Chapter 552: Outburst

 Chapter 552: Outburst

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With just a casual attack from the Ghost King, the world went through a huge distortion. The Ghost King truly had the power to move mountains and overturn seas.

Fang Xingjian could imagine that if this Ghost King were to appear on Earth and let out a full outburst of his powers, he would be able to turn the entire Demonic City into ruins within a mere few minutes. He was purely a robot of violence.

"Do it!"

Concurrently, the Worm King's will let out an explosive bellow, ringing out in the minds of the other nine great Elders. In that instant, a total of ten black space-time passageways opened up. An aura, that was boundless and would bring great chaos to an era, shot out from the pitch-black holes.

That aura that felt very ancient as if it came from a long time ago. It seemed even more ancient than all of Earth, and even Miracle World, like it had been through more vicissitudes during its existence.

At the next instant, ten extremely dried up and shriveled huge claws, which were like that of legendary demons, demonic gods, or devils, grabbed out. These claws were all exuding black aura and appeared very bony. It was as if they had been soaked in sulphuric or hydrochloric acid.

When they reached out, they seemed to freeze the entire space. Fang Xingjian felt like the air had turned into something material. Unexpectedly, it did not move in the least even when he unleashed an outburst.

This was the level 11 Gray Robed black magic-Claw of the Abyss Lord. It summoned the legendary death god from the netherworld to attack. It could freeze space and confine the target.

The world's metamorphosis had not only increased the ether particle density, but it had also increased a tremendous amount of diabolic energy. Thus, this allowed the Mages to cast higher level black magic.

The level 11 Gray Robed black magic which was being used now-the Claw of the Abyss Lord-was jointly performed by the ten great Elders. Its prowess was magnified by over ten times.

'Fang Xingjian, after encountering you so many times, how could we not know what you depend on? Casting black magic with diabolic energy directly is ineffective against you, but if we summon life forms to attack, your immunity won't work.' The Worm King smiled coldly in his heart. 'Die.'

However, the fact that Fang Xingjian was immune to black magic was only known amongst the Mages in the upper echelon and not the rest. Otherwise, all the Mages' beliefs would be affected, and people would have doubts over the evil god's will.

In fact, the greater reason why they had to kill Fang Xingjian was also because of his immunity toward black magic.

This was like saying one thing but doing another. The Mages revered the evil gods and held them in great admiration, borrowing their powers. However, if the evil gods had sent down its will and chosen a person who had immunity to black magic, then the Mages would no longer hold them in such great respect.

No one really hoped that the heavens could send down gods to rule over them, let alone the Mages who had been enjoying a sense of superiority all along.

It was just as the ten great Elders had guessed. When the Claw of the Abyss Lord was performed, Fang Xingjian no longer showed signs of immunity. In that instant, his body was grabbed tightly by ten ghostly claws. He felt as if he could not get out of the grasp, and there were even gushes of obscure auras that seemed to want to freeze his entire consciousness and send him into eternal sleep.

However, this was not the end. The Terrene Shrine had yet to go all out.

In the reverse direction of the Ghost King, a series of afterimages cut across the air, dashing out toward Fang Xingjian at an astonishing speed.

It was a person who had golden feathers all over him and a pair of wings on his back that moved at lightning speed. Each time the wings moved fiercely, there would be streams of golden electricity flashing, allowing him to accelerate further.

Moreover, his body emitted auras of great prestige, sharpness, and valiance. He was just like the legendary Divine level beast-the Thunder Bird.

This person was the Empire's Third Prince. He was rumored to be extremely mysteriously and seldom appeared outside. There were even many people from the royal family who could not recognize him.

This Prince, who had been secretly supporting the Terrene Shrine, even had his body modified. He had transplanted the organs and bones of the Divine level ferocious beast-the Thunder Bird-into his own body, thus becoming a god that was half human, half god.

From the moment he appeared to the moment he made his move, he had not spoken a single word. He had not unleashed an outburst of martial will at all, nor was he willing to reveal his identity. He gave off an extremely mysterious feeling.

The Third Prince dashed over, bringing along a terrifying thunderstorm with him. He moved across several tens of kilometers in the blink of an eye, and the electric currents on his body seemed as if they had materialized. They spread out a charred stench as he passed through the air. It was like something had been burned at a scorching temperature.

He was like the lightning hammer that the legendary God of Thunder and Goddess of Lightning 1 held. Seeming to have brought along many lightning bolts with him, the Third Prince transformed into something akin to a thunderstorm and charged out toward Fang Xingjian at an astonishing speed, as if wanting to strike him with all the thunderbolts in the world.

These attacks from the Terrene Shrine were truly world-shaking. First, the ten great Elders joined forces to perform the Claw of the Abyss Lord and confine Fang Xingjian. Next, the Ghost King launched a brutal attack, which weighed several million tons and had an impact that was so overwhelming it seemed to bear the weight of Mount Tai. The Third Prince, from his end, unleashed his half-human, half-god powers. He brought forth destructive lightnings and tempest that were condensed into one point and launched out.

With the attacks coming from all directions, there was probably no one below the Divine level who would be able to withstand them. Even Fang Xingjian seemed to be in an extremely dangerous state.

Regardless of whether it was the ten great Elders, the Ghost King, the Third Prince, or even the people within the slave-capturing team, Sally and the other Knights included, all of them felt that Fang Xingjian was doomed.

The Worm King was already wearing an excited smile. If they could kill Fang Xingjian and obtain his body, then the Terrene Shrine would be able to gain tremendous power.

This was especially when Fang Xingjian held the secret to the immunity to diabolic energy. Even the leader of the Gray Robed Mages-the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord-was greatly tempted by this.

In this dangerous moment, Fang Xingjian finally unleashed an outburst of his power that could allow him to dominate an area and fight against Divine level experts. This was a power which could rank him amongst the top experts in the world.

There seemed to be a rumbling sound ringing out in void space, and the auras of a total of 10,710 specialty seeds burst out from Fang Xingjian's body. Concurrently, an endless glow of light also burst out on the surface of his body. Every single strand of his hair stood up, exuding a blinding white glow.

The intense energy turned into gushes of high temperatures, being discharged like the sun had exploded. Then, finally, a stream of sword intent which had soared up into the sky reached its greatest peak.


Puchi puchi sounds rang out, and a power which could twist space and bend light rays was unleashed by Fang Xingjian in the most domineering and unreasonable manner. Amidst the heavily twisted space, he forcibly shattered the Claw of the Abyss Lord that was holding him down and got out of the grasp of this level 11 Gray Robed black magic.

Having gotten out from what was holding his body down, Fang Xingjian sent his palm backward, slapping out toward the Ghost King's huge palm that was like a small mountain. The strike from his palm, which was sent out within one-thousandth of a second, held the power of a Terra Ingurgitation.

After having trained for such a long period of time, Fang Xingjian's Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves had long reached level 10. The absorbing power of his Terra Ingurgitation was strong enough to cover a range of ten kilometers. How terrifying was this power? Even 100 Ghost Kings could not compare to him.

"Lie down!"

A thunderous explosion rang out in the Ghost King's consciousness, and the Ghost King felt his body lighten and then become heavy as a violent power gushed forth. The air seemed as if it had turned into a material palm, clashing against his palm.