Chapter 533: Smashing With A Single Stomp

 Chapter 533: Smashing With A Single Stomp

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When the Four-Eyed Heavenly Winged Beast saw Fang Xingjian's appearance, its eyes filled with hostility. As a youngling of a Divine level ferocious beast, it was extremely intelligent and could understand the human language. It had heard what Fang Xingjian said about wanting to tear it up to be made into a Divine weapon, as well as food.

Meanwhile, when the Dark Knight saw Fang Xingjian appear, his eyes narrowed and a hint of interest flashed in his eyes.

The Fifth Prince, who was seated in the main seat, threw a cold glance at Fang Xingjian. He asked with indifference, "Who are you? Who said that you could speak here?" He then looked at Wang Xiaoyan, who was being held by Fang Xingiian, and questioned, "Miss Wang, is this your friend? Has he gone crazy? To think that he would dare to speak such gibberish here."

Wang Xiaoyan's entire body was being controlled by Fang Xingjian, and thus, she was unable to speak at all. Fang Xingjian smiled and said, "Who I am isn't important. But the reason I'm here today is to help Miss Wang to reform the Wang Clan and secure her position as the head of the Wang Clan. Be it the Fifth Prince or the First Prince, you guys are better off going other to wherever else you're supposed to be. You guys can wash your hands off the matters here."

"Hahahaha," the Fifth Prince laughed out loud as he looked at Fang Xingjian like he was looking at an idiot. "Excellent, excellent. How long has it been since someone dared to speak to me in this manner?

"However, now that you've finished your piece, you can now go and die. To be killed after acting with such impudence before me is sufficient to leave your name behind in history. This will teach the others a lesson in the future that not everything can be said.


As the Fifth Prince let out a sneer, the young man who was standing behind him opened his eyes. He was covered in an eerie aura like that of a corpse. When the young man opened his eyes, it was as if the entire hall had lit up. Everyone felt a jittery feeling.

"What a powerful killing aura."

"How many people has this guy killed?"

At the next instant, the young man drew out a dagger, that was at his waist, with a flash. Then he darted out to Fang Xingjian's side just like a venomous snake. An eerie, mysterious, and vicious aura came gushing forth, and the dagger brought along a series of afterimages which surrounded Fang Xingjian, piercing toward his vital points.

The moment this young man made his move, his aura from 800 specialty seeds burst forth, and the explosive force from his physical body was, in that instant, sufficient to create explosions in the air and tear the ground apart. Between his movements, the killing aura he exuded seemed material. This young man was clearly a death warrior who had been nurtured for very long.

This was how it was in actuality. This young man, by the name of White, was a guard who had grown up alongside the Fifth Prince since young. He had been the Fifth Prince's personal guard, protecting him all along. White had even received a lot of guidance from the Fifth Prince and had taken various heavenly and earthly treasures which had belonged to the royal family. He had now reached level 29 and would condense specialty seeds day and night, hoping to attain the first tier of perfection.

It could be said that he was the personal guard whom the Fifth Prince trusted the most. White had also secretly gotten rid of many opponents for the Fifth Prince.

The moment he made his move, he sent his killing aura soaring. Ordinary Conferred Knights would have been stunned by this killing aura. In fact, there was this once when he had attempted a sneak attack against a Conferred Knight. After he sent out his killing aura, his opponent had been unable to react in time and had gotten struck in the vital spot by White's dagger. As White's immense strength burst forth with a loud bang , that person's corpse had ended up scattering into pieces.

However, the person White was facing right now was not some ordinary person. It was Fang Xingjian, who had achieved great mastery in sword arts, cultivated a powerful sword intent, as well as attained two tiers of perfection in the areas of his body's toughness and physical particles respectively.

Facing White, who was dashing toward his direction, Fang Xingjian did not throw him a single glance. He only sent out a punch, and it suddenly seemed like there were huge dragons roaring in the air while streams of the atmosphere seemed to materialize into something physical. Before Fang Xingjian's punch landed on White, the roof of the entire building was sent flying.

With just a single punch, he had used the atmosphere to send the roof flying. This caused there to be a state as if the entire world was overturned and was completely shrouded. This was not even the sword technique which Fang Xingjian was best at. It just showed how profound and unfathomable his current martial arts were.

