Chapter 548: Slaves

 Chapter 548: Slaves

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Due to being close to the grass plains Steel Lion Kingdom, the borders of the Beize Region would often engage in battle with the Eastern Sand Region over the years.

On the grass plains, a batch of carriages were moving in an unknown direction, and groups of slaves in tattered clothes, who had their hands bound together, were made to follow behind the carriages.

In the sky, Fang Xingjian stood in the spatial gaps, looking down at the groups below his feet.

'There's a total of two Mages. It seems that this is the Gray Robed Mages' slave-capturing team.'

Based on what Tyrant had said, the Terrene Shrine's headquarters was located on the grass plains which was the intersection between the Beize Region and the Steel Lion Kingdom. The two countries were engaged in battles throughout the year, and amidst the chaos, they captured and enslaved many commoners, soldiers, and people who had lost in battles. They also conducted various human experiments.

'The Terrene Shrine's Origin Essence Stone is located in their headquarters and is personally guarded by the Terrene Shrine's current leader, the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord.

'The Origin Essence Stone has gathered the will of the Terrene Shrine's generation of experts, amassed countless experiences and secret arts. It can be said that the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord tempers his own will and strengthens his cultivation through the Origin Essence Stone everyday.

'Therefore, in order to snatch away the Origin Essence Stone, I must sneak my way in. Otherwise, if the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord detects my presence, he will hide the Origin Essence Stone, making it hard to find.

'However, the entire Terrene Shrine's headquarters is shrouded in the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord's senses. The Divine level expert's senses are like Li Shuanghua's, capable of detecting a person even if they hide within spatial gaps. Therefore, I'll need to find other methods to enter.'

Just as Fang Xingjian was tailing this slave-capturing team, a young lady in white clothes was standing on a mountain 300 meters away, watching the slave-capturing team.

The young lady had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her pair of big eyes shone like gemstones, and there seemed to be great sadness between her brows. She looked at the slave-capturing team with a sigh and said, "To think that there's such a dark side to the Empire... These human traffickers plunder at the borders everyday, turning great areas of land barren. The people are in a state of destitute. They even bring up wars between the two countries. They are really damned."

"Sally, these people truly deserve to die. Let's move in."

This blonde-haired and blue-eyed young lady was Arbitrator Sally who had previously headed to the Great Western Region to handle the matter concerning the Rebirth Sword Technique. Back then, she had said that she was going to uncover the truth behind the Rebirth Sword Technique. However, it was unknown why she had come here now.

Standing on the left and right behind Sally were two handsome young men who looked at her with loving eyes.

The one who had spoken had blue hair, a height above two meters, and a strong and muscular body.

Hearing what he said, Sally shook her head. "There's a need to be thorough in uprooting evils. Let's follow them first and see where their base is located."

Within the spatial gaps, Fang Xingjian had long walked up next to the three person and frowned. 'These three damned people.'

When he thought of this, he wanted to knock out the three of them. However, he frowned slightly and then stopped his actions. It was because he could clearly see that in the group of carriages in the distance, a Gray Robed Mage had suddenly risen in the air. He was now flying toward Sally and the others.

'Did he notice them?' Fang Xingjian gave it some thought. 'Then I might as well let the three of them get captured. At most, I can save them after I've succeeded.'

Just as Fang Xingjian decided on this plan, he saw mysterious incantations lighting up from the Gray Robed Mage's mouth. At the next moment, as a gray light burst forth, many black passageways opened up in midair. Over ten demons, with horns on their heads and bodies covered in burning flames, walked out.

The Gray Robed Mage let out a sneer and said, "The three of you are the ones who have been intercepting and killing the people from slave-capturing team on the grass plains recently, right?"

"Mage!" Sally's eyes exuded endless killing intent. "Gray Robed Mage? You guys are from the Terrene Shrine? The people from Terrene Shrine are the ones who have been capturing slaves on the grass plains?"

The Gray Robed Mage sneered, saying, "You can go and think about it in hell. Kill them."

At the next moment, the over ten demons that had come from alternate worlds soared into the sky. The black wings on their backs exuded streams of mysterious runes, and they charged out toward Sally and the other two people with violent power.

From Fang Xingjian's estimation, these ten or so demons each had the battle prowess of someone who was above level 20.

Sally had already reached level 28, and the aura of the over 600 specialty seeds soared from throughout her body. Meanwhile, the two young men next to her were also at level 28. The three of them stood together, each of them holding onto a longsword. Advancing and retreating, they quickly wiped out one demon after another.

The light sword in Sally's hand swept out, slicing out the light from the daybreak within a range of 100 meters. Five demons were instantly sliced into two. However, at the next moment, those demons each grew the other half of themselves which they had just lost, turning the five demons into ten.

"What?!" Sally gasped. The light sword in her hand turned into streams of shock waves that moved at the speed of light. However, no matter what kind of injuries the demons were inflicted with, they would recover immediately. If they were chopped into two, they would become two. If they were chopped into ten pieces, they would become ten. If they were smashed into pieces, there would then be several tens of them.

In the blink of an eye, several hundred demons surrounded the three people completely. By this time, the three of them, Sally included, no longer dared to make any more moves. It was because each time they killed a demon, more demons would be created.

"Hahahaha," the Gray Robed Mage laughed. "For you to dare spoil things for our Terrene Shrine... You're really courting death."

Soon after, a monstrous army with over 1,000 demons had completely suppressed and bound Sally and the two young men.

Looking at Sally who had been bound up, the Gray Robed Mage grinned and said, "You're quite pretty..."

He then reached out his hand toward Sally.

The two young man struggled intensely at the side. "Stop it!"

"If you dare to lay your hands on her, we'll definitely kill you!"

The Gray Robed Mage laughed out loud, saying, "Kill me? Then I shall touch her right in front of you now..."

'Scumbag.' Fang Xingjian stayed in the spatial gaps, but when he saw this scene, he sighed. 'If I need to tolerate even things like this and let my soul feel aggrieved, then what meaning is there for me to cultivate sword arts?'

Sensing a lump of furious fire lighting up in his heart, Fang Xingjian showed no signs of hesitation. He activated the Infiltrating Void Sword which instantly exploded in the Gray Robed Mage's body, slashing him up into dust.

In the same moment as when the Gray Robed Mage was killed, a forceful sword intent swept through Sally's and the other two's consciousness, causing them to fall into a daze for an moment. When they regained their senses, Fang Xingjian had already turned into the Gray Robed Mage and appeared before them.

The over 1,000 demons that had been summoned let out furious bellows like they could sense that their summoner had been killed. They were about to fly off in all directions, but all Fang Xingjian did was merely throwing a calm glance toward the over 1,000 demons.

To Sally, the demons were troublesome to deal with. However, Fang Xingjian could see through them very clearly.

It was a kind of monster that was like modeling clay. The monster put up the disguise of being over 1,000 demons, but they were actually just a single modeling clay demon. Sally had sliced them up and seen them multiply. However, they did not really multiply incessantly. It was all just a facade.

With Fang Xingjian's one glance, the over 1,000 demons were wiped out by the Infiltrating Void Sword. They were all turned into dust, and it appeared as if the summonings had been called back.

From afar, another Gray Robed Mage shouted, "Richard! How is it? Is it not settled yet?"

Looking at the trio who were wearing grim expressions, Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "It has been settled. Get the guards to bring them away." At the next moment, a gush of sword intent was channeled into their bodies, temporarily suppressing the trio's control over their physical bodies. It was the equivalent of having their cultivation temporarily crippled.