Chapter 543: World Annihilation Tide

 Chapter 543: World Annihilation Tide

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James and the Black Dragon King were in the sky as one person escaped and the other pursued. Both parties were Demigods with one tier of perfection. James' perfection was in his brain regeneration, while for the Black Dragon King, it was his body's toughness. Neither party specialized in strength, and their speeds were about the same during the pursuit.

James unleashed his full power, tapping into the earth's geomagnetic force. He moved at a rapid speed like he was totally unaffected by gravity.

On the other hand, the Black Dragon King seemed like he had truly become the legendary Dragon King. Wherever he passed by, there were raging storms, and as he moved, he was accompanied by strong gales and lightning. As he gave chase, he sent out many violent tornadoes and lightning bolts out toward James.

"Are you able to escape?"

Wind Dragon Roar!

The Black Dragon King reached out his hand, and a tornado started to surround him. Then at the next moment as his fist punched out, the gushing power slashed out toward James at a speed of over 1,000 meters per second.

James let out a cold laughed, turned, and returned a punch. His punch instantly turned into a wave of darkness.

It was majestic... extremely majestic. It was also heavy, extremely heavy.

James' punch was as if a planet had descended from the skies, carrying with it a power that was extremely heavy and immensely majestic. This was the killing move-Meteor Strike-James had comprehended from the Melancholic Monarch's martial arts after having observed the Pantheon Monument for many years.

With the strike of a single punch, there seemed to be no light coming from the sun or the moon. The impact from the punch pressed out toward the Black Dragon King's Phoenix-Dragon Howl.

Bang! Air currents dissipated, and the heavy punching force disappeared as well.

The Black Dragon King asked, "You're finally not fleeing anymore?"

"Flee? This is the Great Western Region. You're the one who should be fleeing," James said, letting out a snort. "I'm only trying to buy your Nine-Colored Nine-Scented Vines from you. Is there a need for you to chase me all the way from the Beize Region?"

"Who in the world wouldn't want to get their hands on a Divine Remains Weapon?" The Black Dragon King asked. "Now that I've revealed it, will you people not harbor any thoughts about it? And even if that's the case, if this news leaks out, won't I end up becoming the common enemy of everyone in the world? Everyone will come and attempt to snatch my Sea Demon Shield.

"But that's fine. I'll kill you today and bring your corpse with me to join the First Prince."

"The Black Dragon King is truly vicious. However, that Sea Demon Shield of yours is still not enough to kill me." As he spoke, James' fists turned into a myriad of stacking layers of fist shadows, forming an attack toward the Black Dragon King.

Kingly Meteor Punch!

With this attack, the gravity within the area of a 1,000-meter range seemed to become chaotic. Each punch that James launched out carried a violent gravitational wave. Wherever the punches passes by, the thunderstorm which was controlled by the Black Dragon King was crushed. Countless gravitational waves stacked up and merged together, and then finally turning into a surge of avalanching fist force that gushed out toward the Black Dragon King.

Streams of gravitational waves stacked up together, and at this moment, it was like the Black Dragon King was in a space that was 100,000 meters under the sea. However, his expression remained calm as it was just due to the Sea Demon Shield turning into an ocean blue color and encompassing him.

"It's useless. My Sea Demon Shield is a Divine Remains Equipment that was specially used by a Divine level expert to protect himself. It was forged from the endless amounts of water vapor from the sea, and each released drop can drown an entire city. No matter how powerful you are, are you able to bring any impact to an entire ocean?"

Amidst his maniacal laughter, the Black Dragon King charged out toward James' attacks. He did not defend at all and only attacked. Surges of violent power broke out between the two of them, but James' attacks were completely ineffective. As a result, James soon came to be at a disadvantageous position.

Just as James was pushed to a disadvantageous position, a wave of violent sword Qi shot out from the west. A white sword Qi that was over ten kilometers in length and three to four kilometers in width cut across the air like the Milky Way. It split the thunderstorm, that the Black Dragon King was controlling, into two. Then it struck the Black Dragon King's body with a boom .

