Chapter 520: Could It Be That They Are Gods?

 Chapter 520: Could It Be That They Are Gods?

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Deep under the sea, a great army of troops, with over 100,000 in number, were swimming at rapid speed.

They were all monsters whose upper bodies were close to that of humans, but their lower bodies were fish tails.

These monsters had pointed ears, and their eyes emitted a faint fluorescent light. Their teeth were extremely sharp, with each tooth being as sharp as a blade.

The even more astonishing thing was their speed when they were swimming in the sea.

Even at a depth of over 10,000 meters underwater, they were totally unaffected by the pressure of the water and could swim at a rapid speed of over 80 kilometers per hour. This was a great display of their terrifying physical attributes.

The more astonishing things were the prints on these monsters, which incessantly emitted faint purple light containing hints of mysterious aura.

At the very front of this army was a merman whose size was ten times bigger than that of the others. The length of his body was over 20 meters, and he had a total of six arms. He wore a set of pitch-black armor, which covered his densely packed purple prints. His aura was especially astonishing. It was deep like the sea, making him seem like a sovereign of the seas.

"Finally! I've finally succeeded!"

This man, who was like the legendary merman, called himself the Sea God, and he was among the first batch of people who had come to Miracle World from Earth. He was also among the earliest batch of magic prints Warriors.

The purple magic prints that the Sea God cultivated were different from other magic prints. People with purple magic prints had the ability of reproducing, propagating, and making copies of themselves.

They could achieve something as minor as propagating their own body parts for self-recovery, or something as major as continuing to reproduce and increase their energies.

After over ten years of tough cultivation, the Sea God had not only attained the Divine level, but he had also reproduced subjects under the sea, reaching a count of several million.

He could ceaselessly reproduce various mother bodies, including worker mother bodies, warrior mother bodies, constructor mother bodies, and so on. These mother bodies could then endlessly reproduce by using themselves as the prototype. They could create tens of thousands of various mermen, including worker mermen, warrior mermen, and constructor mermen.

The army of 100,000 behind the Sea God was a carefully nurtured merman army created by his duplication and self-reproducing abilities.

This was even more evident as his subjects had improved tremendously in the recent couple of months following the world's metamorphosis. The army he was leading now had a total of 100,000 mermen, and each of them had a battle prowess of the first transition or higher. Amongst them, 10,000 of them had even reached to be of the second transition or higher.

However, their development had also depleted a large amount of the resources he had at the bottom of the Western Sea. It was getting harder and harder to mine for resources, and the rate of their development was increasingly slowing down.

'From what I know, such military prowess is already stronger than the Empire on the shores of the Western Sea,' the Sea God made a judgement. 'Now, I only have to fight my way onto the shores, killing my way through and gain all sorts of experiences and resources. Then my subjects will be able to continue to reproduce and level up.'

'With 10,000 magic prints Warriors at level 29, 100,000 magic prints Warriors at level 29, or even one million magic prints Warriors at level 29... So what if we encounter Divine level experts? We'll still crush them with our numbers!'

The Sea God was full of disdain toward the common theory in Miracle World of using an individual's martial power to crush an entire group.

To him, the reason no one could crush Divine level experts with numbers was only because the number of people was too small.

'Wait till I've pillaged my way, creating ten million second transition magic prints Warriors. By then, all Divine level experts will have to give way to us! Having a great number of troops is the strongest power, and it is the way of the King! Hurrah to the human wave attack tactic! [1] 1 ' As these thoughts ran through the Sea God's mind, his eyes burned with great zeal.

As long as he could take over the Western Sea shores and create an army with over one million in number before the Empire could react, he would not be afraid even if two or three Divine level experts were to appear. Moreover, the Sea God himself was also a Divine level expert.

As long as he could lead his army to the shores of the Western Sea and kill his way through while strengthening his army, he would already have become an influence that no one in the world could undermine by the time everyone else noticed what was happening. He would be like the Myriad Star Palace or The School of Sword Arts, an existence which even the Empire's royal family could not eradicate and could only seek to form an alliance with.

Just as the Sea God was thinking of these, a light pillar came down from the skies, piercing through the boundless sea and landing onto the sand at the bottom of the sea.

