Chapter 534: Thunder-Permeating

 Chapter 534: Thunder-Permeating

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"You're courting death!"

Fang Xingjian glared and sent his sword intent gushing out wildly, piercing toward the Fifth Prince's head. However, Fang Xingjian then sensed that a gush of black aura was gushing toward him. It was a will that seemed to wish to take over everything, own everything, destroy everything, and shatter everything. This was the Fifth Prince's martial will. The craftiness, brutality, and viciousness in it was unlike that of a human.

However, with his powerful sword intent having reached the level in which he had seen through life and death, Fang Xingjian had already reached a peak amongst those below the Divine level. With this collision of martial wills, the Fifth Prince's martial will shattered bit by bit and retreated back into his brain.

Fang Xingjian was about to give chase while he had the upper hand, but he then he discovered that an invisible gush of will had encompassed the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast's entire body. It was the will of that Divine level ferocious beast youngling-the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast.

This Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast had used its own will to protect the Fifth Prince, helping him to fend off Fang Xingjian's martial will.

Fang Xingjian let out a snort. Although his sword intent was powerful, he was unable to easily break through the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast's will. Therefore, he took action.

As his legs stomped down fiercely, the ground under his feet exploded. It seemed like there was a magnitude 7 or 8 earthquake running through the ground upon which the entirety of the Wang Clan's residence was built. Countless buildings collapsed, and the ground shattered.

With this outburst, the people from the Wang Clan all fled outside screaming. Although the Dark Knight did not move, he was still forced to put up his Reduced Force Field, throwing off all the fragments from the ruins which had flown toward him.

This force, which Fang Xingjian had exerted through this stomp, brought him before the Fifth Prince as if he had just teleported. A huge palm plunged down from the skies, and it was like the world had collapsed. The palm slammed down fiercely, bringing along a power that could bring about destruction and ruin.

Faced with the explosive pressure from Fang Xingjian's world-shaking palm, the Fifth Prince let out a fierce bellow. He curving one of his hands into a circle while drawing circles with the other. Then the Fifth Prince took a pose which made him seemed as if he had become a revolving ball, retreating in line with the force from Fang Xingjian's palm.

'Hmm? What kind of fist technique is this?'

Fang Xingjian took a step forward, and the ground continued to rupture. He did not let down his guard and continued to give chase, sending out his explosive palm attack again.

Rumbling sounds, which made it seem as if a meteor had descended from the skies, continued to ring out incessantly. Faced with Fang Xingjian's unrelaxed attack, the Fifth Prince's hands were soft and flexible like the flow of water. Many circles of various sizes continued to be created. Not only did they diminish Fang Xingjian's strength, but they even threw off his hits. They flung Fang Xingjian's body directly, causing him to be defenseless.

Just as Fang Xingjian was being flung off by his own power, the Fifth Prince's movements changed from being soft and flexible to being explosive within a short period of time. His right fist instantly became like a big hammer. Accompanied by the movements of the muscles from all over his body while strong gales blew, the Fifth Prince's right fist smashed out, breaking through layers of air. Then it smashed into Fang Xingjian's chest with a loud thud .

Fang Xingjian just felt as if a terrifying tremor was flowing into his chest, as if wanting to create tremors throughout his entire body and shatter everything into pieces.

With this series of exchanges, the Fifth Prince's fist techniques had been a combination of gentleness and power, displaying an unprecedented martial art. What was more terrifying was that being at four tiers of perfection, his attributes were a notch higher than Fang Xingjian's.

Additionally, although the Fifth Prince's martial will was not a match for Fang Xingjian's, he had the protection of the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast.

Coming to a stop after retreating for ten consecutive steps, Fang Xingjian could sense that there was a faint stench of blood coming from his throat. This was due to the tremors injuring his lungs.

However, Fang Xingjian paid it no heed at all. It was because he had yet to even use 10% of his full power.

Fang Xingjian asked curiously, "Great fist technique. What is the name of this fist technique?"

"This is a fist technique that I created myself. It's called Tai Chi," the Fifth Prince sneered. Then he said, "I know that you've already attained perfection in your body's toughness, and your sword arts cultivation is even more amazing. It's easy for me to defeat you, but I'll have some difficulty if I wish to kill you. However, what do you think of this? Little Black..."

Unknowingly, that Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast had appeared behind the Fifth Prince. At the Fifth Prince's call, it placed the Fifth Prince onto its back.

