Chapter 549: Hurrying on with the Journey

 Chapter 549: Hurrying on with the Journey

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Sally and the other two threw a fierce look at Fang Xingjian, who remained unfazed. However, after they joined the rest of the group, the eyes of another bald Gray Robed Mage, who was covered in tattoos, gleamed. He laughed and said, "This is such a pretty lass. Richard, I want to have fun with her."

Fang Xingjian frowned and directly replied, "She's mine."

"Hmmm?" The eyes of the bald man covered in tattoos narrowed, as if he had not expected that Richard, whom he would usually bully, to suddenly be so forceful. He smiled as he pat Fang Xingjian on the shoulder, revealing his pure white teeth. Each of his teeth was like a sharp tiger's fang, revealing cold gleams.

"Richard, I said that I want to have fun with her." The bald man covered in tattoos continued, "If you go and say no again, I'll twist off your head and stuff it into your stomach. We'll see how long it will take you to recover."

As he spoke, he did not seem to be worried that the other party would resist. With a snort, he turned and walked toward Sally and the others.

The guards in the surroundings had watched the development coldly. It looked like they did not dare to get involved in the fight between the two Mages.

Fang Xingjian shook his head. The way the Terrene Shrine did things was brutal and vicious, and the internal conflicts between the Mages were even more bloody and cold-blooded than what he had imagined them to be. It seemed that even if he were to pass himself off as one of the Mages, the entire circumstance still would not be a smooth sailing one.

The next moment, his two legs stepped forth like illusions, and he appeared behind the bald Mage with tattoos. He struck the bald man on the head, and at the same time sent his sword intent sweeping, making the bald Mage fall unconscious.

Fang Xingjian coldly commanded, "Carry him into the carriage." He then looked at the the surrounding guards' greedy looks as they ogled Sally just like starving wolves. He sighed and said, "Bring this woman into my carriage."

Hearing his words, the two young men immediately struggled crazily.

"You b*stard! Let go of Madam Sally!"

"You devil! Do you know that you've offended someone whom you shouldn't have? Let go of her immediately! Otherwise, your entire Terrene Shrine will be in trouble!"

Sally's countenance turned pale. The other two young men kept on cursing as they were dragged away. However, from what they had said, it seemed that Sally had some sort of amazing identity, gave her an appearance that suggested she was beautiful, mysterious, and came from a strong background.

Fang Xingjian flashed once again, giving each of the two young men a slap on the face, making them them shut up from dizziness.

Fang Xingjian then said with indifference, "Stuff their mouths with cloth. If they still holler after that, then stuff their mouths full of feces. We'll see then how they're going to continue talking."

Hearing what Fang Xingjian had said, the two young men immediately stopped bellowing. However, their gazes when looking at Fang Xingjian were filled with even more fury than before. They used their consciousness to shout out.

"You demon! Miss Sally's identity is not to be underestimated. If you were to seize her and bring her back with you, you'll be causing great trouble for your Terrene Shrine!"

"That's right! Miss Sally isn't someone you can taint! Let go of her quickly! Otherwise, even the whole of Terrene Shrine, even your leader, the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord, won't be able to save you!"

Sally's status seemed to be very important to them. However, from their expressions, it seemed that they still held some reservations against the Terrene Shrine, so they would not easily reveal it.

Fang Xingjian could not be bothered with them. He sent out a gush of sword intent which struck them, making them froth and then faint. He then grabbed Sally and went in the horse carriage.

The horse carriage was covered with a layer of rugs made from the hide of ferocious beasts. It felt very soft and warm. There was even incense lit on the table in the horse carriage, overpowering the stench from the various animals on the grass plains. When that fragrance entered one's body, one would even experience a floating feeling, as if one's entire body was extremely comfortable and at ease.

The moment Fang Xingjian entered the horse carriage, he laid down, closed his eyes, and continued cultivating.

Right now, out of the five tiers of perfection, the ether organs were the only thing which he still needed to cultivate. This aspect required all of one's internal organs to be able to digest and absorb ether particles. Until now, Fang Xingjian had only refined his lungs to become ether organs. In this area he had no means of hastening the process and could only modify each of the organs one by one.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian did not waste the slightest bit of time. He was cultivating almost constantly, regardless if he was walking, sitting, or lying down.

Sitting by the side, Sally's long white robe made her look even more beautiful. Her pair of well-embodied tenderness at the level of her chest was hard to conceal even through the long robe.

Putting aside other factors, Sally truly had the beauty of a fairy. It was no wonder that the two Mages and the surrounding slave traders could not help but want to eat her up alive.

