Chapter 545: Number One in the World

 Chapter 545: Number One in the World

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In Hildebrand's mind, the top scholar from the Jade Dynasty 5,000 years ago, Alba, spoke in astonishment, "This Fang Xingjian is really amazing."

"He's not only amazing, he's beyond amazing." The little girl-who claimed that if the man who was the king of the ocean, king of the sky, and king of the sea had been born 500 years later, she would be able to give him a good bashing-also said in astonishment, "For him to be able to train up his physical body to this extent without having reached the Divine level yet... What would he be like if he were to reach the Divine level one day?"

In Hildebrand's mind, the consciousness of many asked, "Grand Duke Alba, Saint Luoluo, is he really so amazing?"

That little girl was called Luoluo, and she was the Church of Universal Truth's Saint from 3,000 years ago.

As for Hildebrand who was under the control of the many consciousness, he had currently arrived at a location that was over 100 kilometers away from Fang Xingjian and the Black Dragon King.

Initially, Hildebrand and the many consciousness had been in the wilderness, searching for other people who had reincarnated. However, the impact from the battle between Fang Xingjian and the Black Dragon King had truly been too great, and thus it had attracted the gazes of the many consciousness. So, they made their way here and chanced upon the scene of Fang Xingjian launching his punches.

Just as the many consciousness were engaged in an intense discussion, Fang Xingjian and the Black Dragon King had already left at a rapid speed.

After the two of them left, another wave of experts rushed over, checked out the situation, and then departed as well.

The entire battle between Fang Xingjian and the Black Dragon King had been too fast. By the time other experts noticed the abnormality and rushed over, they were too late.

Hildebrand had only managed to witness the scene because he happened to be in the area.

However, from the beginning to the end, True Lord Qingshan, who was in a white coat, looked dazedly in the direction Fang Xingjian had disappeared. He did this while not saying a single word.

Noticing this, Grand Duke Alba and Saint Luoluo exchanged glances and asked, "True Lord Qingshan, could it be that you had managed to notice something from earlier?"

True Lord Qingshan abruptly lifted his head. The scene where Fang Xingjian's hair was upright and bursting in light and flames all over kept flashing in his mind. He shouted out loudly, "Saiyan! Super Saiyans are actually real!"

Agitation flashed in his eyes, and it was like they were bursting out with light. However, the many other consciousness could not make sense of what he had said.

Grand Duke Alba asked, "What are Super Saiyans?"

"They are the strongest warriors in the entire universe." When True Lord Qingshan spoke once again, his expression displayed great profoundness. "To think that this Fang Xingjian is actually a Super Saiyan. It's no wonder that he's so amazing. However, Z Fighters of justice, but is more like Broly 1 ."

The others still appeared to be puzzled with truckloads of questions as they watched True Lord Qingshan mumble to himself, "To think he is a Super Saiyan? So, he is actually a Super Saiyan? With how things are, I already understand what the seventh onslaught is going to be."

"Really?" Saint Luoluo asked.

"Mmm, everything probably depends on Fang Xingjian," True Lord Qingshan said. "Based on the records in JUMP 2 , Super Saiyans wander across the universe and have the habit of taking over planets and then selling them.

"They would often send their children to the planets in advance, and when the child grows up, they would take over the planet."

"You're saying..."

"That's right," True Lord Qingshan said. "For the seventh onslaught, we'll probably have to deal with the Saiyans. We must stop Fang Xingjian from taking over the entire planet!"

"Then what should we do?" Grand Duke Alba asked.

"What else?" True Lord Qingshan said seriously, "We must cultivate in a gravity chamber 3 , of course!

"We must gather more reincarnators, build a gravity chamber, and cultivate to gain power that surpasses that of Super Saiyans. We must stop their invasion!"


Elsewhere, Fang Xingjian had already arrived back in the sacred land of the Great Western Region's Regional Academy, bringing the Black Dragon King along with him. When James and the others saw the Black Dragon King following Fang Xingjian in a crestfallen state, they could not understand what had happened.

Fang Xingjian did not explain anything and said instead, "The seventh onslaught is getting closer. The other Princes and Divine level experts will probably be taking greater actions. Various experts will also appear, and in the future, the world will become more and more chaotic.

"Although I'm very powerful, I won't be able to constantly protect all of you. It's just like this time, if the Black Dragon King had not given chase all the way to the Great Western Region, things would have become troublesome.

"Therefore, I'd like to leave a sword intent on each one of you. With that, if anyone of you encounters danger, I'll be able to know immediately and provide timely support. What do you guys think?"

Anthony 4 was the first one to laugh and said, "Of course, this is a good thing. With a strong support like Xingjian, I'm the one who wants to beg you to leave a sword intent on me."

A hint of hesitation flashed in Governor Devitt's eyes. He felt a little uncomfortable with letting an expert leave a stream of martial will in his consciousness.

Moreover, Fang Xingjian had originally been just a student, but now, Fang Xingjian already had a power that surpassed his own. This made him feel uncomfortable.

Beside Devitt, James laughed out loud and walked up, saying, "Come on, Xingjian. There's no end to the path of martial arts, and the capable should be revered as teachers. Although you're younger than all of us, you're much further on this path than us.

"The news of you having defeated the Fifth Prince eight days ago will spread out very soon. By then, amongst the one sword, one saber, and one fist, you'll probably be ranked first. Or rather, amongst those below the Divine level, you'll probably be ranked first."

After all, even the First Prince has assessed you to be the number one in sword arts amongst those below the Divine level."

Fang Xingjian smiled. When the First Prince said that Fang Xingjian was number one in sword arts amongst those below the Divine level, he had not done so with good intentions.

After all, there was no number one in literature, and no number two in martial arts. Being rated as first in sword arts meant that there would only be a path of blood before him. Countless people would view Fang Xingjian as their rival just because of this assessment.

The First Prince could be said to have harbored malicious intent when he said this, wanting to attract enemies for Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian said, "Then I shan't stand on ceremony. Teacher, please don't resist."

"Come on," James said, unperturbed.

Fang Xingjian pressed one of his fingers on James' head, and an extremely fine, sharp, and pure sword intent shot out, penetrating through James' mind like a streak of lightning.

Seeing that James, who was the most senior amongst them, had shown such an attitude, Devitt and the others no longer felt that uncomfortable and took turns to let Fang Xingjian channel in his sword intent into them.

With that, if anything were to happen to any of them, Fang Xingjian would be able to sense it immediately.

"Alright, I'll accompany the Black Dragon King on another trip to get the Nine-Colored Nine-Scented Vines," James said and laughed, patting the Black Dragon King on the shoulder. "Let's go."


Simultaneously, in the desert in the Eastern Sand Region, the Fifth Prince carried the weakened Four-eyed Heavenly Winged Beast and headed toward the east, step by step. The sandstorm was blowing increasingly stronger and he could not help but ask, "How long more am I supposed to walk? You told me that if I keep heading toward the west of the desert, I'll be able to encounter an expert and receive guidance from him. Why has the person not appeared yet?"

A female voice rang out in his mind, "This is the direction from the gods. Do not doubt. Just follow it."

The Fifth Prince continued to walk on for over ten kilometers in a bad mood. Then suddenly, the sandstorm stopped. No, the sandstorm had not actually stopped. The Fifth Prince knew this because when he turned back, he saw that the sandstorm was still occurring in the area one meter behind him. It was him who had entered a domain without any sand or dust.

The Fifth Prince lifted his head and saw a man seated down, cross-legged. The man was wearing white clothes with big words written on the back.

"Number one in the world."