Neither blocking nor dodging, Fang Xingjian allowed his opponent's dagger to freely pierce into his arm. Then his fist and arm swept out, striking White in the chest. With a bang , the latter was smashed into the ground. Then with a loud boom , a large crater was created. A terrifying fist force had shattered his chest completely. As White slowly regenerated his chest, he was temporarily unable to move any further.

Fang Xingjian followed it up with a stomp from his foot, wanting to smash White's head and killing this death warrior completely.

"Not good!"

At almost the same moment when Fang Xingjian made his move, the Fifth Prince already felt that things would not end well. He had not expected to encounter such a great expert so casually. However, Fang Xingjian's movements were truly too fast. By the time the Fifth Prince had reacted, Fang Xingjian's fist had already crashed down and destroyed White's chest. Now, Fang Xingjian seemed to be going to stomp down on White's head.

With a slight tremor, the Fifth Prince was flying in midair. Then, tapping out with the tip of his foot, he was already on the way toward where Fang Xingjian was landing. The tip of the Fifth Prince's foot was like a long saber, darting out repetitively, slicing the air, and releasing light swooshing sounds.

As an expert who had attained four tiers of perfection in the body's toughness, specialty seeds, ether organs, and brain regeneration respectively, each strike the Fifth Prince sent out was like a slash from Superior Divine Weapons. This was especially the case when the kick he performed was the Ancient Path of Hell's Saber Mountain Stance. It was like a mountain of blades or a sea of fire, bringing great torment. Each kick came with several hundred types of forces, and they were able to slice through even an ordinary Superior Divine Weapon.

As long as Fang Xingjian's leg descended, the tip of the Fifth Prince's foot would slice open his leg.

Then, under his astonished gaze, the leg Fang Xingjian was landing on accelerated once again. With a loud boom, Fang Xingjian stomped down onto White's head, which exploded like a smashed watermelon, covering the ground with red and white.

The Fifth Prince's Saber Mountain Stance tapped on Fang Xingjian's leg. However, with a flash of electricity on Fang Xingjian's leg, Fang Xingjian controlled his heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces to the maximum, forcibly resisting this attack.

Their legs came into contact and then parted, each of them taking three steps back. However, there was no way that, White, whose head had been stomped down on, could survive.

The Dark Knight laughed and said, "Fang Xingjian, when we met at the Regional Academy a year ago, you were still as insignificant as an ant. To think that you've already grown to such a level.

"When I heard that the Supreme Chief Heng Tianxiao was defeated by you, I thought that he had been careless and that you might have had some amazing weapon. Now, by the looks of it, it seems you've truly cultivated to become a top notch existence in the world."

Fang Xingjian threw a cold look at the Dark Knight and said, "I'll settle the score I have with the First Prince with you later." Fang Xingjian then turned to look at the Fifth Prince and said nonchalantly, "Since this death warrior dares to launch a sneak attack on me, of course I'll kill him on the spot.

"As for you, on the account that you're the Second Prince's younger brother, I won't pursue the matter of you attacking me. Leave this Divine level ferocious beast behind. You can leave."

Hearing what Fang Xingjian said and seeing White's headless corpse on the ground, the Fifth Prince's glared at Fang Xingjian so hard that his eyes turned bloodshot and his heart filled with fury.

Since when had he ever encountered someone who would dare to act so arrogantly before him? Moreover, White was someone who had grown up with him since young. Although he was a guard in name, they were actually as close as real brothers. For Fang Xingjian to have stomped down on White's head to kill him... that was equivalent to Fang Xingjian having given the Fifth Prince several hundred slaps.

"Fang... Xing... Jian..." The Fifth Prince clenched his teeth and spoke up, calling Fang Xingjian's name one word at a time as his eyes flushed red. He looked just like a black bear that had gone crazy. "You're dead meat. You're not the only one who is going to be dead meat. To think that you dare to kill my brother... No one can remain unscathed after having killed my brother.

"You'll die. Everyone involved with you will die as well. I'll break off their four limbs one by one, dig out their eyes, and torture all of them to their deaths!"