Chapter 528: Magnificent Work

 Chapter 528: Magnificent Work

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Benjamin kept on moving his physical body and internal organs, continuing to suppress the feces in his stomach. However,he soon felt that he was no longer able to hang on.

Anything, even feces, if compacted to palm size from its original state, which measured 100 meters in height, width, and length, would have a terrifying dilating force, just like a compressed air blast bomb.

Neither had Benjamin expected that the other party would be so perverse, in terms of both his determination to store feces, as well as the size of his dimensional storage equipment.

Such a compressed bomb was clearly not sufficient to destroy Benjamin's body, which had attained perfection in toughness. However, it was sufficient to shoot out the contents from the only exit while he was still using his physical body to go up against Tyrant.


A yellow straight line soared into the air, spewing out from Benjamin's mouth directly. Then, it was as if a flash flood has occurred. The huge yellow waves were sent flying like a fountain, and a heavy rain fell from a height of 100 meters in the air, above the Great Western Region. The entire luxurious manor was instantly covered up.


As Benjamin bellowed furiously, piercing flames burst forth from his body, instantly encompassing it with a high temperature of several hundred thousand degrees celsius. The piercing glow encompassed the entire sky, and he chose to explode his physical body, burning all the filth in the air completely.

Amidst the piercing flames, Benjamin's body was quickly regenerated, and each of his bones, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles grew at rapid speed. As he landed on the ground, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

"Who is that? I'm going to kill him! I'm going to kill him!"

Benjamin suddenly lowered his head to look at the manor which was completely engulfed. He shouted wildly, "Everyone scram out at once!" Benjamin had wanted to destroy all evidence immediate, burning up the entire manor and the filth in it. However, upon thinking of his subordinates and servants who were all still inside, he could only force himself to hold back.

It took a wait of an entire three minutes for all of the Conferred Knights, Knights, and Knight apprentices to finally get out of the manor.

Then Benjamin let out a maniacal howl and brought up a huge fireball that had a diameter of over 100 meters. The crimson red fireball was like a sun, and he smashed it toward the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the entire manor, together with the ground over ten meters under it, was completely vaporized.

However, while physical items could be burned, that strongly engraved stench would not dissipate so easily. This was especially the case as after the manor was subjected to high heat, an unbearable stench was instantly sent out, covering almost over half of the Great Western City.

On this day, countless people in Great Western City were so put off by the stench that they completely lost their appetites.

In this instant, Benjamin continued to bellow out the words 'burning shame and humiliation' in his heart. He even felt that if he did not settle this issue, he would continue to feel uncomfortable for the rest of his life and that there would always be a knot in his heart. Even the circulation of his martial will would become obscure.

"This is taking it too far! This is simply taking it too far!" The moment Benjamin landed on the ground with a loud boom , the ground within a range of 100 meters shattered. This showed just how furious he was.

Benjamin said furiously, "Go investigate! Go investigate immediately! Go find out immediately who has reached the level of being able to achieve brain regeneration and has a dimensional storage item with a length, width, and height of 100 meters!"

He then headed toward one of his subordinates, only to see the latter unconsciously retreat one step back.

"Hmm?" Seeing the other party's action of backing off, Benjamin's eyes turned bloodshot, and he bellowed furiously, "Why are you backing off?! And what kind of gaze is that?! Do you find me dirty?!"

"No... I didn't..."

Although Benjamin had tried hard to hold it in when he threw out his palm with a loud bang , he still sent his subordinate flying out a distance of several hundred meters. His subordinate's bones were all shattered, and his organs busted. He was left on the verge of death.

A kilometer away, countless pieces of gray flesh slowly started to gather together, once again forming Tyrant's body. He laughed, 'What a violent temperament. Thankfully I'm also able to regenerate my physical body.'

Although Tyrant had yet to reach the level of being able to regenerate his brain with his will like those on the path of Knights, he was already able to make use of the Gray Robed Mages' black magic to regenerate his physical body.

Back when he first encountered Fang Xingjian and battled against him, Tyrant had already regenerated his physical body before. He had even been able to turn himself into a flesh bangle, let alone being able to regenerate his brain.

However, upon thinking of Benjamin's enraged expression, Tyrant chuckled. "Although ordinary people won't be able to react in time, over half of the Conferred Knights in the city can probably see it. Furthermore, everyone can smell the disgusting stench. Let's see if you still have the face to continue staying in the Great Western Region to give command.

