Chapter 540: Internal and External

 Chapter 540: Internal and External

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It could be said that even when Fang Xingjian managed to kill Li Shuanghua and even when he engaged in an intense battle against the First Prince... even considering all the difficulties he had encountered and the many enemies he had made... Fang Xingjian had yet to show such a dazed expression.

While Fang Xingjian seemed to be in a daze, Wang Xiaoyan sensed the series of changes to his aura and could not help but ask, "You've managed to pick up the Mountainous Sea's Book of the Way? Is that really the case? Have you really learned it?"

Fang Xingjian exhaled slowly, planning to first set aside the matters concerning his lifespan. If he could really freely draw out his lifespan to condense specialty seeds, it would be a good thing, at least for now.

With a flash, Fang Xingjian had already flown out and had gone 1,000 meters high up in the air. He did not wish for the others to witness his following actions.

After rising in the air, Fang Xingjian once again fully circulated the Mountainous Sea's Book of the Way. This time around, pitter-patter sounds rang in his mind. Fang Xingjian could sense that something in the void space seemed to be flaring up fiercely, as if a large amount of water had just been added into a pot of boiling oil. As splattering sounds exploded in his body, a terrifying power that was hard to describe and hard to detect suddenly entered Fang Xingjian's body.

With a soft boom a specialty seed instantly condensed on Fang Xingjian's arm. However, this was just the beginning. As the substance in the void space which represented one's lifespan burned increasingly intensely, a series of bang bang bang bang explosive sounds flashed across Fang Xingjian's body. Each sound of explosion represented a specialty seed having been condensed.

Fang Xingjian stayed up in the air just like that, cultivating for one day and one night. As his lifespan continued to burn up wildly, the number of specialty seeds Fang Xingjian had was also rapidly increasing.

His endless hard work in cultivation for the past few months had only allowed him to bring up the number of specialty seeds he had to 402. However, in such a short period of time, through burning his lifespan, the number of specialty seeds he had immediately grew to become 600... 800... 1,000... 1,200...

With a tremendous boom , the aura of a total of 1,440 specialty seeds surged from Fang Xingjian's body. The power, which was like a great gushing river, was seething intensely within him.

At this moment, Fang Xingjian sensed that each bit of his muscle fibre, and each piece of fascia seemed to have the power to crush mountains and seas, as well as to overturn rivers and oceans.

He had attained the third tier of perfection in specialty seeds!

However, everything was not over yet. In the space around Fang Xingjian, streams of aura started to soar. Having completed all the internal specialties, Fang Xingjian once again tried to condense his external specialties.

The internal specialty seeds were inside his body, while the external specialty seeds were condensed in the void space around his body. They did not represent physical abilities, but various special specialties like the Darkness Sword Sense and Unparalleled Sword Intent.

As Fang Xingjian continued burning up the power of his lifespan to condense external specialties, the entire sky was filled with strong tornadoes, roaring thunders and lightning bolts. His entire body curled up, as if some kind of world-astonishing sacred infant was about to be hatched.

Streams and streams of aura started rising around Fang Xingjian as external speciality seeds were being condensed by his lifespan, one after another.

1,000 streams... 2,000 streams... 3,000 streams...

Seven days and seven nights passed by. Fang Xingjian was like an irresistible force with no hints of hesitation. He continued cultivating high up in the air, and the aura of 9,270 external specialty seeds suddenly rose. At this moment, Fang Xingjian had reached double perfection in both his internal and external specialty seeds.

Waves of extremely terrifying physical strength flowed through Fang Xingjian's limbs and he slowly relaxed his curled-up body. He felt great energy surging inside him, as if he was filled with boundless power. His mind was extremely focused and all sorts of magnetism, radiations, and light, as well as various kinds of power were being engulfed by his physical body. All attacks, regardless of whether they were of high or low temperatures, acidic or alkaline... They were no longer able to harm his body in the least.

At this moment, Fang Xingjian truly sensed that his physical strength had reached a new extreme. From there, unless he were to attain a breakthrough to the Divine level, his physical strength would not be able to increase any further, no matter how hard he trained.

Having 1,440 internal specialties, 9,270 external specialties, and 1.08 billion physical particles... Fang Xingjian's physical strength had been unleashed at its maximum.

He casually threw out a punch and sword force gushed forth, pushing the air currents and forming a sword Qi that was several kilometers long and over 1,000 meters wide. It instantly broke through several cloud layers and continued charging into outer space.

This single stream of sword Qi alone could destroy the Sunset Fortress under his feet. This was how powerful Fang Xingjian's physical strength had become.

Tyrant was extremely astonished as well. He thought, 'What a terrifying martial technique! There has been no one in history capable of achieving perfection in both internal and external specialties. This kind of physical strength is far too terrifying. Even a first tier Divine level expert may not have such physical power and the power from their materialized will may not be that terrifying.

'But right now, putting aside the enhancement from the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, Fang Xingjian's own physical power is already extremely close to the level of Divine level experts. It's just that he hasn't gotten the ability to materialize his will yet. If it's just a comparison of physical power, he has already surpassed most tier one Divine level experts.

'When he will strive to attain the Divine level in the future, how powerful would the will converted from such a terrifying physical body be?'

Fang Xingjian exhaled and a stream of foggy breath turned into a ray of white light. It swept over the ground into the distance, just like sword light, and with a loud rumble , it blasted a huge crater with an area of several hundred square meters.

Just an exhale, which then had condensed enough to seem like white light and which had then shot out over a distance of more than 1,000 meters, and it already had a prowess like that of an explosive.

How powerful was his exhale? How powerful were the abilities of his internal organs? And how great was his physical strength?

'Excellent. After I've return to Great Western Region and complete the tenth level of the mystical prints, I'll attempt to attain the level of brain regeneration.

'Once I succeed in brain regeneration and achieve four tiers of perfection, most tier one Divine level experts will not be a match for me. I'll then head to obtain the Panwu Heavenly Raiment. I won't need to be worried that people will take the opportunity to catch me off guard.'


While Fang Xingjian was cultivating the Mountainous Sea's Book of the Way, spending eight days and eight nights trying to attain perfection in his specialties, Robert's collection of the materials for the mystical prints had already reached the final phase.

Robert 1 came to the door of a training room and when the door opened, two men could be seen floating in midair. Many prints that appeared to be mysterious, strange, and endlessly profound kept flashing on their bodies.

Concurrently, each piece of their flesh seemed to be breaking and regenerating incessantly. Especially their brains, which also suffered the same process.

The two of them were Governor Devitt and Head of Department James, who had been cultivating the five levels of mystical prints over the past few days. With that, they had managed to attain a breakthrough to the level of brain regeneration.

The two of them were rare talents to begin with, but they simply had not came across many fortunate encounters and had not had a sufficient accumulation of experience and power. As such, they had not been able to attain the first tier of perfection.

However, they had several years or even decades worth of experience in the regeneration of their physical bodies. And with the five levels of mystical prints, they instantly attained a breakthrough to the first tier of perfection in their brain regeneration. They had now reached the level of a Demigod.

Head of Department James laughed out loud and said, "Excellent. The prowess of these mystical prints is truly terrifying. I sense that my intelligence, memory, and talent have all undergone a qualitative change. It won't be long before I attain perfection in my body's toughness, becoming a Demigod with two tiers of perfection."

Governor Devitt looked at Robert and asked, "What's wrong, Robert? What matters have brought you over?"