Chapter 521: Splitting Up

 Chapter 521: Splitting Up

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After using much effort to finally calm the seas, Tyrant wiped his forehead and said, "That was so tiring... I'll need at least a week to replenish the energy that I've depleted today."

Fang Xingjian inhaled deeply, and the surrounding wind and clouds started to move like, a strong gale was going to blow.

He breathed in a tremendous amount of ether particles into his lungs, but compared to his depletion from earlier, it was far from being adequate.

Fang Xingjian said, "Although the ether particles density has increased by a lot, we've yet to attain perfection in our ether organs. Thus, our abilities to absorb energy and information from ether particles are insufficient, and our rate of recovery is still too slow compared to our depletion rate."

Tyrant sensed the ether particles in the air and said, "With such a high density of ether particles, the cultivation speed for many people has quickened. However, if the will of second transition Conferred Knights aren't strong enough, it would be easier for them to become deranged when faced with an amount of information that is so many folds more, right?"

Fang Xingjian nodded and looked toward the Sea God's location in the sea. Tyrant, who was beside Fang Xingjian, looked over as well. "A purple fish? Oh, that's not right. He seems to be a magic prints Warrior?"

Just as the two of them looked toward the Sea God, the latter's face turned ghastly, and his muscles shivered fiercely like a bolt of lightning had just passed through him. The purple light all over his body swelled up, as if wanting to instantly split the sea into two. In the blink of an eye, the Sea God had shot out over ten kilometers in distance as though something was chasing after him.

'I have to leave! I have to leave immediately!

'To think that there are such terrifying people in Miracle World!

'It's better to head north. I mustn't make an enemy out of these two people.'

In that instant, the Sea God left for somewhere very far away, swearing to stay far away from the shores of the Western Sea from then onward. He would never return to this place again.

Tyrant smacked his lips as he looked at the Sea God, who had escaped far into the distance, with a hint of greed. He ran his hand through his hair, which was emitting white light, and asked, "Aren't we going to capture him?"

"I don't know him, and we don't have any feuds with him. So, there's no need to bother," Fang Xingjian said. Then he looked toward the Great Western City and beckoned, "Come, let's head back."


Inside an extraordinarily extravagant manor in Great Western City, the place was completely pitch black, and all the servants had disappeared, leaving behind an eerie feeling.

This was Hildebrand's initial manor. This person, who had been favored by the gods, was ranked third in the Regional Academy.. Ever since his grandfather, his clan's pillar and a Demigod who had attained one tier of perfection, died three months ago, the status of his clan had plunged rapidly and great conflict had arisen between the various branches. The clan's influence and wealth had continued to crumble, and Hildebrand then became extremely depressed and fired all the servants in the manor.

It was said that he would drown himself in alcohol everyday, and there would occasionally be terrifying shouts coming from deep within the manor.

In the basement of the manor, Hildebrand grabbed his head while kneeling down. His eyes were agape, and his pupils moved unconsciously. Currently, his expression was hideous.

"Get out!

"All of you get out right now!"

"It's no use. Hand over your body."

"Give it to me!"

"No, give your body to me!"

"All of you, scram! His body is mine!"

For the past three months, the density of ether particles had increased rapidly. Not only was there more energy, but the information contained in the ether particles had also increased. The cultivation for Conferred Knights also faced more challenges to one's will.

Ether particles contained various information about the past, present, and future, Of course, they also contained a lot of personal information. Throughout history, countless people of great personage had left behind information remnants of themselves.

It could be said that there were both advantages and disadvantages to Knights that the experiences, history, and other information could bring.

It was just like how when Fang Xingjian was in the Sacred Land. His will had been strong enough, so he had been able to directly learn the sword arts experiences left behind by experts in the past.

People with weak wills would be affected by the flood of personal information and end up in a deranged state.

Therefore, when facing the rapidly increasing ether particles, powerful Knights would be able to directly read these pieces of information, pick out their essences, and thereby improve their cultivation.

For people whose wills were not strong enough, they could go crazy or even enter a vegetative state.

Due to the density of ether particles being too strong and there being too much information, they could be affected in completely new ways. The cultivator could be affected by these waves of personal information and result in having split personalities.

It would be like the rumor of getting possessed by deceased souls, with the deceased souls being revived.

For the past three months, Hildebrand had plunged down to the lowest point of his life. Under such a situation, a tremendous amount of information had gushed into his brain. Many things that represented a person's memories and emotions slowly sedimented into his mind, throwing his brain into an increasingly chaotic state.

In Hildebrand's consciousness, a red-haired middle-aged man said, "Give up, Hildebrand. Right now, your will is heavily scarred. If this were to go on, the personal information of more and more people will enter your mind, and you will go completely crazy."

Another golden-haired fatty popped out into his consciousness and said, "Damn it! This is also the first time I've encountered something like this. The last time I woke up, it should have been several hundred years ago."

"This isn't called awakening," a monster who was covered with countless heads and tentacles all over said, "It's just that the density of ether particles has increased, causing the personal information of people like us, who have already died a long time ago, to gush into his body. We've been revived once again with the help of his brain."

"As ghosts?"

"We can also be said to be his other personalities."

Several ten sets of consciousness of weird shapes and sizes continued to quarrel in Hildebrand's brain, attempting to seize a space for themselves to survive.

Hildebrand bellowed, "All of you, scram!"

"You must be kidding me. I'm the world's top swordsman from 300 years ago..."

"I'm the Guardian King of the Church of Universal Truth..."

"Hehehehe... How I wish I can kill all of you..."

"I'm the King of Darkness, the number one genius in black magic from over 1,000 years ago. Listen to me..."

"Everyone hold it. Let's listen to what this idiot has to say."

All of them were great experts to have been able to leave behind their information in ether particles, still survive after entering a Knight's consciousness, and even to the extent of being able to be 'revived' in a Conferred Knight's consciousness.

Right now, too many pieces of personal information and memories had been absorbed into Hildebrand's consciousness. If they were to start fighting, there would be no end to it, since none of them would be willing to give in.

Just then, in Hildebrand's mind, another set of consciousness was starting to awaken after having gained sufficient memories and other information.

In Hildebrand's consciousness, a man wearing a white coat slowly opened his eyes. Before him, there were giants who were thousands or tens of thousands times taller than him. There were also extremely hideous monsters, as well as people who seemed to have been Kings who ruled over the mortal world.

Looking at the other wills which were exuding extremely dangerous auras, the man in a white coat rubbed his eyes and said, "Am I dreaming?" He tried to feel his body and asked, "Can someone explain what is going on?"

"Loser," a strong man who was covered in golden armor all over and riding on a black dragon said, "I'm Morudo, king of the ocean, king of the sky, and king of the earth. I stand above all the gods..."

Another kid who was wearing a gown said impatiently, "You're but the ruler of a small island. You are a Divine level with three tiers of perfection from 3,000 years ago. If you had been born 500 years later, I would definitely have kicked you like a ball."

The little girl looked at the man wearing a white coat and said, "Kid, the seventh onslaught is coming. Do you understand? Anyway, this body is in a very bad situation. Tell us who you are first. If you have a great background, we might listen to you."

Countless monsters, heroes, and priests looked at the man wearing a white coat. The man blinked and said, "Erm, I remember that I was working in the Beijing Mental Health Center previously."