Accompanied by a rapid spread of high temperatures, countless bubbles were created in the sea water, and waves of huge explosions occurred at the bottom of the sea. The waves of great turbulence were produced, and they attacked the Sea God's army.

"There's an expert!"

The Sea God opened his eyes and activated his Divine level will. Streams of purple light burst forth explosively, forming many barriers to block off the impact of the great explosions. The explosions only gradually disappeared after ten whole minutes, but the turbulence produced at the bottom of the sea continued on. They even formed reverse currents in the sea, causing the water to seethe.

The Sea God let out a sneer and got his army to wait on the spot for further instructions, while he darted out at a great speed toward the surface of the water.

The Sea God's speed was extremely fast. Even if he was just using his physical strength, he would be able to travel across a distance of over 1,000 meters. In a few seconds, he had already gotten close to the surface of the water. He pushed his head out of the water, casually did a scan with his martial will, and discovered Fang Xingjian and Tyrant who were standing in midair.

'Who are these two kids?'

Just as the Sea God was thinking of this, white light shot out from Fang Xingjian's palm.

That terrifying light with a high temperature and astonishingly high pressure was like a sun had plunged down from the sky, smashing into the water. Wherever the light passed by, the air and sea water would all be heated up into plasma.

A large amount of sea water was being evaporated. The high temperatures, which reached several thousand, ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand degrees celsius, heated up countless animals, boiling up the area within several kilometers into a batch of seafood chowder.

The white light once again pierced through layers of the sea, continuously heating up the seawater and eventually unleashing a great explosion at the bottom of the sea.

The explosion blasted through a large piece of the rock stratum at the bottom of the sea, and seawater seeped through, causing unrest on the surface of the sea. Therefore, new waves started sweeping out in all directions, with a part of them being negated after coming into contact with the tsunami from earlier. The rest of the waves continued to dash out toward the shore.

'Damn it, it's coming toward me?

'How on earth did they find out about my operation?

'These two people are really powerful. Are they the Empire's Divine level experts?'

Just as the terrifying attack was unleashed, the Sea God retreated frantically. The purple martial will was like a cocoon of light, protecting him and continuously fending off the repercussions from the attack.

That was right. This attack, the God-Perishing Palm, was not targeted at him to begin with. Therefore, the Sea God only needed to fend off the repercussions of the attack.

'What powerful means. But it's a pity that you missed.' The corners of the Sea God's lips curled up into a cold smile. 'Then it's my turn to make a move.'

In the sky, Fang Xingjian frowned. "It seems to be worse?"

"Mmmm..." Tyrant put out his palm. "Idiot. The explosion you created is even more powerful than mine. The tsunamis weren't able to negate each other. I'll have another go."

The Sea God was just about to make a move when another light pillar, which seemed to be able to pierce through the world, descended. All of the seawater on the surface seemed to be boiling, incessantly seething and releasing steam while producing bubblings sounds.

'Hmph, are the two of you trying to deplete my martial will by taking turns to attack?

'But you've missed again. Is it because the power from this attack is too powerful and thus hard to control? Is that why it's easy to miss?'

The Sea God's gaze focused on them, and his purple martial will grew increasingly condensed, keeping away the high temperatures and pressure while continuously protecting his physical body.

However, this was just the beginning. As the two people in the air took turns to attack, the despair in the Sea God's gaze grew.

"That won't do. You've exerted slightly more power again this time around. I'll have another go."

"No, no... You've exerted slightly less this time around."

"The tsunami seems to be growing bigger and bigger."

"Mmm, it's 500 meters tall now."

"It's still not working... There's a bit too much power..."

"There's too much steam. There's going to be a storm. Tyrant, go blow them away."

"The volcano at the bottom of the sea is going to erupt. This shouldn't be the case... How many meters have we broken into the earth's crust?"

If the Sea God's gaze had the initial expression of being on guard and feeling grim, then one minute later, his gaze had turned into that of astonishment and terror.

Five minutes later, the Sea God's gaze turned into one of anguish and despair.

Ten minutes later, his eyes were filled with numb emotions as he lifted his head to look at the two people who were standing in midair. He thought, 'These two people are so powerful... Could it be that they are gods?'