It could said that for a lady like herself to have fallen into the hands of the slave-capturing team, it was as if she had been a lamb in a tiger's den. It was very dangerous.

Sally sat for a while and suddenly realized that Fang Xingjian seemed to not be doing anything. After a while, she could finally not hold it in anymore and asked, "You guys are from the Terrene Shrine, right?

"You're capturing those people for human experiments, right?"

"After putting them through long periods of torturing ,you're going to sacrifice them to your god when they're at the point where they are feeling the greatest pain and desperation.

"Don't you people feel guilty in the least?

"You've actually been protecting me all this while, right?

"I trust that you're a good person by nature. If you're willing to give up your wrong ways and turn over a new leaf..."

Fang Xingjian stepped down on Sally's face, kicking her out from the horse carriage. She tumbled off the front door, landing on the ground, covered in dirt.

"If you continue to crap anymore, I'll let all the guys here gang r*pe you."

Hearing what Fang Xingjian said, the guards in the surroundings all smiled, looking at Sally with gazes filled of desire. Now that Sally had been suppressed of her cultivation and was being looked at by so many preying gazes, it was the first time she had felt so helpless and her countenance turned pale.

After returning into the horse carriage, Sally no longer spoke another word. Fang Xingjian was happy with the tranquility, as it allowed him to focus on his cultivation.

After traveling for another day and night, they had passed by four bases, and the number of slaves in the group now exceeded 1,000.

A guard probed into the horse carriage and stared fiercely at Sally's face for a few seconds before saying, "Sir, we've collected all the slaves for this trip. Shall we head back?"

"Let's go." Fang Xingjian did not know what their process was like, but just gave a vague reply.

However, this time around, they had only traveled for one hour when Fang Xingjian abruptly opened his eyes and punched out above his head. In that instant, the entire carriage was smashed and the guards in the surrounding cried out in surprise as they retreated.

An arrow had descended from the skies, shooting out bright light and exuding a seven-colored glow. It was now in his hands as it continued to tremble and struggle.

Fang Xingjian could sense that it contained an explosive power that could blast all material things within a ten meter rage into smithereens.

Several hundred meters away, a young man was standing on the back of a Crimson Fire Dark Thunder Horse, holding onto a seven-colored longbow. He looked like a god who had descended onto the mortal world.

Just as Fang Xingjian had grabbed onto the arrow, the young man drew his bow and set his arrow again, pointing at Fang Xingjian and said, "You demon, release them quickly!"

Sally spoke out in surprise, "General Allen?"

The two young men whose mouths had been stuffed also looked in the direction of the the young man with the seven-colored longbow, their gazes filled with excitement and surprise.

Rainbow Arrow Allen was a hero from the army regiment located at the Empire's borders. He was one of the 12 Heavenly Knights under Prince Philip.

Prince Philip was the uncle of the current King, one of the Empire's ten Divine level experts, and had defended the Empire's northern borders for 20 years. He was a legendary hero.

Rainbow Arrow Allen was one of the experts amongst the 12 Heavenly Knights, a senior Conferred Knight at level 29. He was also one of Sally's suitors and ever since he had found out that Sally had gone missing, he had given chase on his horse throughout the night, finally managing to catch up to the group.

Sally said, "You'd better surrender. General Allen's Rainbow Arrow has a formidable prowess. It holds the attacks of seven different attributes. If not because he was worried that he'd hurt me, you'd have been shot to death."

Allen's appearance caused a commotion to break out amongst the group. Everyone had clearly heard his name before.

The bald man with tattoos, who had earlier been knocked unconscious by Fang Xingjian, had recently woken up. When he saw Allen's appearance, his countenance changed as well. "This guy is very strong. Richard, look at what you've done. When I get back I'll definitely report..."

With a bang, he was once again knocked unconscious with a single slap.

Fang Xingjian looked at the Rainbow Arrow in his hand and said calmly, "If not because I wanted to test the quality of this minor character, he wouldn't even have the chance to attack."

The next moment, Fang Xingjian's palm suddenly disappeared. It had reached such an extreme speed that it was undetectable by the eye.

With the disappearance of his arm, the Rainbow Arrow that Fang Xingjian was holding onto also pierced through General Allen's chest like a bolt of lightning. It pierced through and punctured his lungs, heart, pancreas, stomach, and his two kidneys. The latter fell to the ground, his body turning stiff and immobile. He could only resort to slowly regenerating his body.

Fang Xingjian then clapped, saying, "Seize him and tie him up. If he hollers, then feed him feces. Bring another horse carriage for me."