Chapter 535: Terrible Defeat (Part I)

 Chapter 535: Terrible Defeat (Part I)

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Right now, the Fifth Prince's prowess was really too strong. Having the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast as his ride, with the reinforcement from its Divine level will, as well as the Thunder-Permeating Spear in his hands, he was now extremely ferocious. Even if a Divine level expert were to face them, the prince would be able to stand up against them.

If his Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast were to grow stronger and really attain the Divine level, then his own battle prowess would easily be a match for Divine level experts.

'It's fortunate that I made this trip personally. If someone else were to come instead, they would really have to suffer in the Fifth Prince's hands.

'It's true that experts on the path of Knights pose more of a threat to me when compared to Mages and magic prints Warriors.'

Just as Fang Xingjian was thinking of this, the Fifth Prince, who was in the air, bellowed furiously, his aura bursting forth. Even his ride, the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast, also released an enormous roar, worthy of a Divine beast. Its vital energy and blood seethed, and its reinforcing Divine level will exuded piercing white light.

"Fang Xingjian, fist arts and spear arts are one and the same. Today, I'll let you have a taste of this technique that I've created with three months of tough training after the world had undergone a metamorphosis.

"Dark Knight, you have a good look as well. I had initially prepared this for Eldest Brother. Today, I'll let you take a look first, save Eldest Brother won't even know how he'll have died."

Hearing that, the Dark Knight's countenance turned grim. However, the sudden outburst of power the Fifth Prince showed was far too terrifying. Even he had no choice but to remain silent.

Seething martial will came gushing forth, wreaking havoc throughout a large part of the Sunset Fortress.

"Take my attack! Mortal World Annihilation!"

In that instant, light burst forth, filling up the entire sky. The Brionac light spear instantly turned into a pillar of light over ten kilometers in length and three-four kilometers in width. Lightning and thunder showed up all around the pillar of light, and a series of tornadoes came into existence as well. It was as if the gods from the heavens had sent down their judgement, announcing the end of the world.

When the aura as if the end of the world was descending and life was coming to an end came plunging down from the skies, the prince's martial will, seemingly made of extreme desperation, had already swept out across the entire Sunset Fortress. It made everyone feel as if their lives were no longer their own.

With a loud rumble , the spear finally came crashing down wildly from the sky. Under the spear, flames and electric currents were seething crazily. It looked as if its terrifying power would lash out on space itself, creating myriad explosions. Before the body of the spear arrived, the gushing air currents had already pressed the entire Wang Clan's residence into flat land.

Under this world-shaking attack, Fang Xingjian was like an ant, standing amongst the ruins. However, he still had no plans of displaying his full power.

Fang Xingjian's bangle underwent a slight change, and then in an instant, encompassed his entire body. At the next moment, the violent power in Tyrant's body flowed throughout all of Fang Xingjian's.

"Damn it, why do we need to merge again?"

"The power from our merger is enough to defeat him with great ease. As for the Five God-Slaying Swords... we'll leave that for the First Prince."

"I'm going to puke. One minute. I can only stand the merger for one minute at most."

"That's more than enough."

In that instant, the aura from a total of over 1,800 specialty seeds burst forth and 2.16 billions worth of physical particles exploded concurrently. Fang Xingjian's hair stood up, exuding piercing light rays.

Between the two of them, one was a Demigod with two tiers of perfection while the other was a Demigod with three tiers of perfection. Their respective strength was definitely not to be underestimated.

What was even more terrifying was that each of them had awakened 1.08 billions worth of physical particles, and Tyrant had also engulfed the physical body of two Divine level experts.

Right now, with the two of them merged together, how terrifying was their prowess?

Absolute power seethed in Fang Xingjian's body and the violent circulation of vital energy and blood seemed to even be able to pierce through iron plates. The ground in the surroundings constantly sank under the pressure of the force, and then shattered.

Facing the Brionac light spear descending from the skies, Fang Xingjian neither moved nor dodged. He stretched his palm into the direction of the light spear and opened his fingers. Streams of light spots started gathering together.

The God-Perishing Palm was instantly activated. A pillar of light similar to the prince's instantly gushed from Fang Xingjian's palm. A terrifying power that could match a nuclear missile with a yield of 50 megatons started stirring, turning into pure corpuscular flow and explosive release.

