Chapter 553: Gigantic Snake

 Chapter 553: Gigantic Snake

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As Fang Xingjian sent his palm smacking out, the Ghost King only felt that his huge over-500-meter-tall body was just like a baby before this power. The palm he had stretched out earlier shattered into fragments and rained down. It was as if there were many meteors bursting and shooting out.

Simultaneously, his body was pushed out by this gush of power that was undefiable, overpowering, able to even bend space and light rays, and also able to affect the earth. The Ghost King dropped down to the ground like a baby that was given a slap by an adult.

Amidst the world-shakingly loud sounds that rang out, the Ghost King's body crashed into the ground. The damaging prowess from his huge body falling onto the ground was fatal. It seemed as if the shockingly loud exploding sound could be heard several hundred kilometers away.

The even more terrifying thing was that after the Ghost King fell, he continued to shoot out toward the back under the impact from the power of the Terra Ingurgitation. He was pushed for over ten kilometers, leaving behind a long crack in the ground, and having over half of the rocks on his body shattering before he actually came to a stop.

With this single strike, over half of the Ghost King's cultivation was crippled. He had completely lost his battle prowess.

However, after Fang Xingjian struck out with his palm, he did not turn to look at the result. He merely sent another sword sweeping out, unleashing the Light Pursuit sword ripples. Its speed and prowess went through yet another qualitative change, and a myriad of sword ripples slashed out explosively toward the Third Prince's thunderstorm without holding back at all.

Violent sword force instantly tore apart the thunderbolts and even sent the Third Prince-a half-human and half-god existence-flying over 100 kilometers away. With a boom , he smashed through the peak of a mountain and sank several tens of kilometers underground. His flesh was torn up, and he was on the verge of death in a badly beaten state.

Fang Xingjian then swept out again with his sword fingers, and a sword Qi that was several thousand meters long cut across the air, slashing out toward the Ghost King who had plunged down into the ground.

Moving at a miraculous speed, with the entire world seemingly at a standstill, not only did Fang Xingjian slashed off that palm that was the size of a small island, but he had also moved under it with a flash in the motionless world. He put out his right hand and propped the giant palm up with a fierce blow.

With an explosive boom , the violent power was unleashed as Fang Xingjian's right hand came into contact with the massif. The great control he had over his force allowed it to be distributed out evenly. Gushes of power flowed through the entire massif like flowing water, and Fang Xingjian managed to forcibly catch this huge palm above his head.

On the other hand, the Ghost King continued to roll out, turning into shattered stones that spread all over the ground.

"What's the matter?!"

"Didn't we drop down?"

"Where's Fang Xingjian?"

"Fang Xingjian!" As a Conferred Knight, Sally's Heaven's Perception had directly received light and sound waves from the air. Both she and the two young men, who had darted over to her location amidst the chaos, could see clearly that Fang Xingjian was right under the massif they were on. He had lifted up the entire massif up with just one hand.

When Fang Xingjian started fighting earlier, he had already retrieved the sword intent that had been suppressing their bodies so that he could go all out. This also allowed them to see the entire battle situation clearly.

Right now, Rainbow Arrow had also recovered his battle prowess and come over next to Sally. He said in astonishment, "Mountain Shifting? Mountain Shifting? With this kind of power? This kind of force? Just how powerful is Fang Xingjian's physical body? Even amongst tier one Divine level experts, not everyone would be able to secure a solid win against him, let alone people from the younger generation."

Right now, Fang Xingjian was lifting the massif with one of his hand and standing in the air. With a long whistle, he destroyed thousands of cloud layers and spoke out in an intense voice. It was as if a myriad of thunderclaps were ringing out explosively in the air.

"Where's the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord? The reason I'm here today is only because I want to borrow your Origin Essence Stone. I don't need a lot of it, just one gram. If you give me one gram of the Origin Essence Stone, I'll leave right away."

The area within 100 li fell into a state of silence. The Ghost King slowly condensed parts of the mountain in order to recover, while the Third Prince focused his concentration, trying to recover his physical body.

There was no sight of the ten great Elders. It was as if they had all made their escape.

Fang Xingjian frowned and said, "If I don't get the Origin Essence Stone, then I can only wipe out your entire Terrene Shrine, removing it from history."

Now that things had come down to this with him being discovered so early, Fang Xingjian no longer planned on keeping himself hidden. He could only force the other party to abide. Anyway, the Terrene Shrine had a horrible reputation, thus Fang Xingjian would have no burden in the least to be using force against a faction like this.

The Worm King's feeble voice rang out from all directions. Fang Xingjian could sense that the voice was coming from many bugs, that were so small they were hard to be seen by the naked eye. He had no idea where the Worm King's actual body was.

"Fang Xingjian, you're not allowed to even scrape off some powder off the Origin Essence Stone, let alone take one gram of it with you. Don't be too arrogant. This is our Terrene Shrine's headquarters. Do you really think that you can have the upper hand?"

Fang Xingjian let out a cold laugh and punched out. Violent sword force pushed the air, turning into a sword Qi that was several tens of li in length, and it moved out in all directions. The voice-transmitting bugs that had been hiding in the air were all crushed.

"Your leader-the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord-isn't even here. Just with the few of you being so useless... What can you possibly do to me?"

Although Fang Xingjian's words were extremely arrogant, each of his nerves were extremely tensed up. He was constantly on guard against the possible retaliation from the Terrene Shrine.

It was almost at the same moment when Fang Xingjian finished speaking when a sigh rang out from the sky.

"Who said that I'm not here?"

In the first instance when this line was spoken, a wave of gray light encompassed Fang Xingjian's body. It came gushing with an aura that seemed as if it wanted to engulf the world, nurture the world, engulf all living things, and nurture all living things.

Benevolent and brutal, blood-thirsty and pure, kind and evil... Waves of contradicting auras weaved together, giving Fang Xingjian an extremely majestic and mighty feeling. It was as if this was how the world truly was like.

Fang Xingjian could faintly see a gigantic wild beast in the air. It was as if the entire world was on its shoulder.

This was the visualization of the image of the god-the World Annihilation Colossal Beast-that the Gray Robed Mages revered. It was a god that was said in the legends to have carried the entire world on its back.

When this wave of aura came surging forth from the gray light, Fang Xingjian's entire consciousness was almost entirely frozen, causing his power to be completely suppressed.

'The World Annihilation Heavenly Lord? The power of his will is ten times or even a hundred times more powerful than Li Shuanghua's. This is the power of the strongest person amongst the Gray Robed Mages?

'He completely turned the gushes of immense diabolic energy into the power of his own will. After the world's metamorphosis, accompanied by the sudden rise in diabolic energy and how powerful he was to begin with... as well as having accumulated the experience of thousands or ten thousands of years of the Terrene Shrine, his powers have also risen sharply. To think that he's actually able to slightly suppress the power of my physical body?'

However, at the next moment, a sword intent that was sharp and seemed as if it could slash through everything rose in Fang Xingjian's body. It was the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent.

Tearing sounds rang out as Fang Xingjian broke out from the confinement. However, as he did so, a gigantic black snake that was as majestic as a mountain range slithered out from void space. With strong vital energy and blood which were like tsunamis from the seas, it completely wrapped around Fang Xingjian and the entire massif that was in his hand.