Chapter 522: First Onslaught

 Chapter 522: First Onslaught

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"Where is Beijing?"

"What is a mental health center?"

"This person's clothes are very strange."

Just as the many deceased souls were looking at the man in a white coat with curiosity and doubt, an elderly man walked out slowly while holding onto his cane. He asked, "You said that you're from Beijing?"

The little girl asked, "Grand Duke Alba? You're from the Jade Dynasty 5,000 years ago. Do you know of this Beijing?"

This man who was called Grand Duke Alba was a top scholar of the Jade Dynasty, which had ruled over the world 5,000 years ago. Everyone was filled of admiration for his great knowledge.

Grand Duke Alba nodded and said, "The world that we're in has been subject to some kind of unknown curse. Based on the records on the Book of Origin, a total of 12 disasters will descend upon us. They can also be referred to as the 12 onslaughts.

"Each time before the disasters descend, the God of Universal Truth will increase the density of ether particles in order to protect this world, causing the abilities of human to strengthen at a rapid rate. It will also allow the souls of deceased people like ourselves to have another chance to return to the human world.

"In addition to my experience while I was still alive, this is already the third time I'm here to fend off against the danger."

Hearing Grand Duke Alba's words, everyone was shocked. This old man, who appeared to have a low profile, could be the one with the highest cultivation and knew the most mysteries amongst all of the people present.

"However, before the Book of Origin existed, legend has it that before the first onslaught, there was once a generation which was known as the Miracle Generation. It was a very, very amazing generation, but due to the first onslaught, the civilization of that generation was destroyed completely.

"With the successive appearance of the onslaughts, the records which were left behind could be said to be pathetic. I only got to know of Beijing from visiting countless ancient monuments."

As Grand Duke Alba finished speaking, the gaze everyone directed toward the man in a white coat was now totally different. It was now full of reverence, curiosity, and respect.

This was especially because the other party's information had existed for such a long period of time. So, how powerful would his will be?

As the top scholar of the Jade Dynasty, Grand Duke Alba had great enthusiasm toward history. At this moment, he looked at the man in a white coat and asked, "May I ask, what was the civilization of the Miracle Generation like before the first onslaught?"

"Oh? You're asking this...?" The man wearing white coat scratched his head, seemingly troubled. "It's a little hard to explain with just words."

"That's alright," Grand Duke Alba said, "Right now, we're all just information. We don't have any power, but it's very convenient for us to communicate as long as you're willing to transmit your information. You just need to think of what you've seen or heard. Then we'll be able to see them."

"Oh, is that so?" The man in a white coat clapped his hands together and said, "Then that's fine. Back in our generation, things were really very interesting."

Then a magnificent scene appeared before the many monsters, heroes, sovereigns, and experts.

On a small planet, various heroes, who could surpass lightspeed, move planets, and travel across time, were engaged in battle. Superman, The Flash, Thor, Hulk... Many powerful characters displayed astonishing strength.

Outside the planet, there were various gods, buddhas, devils, and angels... All of them were paying close attention to the humans' planet.

They watched as Galactus devoured a planet, Superman lifted up an entire continent, and a race called the Saiyans destroyed world after world.

"Wait a minute. Why are the Saiyans drawn?"

"Oh, they aren't real," the man wearing white coat said. "You must remember that people like the Saiyans, Pirate King, and Naruto are all fake, while Superman, The Flash, Sun Wukong, and Santa Claus are real."

Seeing that everyone was nodding seriously, the man in a white coat continued to recall, "Let me tell you, people like you guys who continue staying on your own planets won't have good future prospects. Only people like Luke Skywalker, who left his planet and went through tough training, would be able to save the entire galaxy."

The little girl asked, "Who is Luke Skywalker?"

The man wearing a white coat said emotionally, "He is a great warrior, a hero who is well-known throughout the galaxy. He is also my mentor."

Then there were scenes of all sorts of spacecrafts, battlecruisers, the Death Star, and the Zergs 1 .

Watching the humans' fleet of aircrafts cruising along in the galaxy, fighting against various robots, Zergs, orcs, and Protoss, Grand Duke Alba was taken aback, "This is the Miracle Generation? How powerful... To think that a generation like this was destroyed..."

Just then, the man in a white coat had also gotten an understanding of the history of Miracle World though his exchange with Alba.

The man in a white coat said, "I didn't expect that humans would be placed though such a trial either. I probably died before the first onslaught. It's a pity that my great cultivation wasn't put to use."

By now, everyone was already gazing at the man in a white coat with respect and awe.

Seated on the back of a black dragon, Morodo-the king of the ocean, king of the sky, and king of the earth-said, "We have yet to ask for you name... Sir, what do you think that we should be doing now?"

"I'm called Taiyi," the man in a white coat said with a solemn expression. "People call me True Lord Qingshan. I once killed millions and millions of living creatures, journeyed through a myriad of worlds, and managed to wipe out an endless stretch of the universe with just a light tap of my finger.

"After reaching the very top,I became disillusioned with the mortal world and lived a reclusive live in the Beijing Mental Health Center, contributing to humanity's mental evolution.

"If you can believe in me, we'll unite and face this seventh onslaught together."


"True Lord Qingshan, go on. We'll all listen to you."

"Everyone shall listen to True Lord Qingshan!"

"Then I shall take this responsibility upon myself!" Taiyi let out a loud bellow and said, "Since that's the case, let's make a blood oath today to form an alliance, unifying our forces as a group in order to stand up against the seventh onslaught. I announce that the name of the group shall be called ' Shang 2 '.

"Right now, our first goal is for everyone to be able to be revived by borrowing another body. We'll then gather all the reincarnated people in the world to join forces to fend off the seventh onslaught."


Elsewhere, Fang Xingjian returned to the Sacred Land. The moment he did, he saw that Fang Qian was floating in midair, and burning gray flames were burning all over her body.

"What a strong diabolic energy," Tyrant said as his brows twitched, "At this level, she can probably be a match for a Demigod with two tiers of perfection."

Half a year ago, Fang Qian had only been able to stand up against a Demigod with one tier of perfection. Furthermore, although it was easy for magic prints users to level up, they would need to train up slowly in order to advance after reaching level 29.

Now, the power of Fang Qian's magic prints had gotten so strong that she could even stand against a Demigod with two tiers of perfection. What a terrifying progress rate this was! It showed how great the effects of the world's metamorphosis were.

Following the arrival of the two people, Fang Qian abruptly opened her eyes. When she looked at Fang Xingjian, her eyes glimmered with a yearning to try fighting against him.

For the past three months, not only had the density of ether particles increased, but it had also gotten increasingly easier to gain diabolic energy. This allowed Fang Qian's confidence to soar tremendously, and she even wondered if she could try challenging Fang Xingjian.

However, just when she merely revealed a hint of this thought on her face, Fang Xingjian threw her a slight glance.

With just this one glance, Fang Qian felt as if a basin of cold water had been poured over her head.During just this one glance, she felt as if she had already been torn up into many pieces, with a myriad of swords piercing into her hearts. The strong feeling of death encompassed her entire body, and the diabolic energy on her body went out of control. The gray flames broke down, and she dropped to the ground.