The light pillar from the God-Perishing Palm not only engulfed the entire Brionac light spear completely, but also broke through the atmospheric layer within a range of 100 li, in a direct strike. It reached several hundred kilometers away into outer space, from above, looking as if a spike of light had grown out from the ground.

Under the terrifying explosion, the entire Sunset Fortress started to sink. Flames, light, and strong gales filled up the sky, the entire world seemingly nearing its doom.

After 20 whole seconds, the light from the God-Perishing Palm gradually dissipated, revealing the Fifth Prince, who was now completely charred black, his flesh in a profoundly battered state. He now looked just like a fugitive.

If for the protection of the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast's will, that palm attack would probably have crushed him up so badly that there would be no traces of him left.

However, the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast was not in a good state either. After all, it had not yet matured, to become a Divine level ferocious beast. Right now, it was suffering from serious injuries and about 30% of its body had been turned into dust.

The martial will that had been reinforced on the Fifth Prince was now so weak that it was like a thin layer of film.

The light pillar had just disappeared when an explosion broke out on the ground. Fang Xingjian stepped on air, appearing before the Fifth Prince just like a passing light or a fleeting shadow. He grabbed out with his hand, bringing about a series of explosions in the atmosphere, as he headed for the Fifth Prince's head.

The latter let bellowed furiously and the Thunder-Permeating Spear he was holding started moving intensely like a giant lightning python, lashing out at Fang Xingjian.

However, the Fifth Prince himself was like a spent arrow at the end of its flight right now. Faced with this violent lash, Fang Xingjian struck out a finger and tapped onto the spear. He grabbed the Fifth Prince's Thunder-Permeating Spear for himself, and then, without stopping, grabbed at the Fifth Prince's head.

The Fifth Prince performed Tai Chi once again, creating layers of circular forces to fend off Fang Xingjian. However, the difference in strength between him and Fang Xingjian the latter was far too big. Fang Xingjian punched out unreasonably, activating the violent power in his body. A tear sound rang out as the forces in the air were torn up by Fang Xingjian grabbing the Fifth Prince by the throat.

The moment Fang Xingjian grabbed the Fifth Prince's neck, the immense power in Fang Xingjian's struck out, shaking the Fifth Prince's body until he went numb. His Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast ride yelled with an agonizing cry, as if it had already given up on resisting.

"Do you admit your loss?"

Watching as he was being lifted up like a chicken, the Fifth Prince felt his pride being instantly crushed. Hearing what Fang Xingjian said, the Fifth Prince's face turned flush red. "Fang Xingjian, do you really think that you've won? You've only gotten the upper hand for now!"

"You talk too much." Fang Xingjian punched him directly and the violent force instantly broke several tens of bones in the Fifth Prince's body, causing him so much pain that he could not speak for very long.

The Fifth Prince was furious, the rage in his eyes easily able to set fire to all the lakes and seas in the world.

However, the Fifth Prince was just about to talk again when Fang Xingjian snorted coldly and covered up his mouth. With a boom, he plunged down at rapid speed, smashing into the ground. The ground fluctuated like turbulent waves, sending dust up in the air. The Fifth Prince's mouth was covered up, and his collision with the ground made an enormous crater. He was now in a bloody state and unable to move, let alone speak.

The series of attacks had made the Fifth Prince feel as if everything had been stomped into smithereens, yet he became surprisingly calm.

The next instant, a cold piercing will exploded forth with the words he had wanted to say.

"Fang Xingjian, you're good, you're very good. I had thought that my talent is unrivalled and unprecedented. But to think that you're this powerful. You've truly become my enemy. However, this loss is only for now.

"My life has been too smooth-sailing. The loss I've suffered today has been the best nutrient for my growth. I'll absorb this experience and improve myself to become even stronger. The next time we meet, I'll let you understand what true terror is."

The moment the Fifth Prince unleashed his will explosively, Fang Xingjian had already activated his sword intent, sending it into the Fifth Prince's brain. However, he was not successful.

The Fifth Prince's Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast exuded layers of light, and both the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast's and the Fifth Prince's body both turned into an illusory state. Fang Xingjian grabbed out with one of his hands, but it was as if he had grabbed the air. Next, with a flash of light and shadow, the beast and man completely disappeared.

Fang Xingjian's brows arched upward and his gaze swept out several tens of kilometers away in an instant.