Chapter 529: Mystical Prints and the Wang Clan

 Chapter 529: Mystical Prints and the Wang Clan

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"Ever since the world's metamorphosis three months ago, His Highness has started to train in seclusion," Head of Department James said with a sigh. "He has retrieved all of the clones he created with his Thoughts Across A Thousand Li. Right now, even we're unable to contact him."

Fang Xingjian nodded in understanding. The Second Prince was going to give it his all and strive to attain the Divine level. However, due to this, countless of his subordinates had also lost contact with him. Moreover, faced with the First Prince's suppression, they naturally found it harder to hold firm, and thus, the Great Western Region was quickly taken over.

However, Fang Xingjian still had another question. The Second Prince should also be at level ten of the mystical prints. Even if his aptitude was no match for Fang Xingjian's, it would definitely far surpass the First Prince's. How could it be that the Second Prince had yet to attain the Divine level even till now?

Holding back this question in his mind, Fang Xingjian continued to ask, "Robert, how's the gathering of the ingredients?"

"We're still short of a lot of the heavenly and earthly treasures for the specialty seeds, but for the three sets of ingredients required for the mystical prints, we've already gathered the ingredients for the eighth and ninth level. We're still short of some ingredients for the tenth level."

Fang Xingjian nodded in satisfaction. "Give me the ingredients for the eighth and ninth level first. You can take the gold bars here. Just make sure to focus your effort on purchasing ingredients."

Ferdinand spoke up, "We're already doing that. But after the world's metamorphosis, the rate of everyone's improvement is increasing evident. In the future, the competition for ingredients will be increasingly fiercer as well."

"It's fine. From today onward, I'll hand out the fourth and fifth level of the mystical prints to you guys. I'll fork out all the fees required for the ingredients. All of you should cultivate with the fifth level of mystical prints."

From the moment they began talking about mystical prints, Head of Department James and Governor Devitt were all very puzzled about their conversation. Therefore, Zhou Xingwen brought the two of them to the side and started to explain to the two of them.

Right now, Fang Xingjian was very strong. His Five God-Slaying Swords could destroy almost everything, and he was almost unrivalled amongst those below the Divine level. Even if he were to encounter Divine level experts, he would be able to go up against magic prints Warriors and Mages if he activated the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent. He might even have a chance against Divine level experts from the path of Knights. With these, there was no need for him to have any fear over increasing his subordinates' abilities through mystical prints.

Fang Xingjian then continued to ask, "Anthony, how are the preparations for the forging of the Divine Remains Equipment?"

Anthony replied, "The members of the Wang Clan are making preparations. They've already sent a team to the academy. However, the Wang Clan's Eldest Young Miss, who is the one leading the project, has returned to the Eastern Sand Region seven days ago. It seems that she has some things to attend to."

"That's fine. Inform me immediately after she comes back. I'll pass the Divine bone to them and let them start forging the Divine Weapon."

Under Fang Xingjian's instructions, everyone started to get busy again. Going on from there, all of them would get the support from the fifth level of mystical prints, and they would all become geniuses amongst geniuses.

Fang Xingjian also felt very curious in regard to how far the support from the mystical prints would take experts like Head of Department James and Governor Devitt who were great talents to begin with.

As for Fang Xingjian himself, he was starting the cultivation for the eighth and ninth level of the mystical prints.


After two days and two nights, Fang Xingjian was covered with countless glimmering fluorescent prints all over his body. These prints exuded hints of mysterious aura and were crazily absorbing the ether particles in the air.

Fang Xingjian could sense endless amounts of information surging into his mind ceaselessly. In that instant, a person's memories started to emerge in his mind, then... a consciousness was produced.

"This is...?"

This was the first time that Fang Xingjian had encountered such a situation. In the past, even if he absorbed other people's personal information, they had merely been memory fragments as well as some martial arts experiences.

Additionally, without the enhancement from mystical prints, other Conferred Knights, would not be able to absorb personal information to give rise to a simple consciousness instantly, just like how Fang Xingjian had done. After receiving some memory fragments, other Conferred Knights tended to absorb a portion which was useful to them, and then crush the rest which were useless. Therefore, it would be very hard for a human character to take form.