As the Fifth Prince sat on the back of the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast, waves of physical strength continuously transformed into the power of martial will, providing reinforcements to the Fifth Prince.

At this moment, the Fifth Prince's entire body was flashing in fluorescent light like he had put on an armor which increased his defense tremendously. He had already integrated the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast's strength completely. In other words, the power of the Fifth Prince and his ride were now perfectly merged together. Each of his punches and kicks would have the reinforcement of Divine level martial will.

As the Fifth Prince became one with his ride, he then put out his hand and bellowed, "Spear, come!"

In that instant, a stream of white light cut across the air while accompanied by lightning, flying into the Fifth Prince's hand.

As the spear in his hand continued to emit charges of electricity, its body continued to transit between being in a physical state and existing as light. As expected of the First Prince's number one subordinate, the Dark Knight had an excellent ability to make judgements. He said in astonishment, "Thunder-Permeating Spear, Brionac? This Fifth Prince has really kept his tricks well hidden."

The Thunder-Permeating Spear Brionac was said to be the weapon which the Sun Divine Emperor, who had been the first person to unify all of Miracle World and who had also founded the Sun Dynasty, had carried with him.

It was said that this was a Divine Weapon which the Divine Sun Emperor had forged by condensing the sun's rays. The spear could turn into light and perform attacks. No matter how far the enemy was, it would be able to reach them in an instant, releasing electrifying Divine Sun Rays to kill off the enemy.

"That's right. I found this Thunder-Permeating Spear Brionac in a kitchen. It had been treated as an ordinary poker, and it really can be said to be a divine item that has been covered in dust. Now, it has been triggered by me and can only be used by me. To be able to die at the hands of this weapon which the Divine Sun Emperor had carried with him... Fang Xingjian, you should be proud."

As he spoke, the Fifth Prince rode on his ride. His entire body tore up the atmosphere, turning into a series of afterimages and flying up several thousand meters in the air. Following this, the Thunder-Permeating Spear in his hands turned into a stream of long path of light, directly piercing out toward Fifth Prince across several kilometers.

With a thud , Fang Xingjian only felt an immense surge of force before he was sent flying several ten meters away. Riding on the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast, the Fifth Prince immediately moved at the speed of lightning, sending streams of light spears sweeping and thrusting out. Each time he attacked, he would bring up a great spread of electricity and flames.

Fang Xingjian let out a furious bellow and punched out repeatedly. His punches turned into astonishing sword Qis which tore up the sky and collided against the light spears. However, all of them were shattered by the light spears.

The Fifth Prince laughed out loud, "Fang Xingjian, have a good taste of the prowess of this Thunder-Permeating Spear!"

At the next moment, the Thunder-Permeating Spear exploded out with a myriad of afterimages. Each of his spear attacks seemed like it was lashing out and creating explosions in the air within a range of 100 meters. As a series of lightning bolts and fires burst forth explosively, the entire hall in the Wang Clan's residence was crushed into dust in the blink of an eye.

The members of the Wang Clan had no choice but to retreat time and time again, and in another blink of an eye, all of them had retreated out of the Wang Clan's manor.

In the sky, the Fifth Prince's body could be seen bringing along a series of afterimages, dashing to and fro across the air at a speed that was over 100 times the speed of sound. His light spear seemed to stretch out continuously, stirring up the wind and clouds. It brought up a series of tornadoes, sending lightning bolts and flames plunging down incessantly.

The wind and clouds, lightning bolts, as well as the flames, were mixed together, forming a natural disaster which kept on striking the area within several tens of li 1 . A power which could destroy the entire Sunset Fortress was accurately smashing down on the spot where Fang Xingjian was located.

Each time the light spear, which had extended out over several kilometers, swept against the ground, it would create aerial explosions from its lashes, stirring up lightning bolts and flames, and causing crazy tremors in the earth. It was as if even the world was crying out. Everyone from the Wang Clan, as well as the Dark Knight, had long retreated several kilometers away. All the people from the Sunset Fortress were crying out and screaming incessantly as they fled.

With the reinforcement from the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast's will, in addition to the terrifying prowess of the Thunder-Permeating Spear, the Fifth Prince currently appeared as if he were a punishing deity from the heavens who dictated divine punishments. As he brought along the power that could destroy everything, he also brought forth turbulent winds, destroying mountains and rivers.