The ocean blue glow that represented the Sea Demon Shield started to tremble wildly, sending out endless ripples. It was as if it was going to break down at any moment.

The terrifying sword Qi brushed past the Black Dragon King. Then a portion of it shot out into the air, tearing through the clouds, while another portion of it landed on the ground, completely wiping out the peak of a mountain.

It was only after a whole minute passed by that the sword Qi, which was over ten kilometers in length, completely dissipated. The entire sky was completely cleaned out. The thunderstorm disappeared, and sunlight shone down once again.

Looking at the ground that had been heavily scarred by countless sword marks, the Black Dragon King's eyes still had lingering fear in them. If it had not been for the Sea Demon Shield, he would have died from the earlier attack.

He lifted his head to take a look and saw that, unbeknownst to him, Fang Xingjian was already standing next to James. The Black Dragon King asked, "Who are you?"

Fang Xingjian did not pay him any heed. Instead, he just looked at James and asked, "Teacher, are you alright?"

"It's nothing. It's just that I'm old and useless now." James smiled bitterly, waving his hand.

Fang Xingjian smiled. "You've at least managed to lure him here. Leave the rest to me." Fang Xingjian then lifted his head and looked at the Black Dragon King while saying "I'm Fang Xingjian. You're the Black Dragon King, right? My teacher went to look for you to buy the Nine-Colored Nine-Scented Vines. Why are you chasing and wanting to kill him?"

"You're Fang Xingjian?" The eyes of both the Black Dragon King and his disciple were filled with looks of astonishment. From that powerful attack, the Black Dragon King had even thought that Fang Xingjian was actually the Second Prince.

"You've come at a good time. The two of you can die together." The Black Dragon King sneered and launched out both his fists, performing the Wind Thunder Roar. In that instant, violent gales blew and lightning bolts struck, bringing about a will gushing forth with an impact of howling mountains and seething seas.

A thunderstorm was brought forth once again. This time around, it was even more terrifying than the one before. Dark clouds seemed to be covering the entire Great Western Region at an astonishing speed.

The heavy rain seemed as if it was going to turn the ground under their feet into a vast ocean.

The Killing technique which the Black Dragon King had inherited-the Tsunami Massacre-was one with the concept that everything in the world came from the ocean and would eventually return to the ocean.

Having seen Fang Xingjian's earlier display of prowess, the Black Dragon King did not dare to hold back and went all out the moment he made his move.

"All life in the world originates from the ocean, and the entire world will eventually be swallowed by the ocean in the end. All life will eventually return to the ocean.

"Take this! World Annihilation Tide!"

Endless amounts of water vapor condensed together, turning into a missile made purely out of water and shooting out toward Fang Xingjian.

It was as if water had replaced the air, turning into a water missile. Once it exploded, the water would gush out at a speed of several thousand meters per hour. The shock waves formed from the impact of the water would have a prowess that was over 100 times stronger than any missile.

As if depicting a scene that all lives come from the ocean and would eventually return to the ocean, this attack could pull anyone into the vastness of the ocean.

Moreover, this attack was unleashed at full power, and thus had enough prowess to drown the area within 100 li into a lake.

In fact, the highest level of this move pursued the ability to drown the entire world with a single strike. Using one's heart to replace the heaven's core, it would bring an evolution to the world and engulf the mortal world.

Faced with the Black Dragon King's full-powered strike, Fang Xingjian clenched his fist fiercely, and the air seemed to start trembling. No... the air was not trembling. It was just that Fang Xingjian's action of clenching his fist had caused the space to become twisted, appearing as if the air had trembled.

With 1.08 billion physical particles, 1,440 internal specialty seeds, and 9,270 external specialty seeds...

An unprecedentedly violent physical strength seethed in Fang Xingjian's body to the extent that just the mere action of clenching his fist would cause the space to become twisted.

Then at the next moment, Fang Xingjian took a single step forward, bending his knees slightly. His punches shot out like a furious dragon, fiercely smashing into the World Annihilation Tide which was gushing toward him.