Chapter 551: Ghost King

 Chapter 551: Ghost King

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Fang Xingjian's sword intent also soared into the sky, clashing into the other party's nine light pillars. Simultaneously, gushes of will exuded from the dark clouds.

In that instant, countless exchanges of words were completed.

"Fang Xingjian, do you think that we would take turns to appear before you, letting you defeat us?

"Knowing how amazing you are, how could we possibly give you the chance to grow stronger?

"We discovered you the moment you entered the valley.

"This time around, all ten of us Elders have gathered. Prepare to die!"

Fang Xingjian said calmly, "You guys knew from a long time ago that I was coming?"

"Your subordinates are too useless, making such a racket to look for an Origin Essence Stone. If we're still unaware that you're coming from that, won't we all be as good as dead?

"Moreover, we won't give you another chance to take us down one by one. A genius like yourself is already a great calamity to our Terrene Shrine. Today, we're going to suppress you completely.

"Hahahaha, Fang Xingjian, with how powerful your physical body is, if we modify it into a slave warrior, your name will continue to be widely known throughout the world."

The collision between martial wills was over in an instant, and there seemed to be the sound of rolling thunders ringing out in void space.

It was clear that the Terrene's Shrine information network was not weak at all. That made sense. Since they had black magic which could allow then to undergo various modifications on the human body, they would naturally also have various unordinary information network channels.

When they found out that Fang Xingjian was looking for the Origin Essence Stone, they had been on their guard. So, when Fang Xingjian just entered the valley, they had not inadvertently alerted him, and even when someone went to find trouble for Fang Xingjian, they had not notified the rest either.

It was only now that they suddenly took action. They clearly felt that they were fully prepared.

On the other hand, Fang Xingjian was obviously unwilling to wait for the ten great Elders to complete their ambush. With a dash, he charged out toward the dark clouds in the sky.

As he charged out, tentacles formed from streams of gray energy darted out from void space, curling out toward Fang Xingjian.

However, these were not part of a life form's physical body. They were purely energy tentacles created from black magic. Fang Xingjian, who was immune to black magic, disregarded them completely. He forced his way through with his body, using tremors to turn all the energy tentacles into dust.

Fang Xingjian then followed with a punch, causing the light rays to twist and the space to tremble. The punch turned into an endless mighty force, hitting out toward the dark clouds in the sky.

The human face that was formed from the dark clouds let out a surprised gasp, as if he had not expected Fang Xingjian to be so ferocious. It quickly opened its mouth and let out a series of furious bellows. Streams of plasma came crashing down like a waterfall, turning into a gush of shock waves that wanted to engulf Fang Xingjian.

However, Fang Xingjian neither dodged nor yielded to it and continued to smash over with a punch. The violent power smashed into the plasma shock waves, sending them back and clashing into the dark clouds with a ruble. The big face was smashed, and the dark clouds were dispersed.

As this attack sent the dark clouds scattering, endless agonizing cries rang out immediately. Those dark clouds were not actually dark clouds. They had been formed from a sea of worms, each the size of a fingernail. Fang Xingjian focused his vision and looked over, then he saw that the head of each one of those worms had the shape of a human head. They were emitting various howls, wails, and cries. It was clear that they been created from some kind of evil arts.

Right now, the sea of worms were scattered, and endless feelings of resentment came gushing from them. However, Fang Xingjian sent his sword intent sweeping out and managed to crush them once again.

The sea of worms and the endless aura of resentment were dissipated by Fang Xingjian with a single hit, and a white-haired, thin and bony elderly man was immediately revealed. He was the Terrene Shrine's Grand Elder and the strongest amongst the ten great Elders, the Worm King.

Looking at how ferocious Fang Xingjian appeared, the Worm King was also stunned and taken aback. A series of high speed incantations rang out in void space, and at the next moment, his body dispersed, turning into a myriad of flying bugs. Each of them grew at rapid speed and attacked Fang Xingjian like many flying dragons.

Each of these flying bugs was the size of a cow's head, and they had metal wings and claws which could tear steel plates apart. The venom in their bodies could kill a level 25 Conferred Knight. It could be said to be extremely vicious.

However, when faced with the sea of bugs that were like flying dragons, Fang Xingjian merely launched out another punch. The space was twisted into a spherical shape, and a terrifying power crushed through physical particles. Simultaneously, high temperatures instantly struck the bugs, incinerating them into ashes.

Brutal sword intent soared into the air, crushing the consciousness of the several tens of flying bugs that had fled. The sword intent even contained extremely brutal and violent thoughts with strong killing intent.

"Where's the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord? Where is he? If he's not coming out, do you think that clowns like you guys will be able to ambush me successfully?"

In that instant, violent sword intent ravaged out in all directions while Fang Xingjian stood there in midair, seemingly totally unafraid of the Terrene Shrine's ambush.

Looking at Fang Xingjian who was in the air, the group of people on the ground all wore astonished expressions, including Sally. They were all stunned as they watch him gain an overwhelming victory against the Worm King with a single sword.

Sally thought, 'It's actually Fang Xingjian? What powerful abilities! A power like this... A power like this is even more amazing than what was mentioned in the rumors! Although he was powerful the last time we met, his battle prowess was only about the same as General Allen's. To think that he's so powerful now... How on earth did he achieve this?

'I thought that all the rumors concerning him were just exaggerations, but to think that the rumors made him out to be weaker than what he actually was.'

The two young men with Sally were both stunned as well. They had not expected that a mere Mage from the Terrene Shrine, who had been tasked with capturing slaves, was actually the renowned Fang Xingjian, the top expert amongst the younger generation. He had even managed to defeat and push back the Terrene Shrine's Grand Elder, the Worm King, within just a few moves.

He was just like an earthworm that had transformed into a divine dragon, and the contrast was too astonishing.

However, the battle was not going to end so quickly. The Worm King's voice once again rang out in the air, lingering about in all directions as if he existed in everywhere.

"Hehehehe, Fang Xingjian, of course we're aware of your abilities. How could we not hold you in high regard? This time around, we, the ten Elders, aren't the only one taking action."

As he spoke, the ground trembled, and the entire valley once again underwent a change. The rock stratum below the valley rose up. Then amidst everyone's astonished cries, the rock stratum turned into a giant rock giant and stood up.

The rock giant's height exceeded 500 meters and could be said to be so tall that it reached into the clouds. The group of people on the ground was on its palm. Just one of his palms had an area that was comparable to a small city.

Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed. "You're the last of the geniuses which the Terrene Shrine has been nurturing for the past few years... the extremely mysterious Ghost King who has not appeared before? To think that you had transformed your entire self into the base? It's no wonder that no one knows of you and don't even know what you look like."

The Terrene Shrine's headquarters turned out to be in the Ghost King's body. Usually, most of it would be hidden underground with only a small portion exposed on the surface. It had turned into various mountains, rivers, valleys, and mounds that would move. It was extremely elusive, and no one had been able to find out the Terrene Shrine's headquarters location.

Loud buzzing sounds rang out from the rock giant's body. "That's right, Fang Xingjian. My body has merged with 3,600 types of demonic gods from beyond the heavens. Throughout this entire world-regardless of whether it's in the skies or underground-if one has not attained a breakthrough to the Divine level, not a single human can have a physical body that surpasses mine."

As he spoke, he opened up one of his hands, smashing toward Fang Xingjian like his hand was an island. It was as if the entire sky had collapsed, and darkness came shrouding down.