if it was going to fill up every inch and corner of the world.

This was the unrivalled sword light which had been condensed from the Church of Universal Truth's Universal Truth Longsword. It was filled with an aura of light, justice, and being the one and only.

It was clear that despite being members of the royal family and having also picked up the martial techniques of the Ancient Path of Hell, both the Fourth Prince and Prince Philip each had their own encounters and had created their own paths in martial arts.

Philip sent his sword intent sweeping out, shattering both the Fourth Prince's and Fang Xingjian's sword intents which were moving around in the sky. He forced their sword intents to shrink back into their bodies.

Amidst the interactions and clashes of their sword intent, the three of them were constantly having exchanges in their sword arts, tempering their martial wills. Fang Xingjian could sense that his sword arts, which had been stagnated for very long, was going through an explosive progression once again.

After all, the Fourth Prince had obtained the legacy of a Divine level sword technique, while Prince Philip was a Divine level expert to begin with. An opportunity like this to spar and have exchanges was too rare.

After Fang Xingjian created his Five God-Slaying Swords and his sword arts level had reached a bottleneck, an exchange like this was allowing him to progress once again.

Just like that, seven days and seven nights passed by. A loud boom rang out in void space, and all of their sword intents returned to their bodies.

Philip smiled with satisfaction. He looked at the two young men, who had their eyes closed, and said with a sigh, " Each age brings forth new genius to this noble land, and each will rule their own domain for years to come. 1 I've never come across people with the kind of sword arts talent that the two of you possess. There are no limits to the future prospects both of you will have in your lives."