Fang Xingjian assessed the consciousness in his mind with great curiosity. Then at next instant, that consciousness turned into a fervent warrior in red armor who was bellowing wildly in Fang Xingjian's consciousness, "I! Mencius! The mightiest warrior in the entire world!"

Looking at Fang Xingjian, Mencius bellowed furiously, "Who are you? Why are you in my mind?"

'He has just taken form, and his mind hasn't cleared up yet?' Fang Xingjian sneered and sent his martial will gushing forth. In the blink of an eye, Mencius was left in a terrible state.

Mencius let out cries of agony, and in the blink of an eye, he started to plead for forgiveness. He was no longer in the valiant state he had been earlier.

"Spare my life! Please spare my life!

"I beg of you, please spare my life!

"What do you want to know? I'll definitely tell you everything that I know!"

Fang Xingjian smiled, "Who on earth are you?"

"I'm called Mencius! I'm the mightiest warrior in the entire world!"

With a boom , Mencius's will was exploded with a tap from Fang Xingjian's sword. Amidst agonizing cries, Mencius' form which had gone through great effort before it became what it was, had now shrunk to be half its size from before. Seeing that Fang Xingjian was still going to attack, Mencius shouted, "I'll talk! I'll talk! I'm really called Mencius! I was a teacher in the Great Western Region's Regional Academy."

After some exchange, Fang Xingjian got to know that Mencius should have been a level 29 expert from 50 years ago. It was a pity that he had died when he was trying to reach the level of brain regeneration.

"There's not much use..." Fang Xingjian looked at Mencius and a hint of killing intent flashed in his eyes.

"Wait... Wait, wait..." Mencius said nervously, "Don't kill me. I'm useful, I'm still useful."

"What use do you have?" Fang Xingjian asked.

Mencius replied, "I was a teacher of the Regional Academy. I know of countless martial techniques, and I can provide you guidance in your cultivation."

With a bang , Mencius' will was exploded once again. Then, followed by a few consecutive sweeps, Mencius's consciousness was completely crushed.

During this process, Fang Xingjian browsed through Mencius's entire memories. However, what the other had was just a portion of the information he had, and the memories were incomplete. Moreover, Mencius was only at the level of a level 29 Conferred Knight, so Fang Xingjian would not be able to take much reference from him.

Fang Xingjian shook his head and continued to attempt cultivating. However, he discovered that the ninth level of mystical prints was much too powerful when paired with the current ether particles density. After every few or ten over minutes, a new consciousness would take form in his mind.

He would just use his martial will to destroy these will directly. Each time he did so, he could sense that his martial will seemed to become stronger. As for their memories, most of them were useless, and only a small portion of them were used by Fang Xingjian to substantiate his sword arts.

After repeated clashes with the wills others, Fang Xingjian's will seemed to become increasingly crystal clear and sturdier.

After one night, Fang Xingjian sensed that his will had gained evident improvements.

"The eighth and ninth level of mystical prints are a great help to the cultivation of the martial will. I wonder what effect the tenth level of mystical prints has."

Just then, Anthony, who was in charge of the matters concerning the forging of the Divine Weapon rushed over to look for Fang Xingjian.

"Sir, the Wang Clan's Eldest Miss seems to be some problems."

In Fang Xingjian's mind, an elderly man shouted, "Hahahaha, hand your body over to me. I'll let your name live in history with eternal glory."

Amidst intense collisions, the elderly man's consciousness was completely crushed. Fang Xingjian sensed his martial will and felt that his sword intent seemed to be sharper than before.

Then he opened his eyes to look at Anthony and the maid behind him while asking, "What's the problem?"

The maid dropped to her knees and cried, "Sir, you must save our Young Miss! After she returned to the main branch in Eastern Sand Region, she was placed in confinement by the two Young Masters. They want her to hand over the clan's secret treasure and give up the position of the clan's head."