Chapter 546: Disciple

 Chapter 546: Disciple

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Chapter 556 Disciple

At one glance, the words, written with a powerful yet soft and flexible stroke, sent forth a gush of domineering aura. Each and every stroke seemed to contain a feeling of unrivalled and extreme loneliness.

However, what kind of person was the Fifth Prince? Having the world's best talent in fist arts and having grown up in the royal family... The Fifth Prince was a person of great talent who had experienced many things, so how could he be intimidated by these words?

Looking at the words on the person's back, the Fifth Prince sneered, "Number one in the world? What arrogance. Don't tell me that the expert who'll be giving me guidance is this guy?

"Even the previous Pope of the Church of the Universal Truth, who dominated the world for 100 years and was unrivalled without having experienced any defeats, would not dare to claim to be the number one in the world."

"The previous Pope of the Church of the Universal Truth?" Hearing that, the man in white clothes spoke with indifference. "Although he's amazing, without having reached the nine tiers of the ether particle layers, he's but a tier one Divine level expert. How can he possibly dare claim to be number one in the world?"

The Fifth Prince said nonchalantly, "Does that mean that you've already surpassed tier one of the Divine level and have passed through the Nine-Tiered Heavens?"

Hearing that, the man in white clothes smiled and shook his head. "I'm Tian Yi, the number one in the world... How can you possibly imagine what my abilities are like? The path of the Divine level is merely the path that mortals take. I've long given up on it."

"So you're just a lunatic who utters rubbish," the Fifth Prince said, laughing loudly. "But you've humiliated my cultivation path. So, even if you're a lunatic, I can't let you off."

With that, the Fifth Prince carefully placed the Four-Eyed Heavenly-Winged Beast in his arms on the ground. He patted the beast on the head and said, "Have a good rest. I'll get it settled very soon."

The Fifth Prince then clenched his fists. The vital energy and blood throughout his body started seething, and it was as if one could see gushes of breeze moving around his body.

Seeing the Fifth Prince's action, Tian Yi shook his head and sighed, "You're still pursuing the brutal force of your physical body. This is the worst cultivation method. Just from this alone, you'll never be able to reach my level."

"You're saying too much gibberish. Go and die."

As he spoke, the Fifth Prince punched out with a loud bang. Layers of fist force stacked up like many waves merging together. When the force arrived before Tian Yi, it had already turned into a white dragon-shaped force, engulfing Tian Yi entirely.

With a tremendous boom, a great wave of sand was sent up, turning into a sandstorm and gushing toward the east.

However, at the next moment, the Fifth Prince let out an astonished gasp when he saw that his force had not caused any damage in the least.

No, rather than saying that it had not caused any damage, it had actually passed through entirely.


"I've long abandoned my physical body," Tian Yi said. "I woke up one day and suddenly realized that my martial will was far too powerful. The tremors I created had caused all the people within a range of 1,000 meters to faint.

"Therefore, I understood that my physical body had become a burden to my spirit. Having a physical body meant that I would feel tired, get hurt, and have all sorts of desires which would corrode my will. Therefore, I decided to forsake my physical body."

As he spoke, he appeared behind the Fifth Prince with a flash, giving the Fifth Prince a fright.

''How fast! I couldn't see him at all?!"

Tian Yi continued to speak, "At the beginning, without the nourishment from the body, it was very tough. It was as if my consciousness would be crushed at any moment. Therefore, I started cultivating..."

"Cultivating? How do you cultivate without a physical body?"

Tian Yi spoke with indifference, "The greatest way to cultivate is to meditate. Everything will happen in the consciousness. I gradually became accustomed to be an existence that's purely a martial will. With this, I won't be affected by any physical attacks, and my speed..."

Tian Yi flashed once again and appeared in the original spot where he had been before. Throughout the entire process, the Fifth Prince could not even tell if Tian Yi had moved at all, let alone being able to see his movements clearly.

"As an existence that's purely a martial will, my speed is already as fast as light. I'm no longer restrained by physical materials."

The Fifth Prince looked at this scene in astonishment. It could be said that throughout the entirety of history, he had not heard before that a person could still continue to exist purely as a martial will after losing their physical body... and that they would even be able to cultivate and get stronger.

At the next moment, Tian Yi once again appeared next to the Fifth Prince. He patted the Fifth Prince on the shoulder, and the latter felt a surreal touch. This showed that although the other party was purely a martial will existence, he was already able to use his martial will to affect the physical world.

It was easy to understand just thinking about it. After a person's physical body died and they continued existing purely as a martial will, they would be tempering their martial will constantly. It could be said that every moment was one of life and death, which would allow the person to endlessly stimulate their potential. How fast would the rate of progress of one's martial will be then?

However, Tian Yi was probably the only one in the entire world who could use this method with the obsessiveness of his Stalwart Eidolon Conviction.

Sensing that Tian Yi had given him a pat, the Fifth Prince unconsciously struck back with a punch. The violent force seethed but had no effect on Tian Yi's consciousness. However, this time around the Fifth Prince had gathered up his fist intent.

A malicious intent-that wanted to engulf the entire world, desiring to takeover and possess everything-attacked toward Tian Yi. However, with a light pat, Tian Yi sent it scattering like he was slapping down on black smoke.

'It's true. His martial will has been condensed into something physical and is, of course, extremely powerful. My will can't be a match for his.'

In an instant, the Fifth Prince's countenance turned grim. Tian Yi could move at light speed, and the Fifth Prince's martial attacks were ineffective on him. Moreover, Tian Yi's will was so powerful that it was a match for Divine level experts.

Even if someone like this could not be said to be the number one in the world, it was true that he had top notch abilities.

And he had offended such a person.

However, looking at the Fifth Prince's grim countenance, Tian Yi shook his head and said, "Don't worry, I don't like to kill. However, it's true that your talent isn't bad. It does make me want to give you some guidance."

"What?!" The Fifth Prince looked at Tian Yi in astonishment.

"I'm too powerful, to the extent that there's no one who's a match for me anymore." Tian Yi sighed, his face wearing an expression of loneliness. "The only one who can defeat me is myself.

"Therefore, in order to find myself some rivals, I'll need to give some guidance to some geniuses, increasing your abilities and then see if there's any chance that you people would be able to challenge me."

Enticed by this opportunity, the Fifth Prince immediately dropped down to a half-kneeling position and said, "Thank you for your guidance, Master." The Fifth Prince then lowered his head and added, "But... you won't be wanting me to give up on my physical body as well, right?" He still wanted to possess all the beauties, wealth, and authority in the world. How could he possibly bear to give up on his physical body?

Tian Yi smiled and said, "My job is only to give you some guidance. As for what level you will be able to reach, it'll depend on your choice."

After saying that, Tian Yi entered the Fifth Prince's consciousness with a flash. "Hmmm? As expected, you really have good talent. You'll be able to accept my martial arts."

Soon after, countless gleams of light burst out from the Fifth Prince's eyes. "Control your breathing and focus your concentration. Sense my martial arts carefully and use it to temper your will."

At the next moment, Tian Yi controlled the Fifth Prince's hands and then reached them out toward the Four-eyed Heavenly Winged Beast that was at the side. "This beast isn't bad, and it also has the aptitude to attain the Divine level. I can train it to become stronger and then kill it to make a set of Divine Remains Armor."