'If you can tolerate even this, then I'll change to another method.'

Returning to the training room in the Sacred Land with a light heart, Tyrant saw that Fang Xingjian, Fang Qian, Lilia, Zhou Xingwen, Anderson, as well as Ferdinand and Robert who had been tasked to handle businesses and gather materials, were in the hall. Governor Devitt and Head of Department James, who had recently been dealt a great blow by the First Prince's influences, had also arrived.

Fang Xingjian asked, "How is it?"

Tyrant shrugged and said, "Hehe, he probably won't come to look for our trouble for a while."

However, everyone else's thoughts were no longer on Tyrant. Right now, all of their gazes were being enticed by the gold bars that had almost filled up the entire training room. The gold bars had been brought out by Tyrant from the Gates of the Netherworld before he left.

Ferdinand's eyes were glowing as he stared at those gold bars and shouted, "Xingjian, where did you get so many gold bars?"

Fang Xingjian shook his head with no intention of telling Ferdinand. Instead, he merely asked, "It seems that during this period of time while I was in seclusion, the situation hasn't been too good?"

James sighed and explained the current situation together with Governor Devitt.

Although Fang Xingjian had already heard some of the news from Fang Qian, she was not directly involved and as such probably did not know of many classified secrets.

Ever since the First Prince came out from seclusion, not only had he been changing the people in power and increasing his authority, he had personally led his strongest subordinates, including the Dark Knight, to take lead of the Xingwu Region.

Amongst the eight great regions, the Xingwu Region was basically the region which the Empire had the weakest control over.

It was because there was the Myriad Star Palace and the Full Moon Shrine in the Xingwu Region.

The Astral Ancestor, who was the Palace Lord of the Myriad Star Palace, and the Blue Sacred Moonlight, who was the Full Moon Shrine's leader, were two of the ten Divine level experts in the Empire.

It could be said that in the Xingwu Region, even the government had to pay heed to the tiniest movements of the two great factions. The words of either the Astral Ancestor or the Blue Sacred Moonlight were much more effective than those of anyone else in the Xingwu Region.

After the First Prince came out from seclusion this time around, he had sent his subordinates to various places, trying to swap out the people, who held positions of power throughout the country, with his own subordinates. Simultaneously, he implemented changes to the system for the Regional Academy and the Governor, gathered power in the central government, and increased the country's stock of military arms. He also personally took charge of the Xingwu Region, signalling that he was going to incorporate all the factions throughout the country into his troops. The First Prince would unite the government and people together as one, and there would be no more wild Knights. Right now, his first targets were the two Divine level factions in the Xingwu Region.

The series of magnificent reforms astounded everyone, taking everyone's breath away.

"How is this possible?!" Fang Qian was the first one to say in disbelief, "For the government and the people to come together as one, for there to be no more wild Knights, for there to be no more factions that aren't placed under control... He wants to be both the King as well as the leader of the martial world. How is that possible?

"Just from amongst the ten greatest experts in the Empire, the Myriad Star Palace's Astral Ancestor, the Eight Directional Crimson Dragon's Undying Xia 1 , the Full Moon Shrine's Blue Sacred Moonlight, and the Great River Alliance's Fist Emperor... All of them come from various religious sects, factions, and dojos. How will it be possible for him to suppress everyone just by himself?

"And the Holy Orison is from the Church of Universal Truth... The previous Supreme Chief, Sword Slash of the Secular World from The School of Sword Arts that is under the First Prince, is also one of the ten Divine level experts. How will it be possible...?"

Head of Department James shook his head and said, "Sword Slash of the Secular World has already joined the royal family and will soon be given the title of a Prince by His Majesty. It's currently still absolute classified news that The School of Sword Arts will be absorbed into the Empire's academical system. However, this news will probably be announced to the world within a week."

Hearing this world-shattering news, everyone present felt a bout of dizziness. Zhou Xingwen mumbled, "Magnificent work, it's really a piece of magnificent work. Once the First Prince really achieves this, all the important positions in the world's eight regions, all the Conferred Knights, and all Divine level experts will all be in his control.

"The central government will have gathered all the power in their hands, and no one will be able to go against governmental orders. The royal family will have even gathered all the resources in the world. This will be the most prosperous era since the founding of the country. The First Prince's status and reputation will also have reached a new height like never before."

Just then, Fang Xingjian asked, "What about the Second Prince? Where did he go?"