Chapter 519: Eruption

 Chapter 519: Eruption

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Tyrant looked at the nine figures who were headed toward them and suddenly smiled, "Stridor? Why have you come here?"

The nine figures surrounded Fang Xingjian and Tyrant. Unexpectedly, all nine of them who were wearing gray robes looked exactly the same.

Hearing Tyrant's words, the nine silhouettes by the name of Stridor spoke at the same time, "Tyrant? You dare rebel and join Fang Xingjian?"

Tyrant shrugged and communicated with Fang Xingjian through his will. "This guy is one of the three greatest geniuses the Terrene Shrine has nurtured in the recent ten or so years. In the past, he was of around the same level as me.

"His ability is to split and clone himself. However, the highest number he can reach is only ten. There's one more that's always hidden so that he can remain safe."

Tyrant looked at Stridor and said, "Don't say stuff like rebellion. We're all Gray Robed Mages. We place our faith in god and are loyal to ourselves.

"I now have new ideas toward the future and am no longer interested in the Terrene Shrine. As for you... You've been waiting here... Could it be that you're waiting for us?"

Stridor let out a sneer and said, "I was originally only here to capture Fang Xingjian. I hadn't expected to meet you who have rebelled. It doesn't matter. I'll capture the two of you together.

"It's such a pity. Three months ago, I might not be a match for the two of you. However, the world has undergone a metamorphosis, and in these past three months, I've received a qualitative improvement from who I was in the past." Streams of gray light rose from all nine Stridors concurrently. With the surges of light, it was as if there were nine gray suns in the sky.

Looking at the Gray Robed black magic that was about to be unleashed, Tyrant smiled, "Qualitative improvement? It's the same for me."

The speed at which Stridor performed his black magic was very fast. This was especially the case when all nine of his clones performed the black magic at the same time. It increased the black magic's effect and prowess.

Gray Robed black magic focused on using the power and flesh of living creatures from an alternate world.

A large black hole suddenly appeared, and a figure that was several hundred meters tall slowly emerged from it.

It was a huge nine-headed snake with a height of several hundred meters and a body covered in scales.

Even when it was all curled up, its body was several hundred meters tall, and each of its heads was like a skyscraper. This huge snake weighed several hundred thousand tons.

The snake emerged from the dimension door and landed in the sea. It was as if ten aircraft carriers had been dropped into the water at the same time, sending several ten thousand tons of seawater splattering into the sky and then falling back down as a heavy rain.

Concurrently, its nine heads swayed incessantly, releasing many astonishing cries which spread out far into the distance.

"Level 10 black magic, Hydra," Stridor began. However, he did not seem to want to take action immediately. So, instead, he continued to speak slowly, "Three months ago, the Black Mage King was the only one in the entire world who could perform level 10 black magic. However, after three months of tough cultivation, I'm now able to perform level 10 black magic as well."

"This Hydra has a body that's close to being indestructible. Its physical strength can destroy a small island or lift up an entire city. Each of its heads holds the power of a different disaster, and it can freely unleash nine types of level 1 to 10 black magic.

"Do you know that it..."

While Stridor was still giving his introduction, Tyrant had already charged out to stand before one of the Hydra's heads. As Tyrant wrapped his two hands around one of snake's chins, the power throughout his body erupted explosively. Then piercing white light burst out from his body as if white flames were burning on his body.

How strong was Tyrant's battle prowess right now? Even he himself was not sure. His physical body was currently that of a Demigod with two tiers of perfection, and he had even engulfed the bodies of two Divine level experts in a row.

The even more terrifying thing was that after he underwent training together with Fang Xingjian using nuclear radiations, 1.08 billions of physical particles had gotten stimulated in his body. It was a feat which had not been achieved before.

Putting aside the prowess of his martial will and looking solely in terms of physical body and strength, Tyrant was even more terrifying than some Divine level experts.

With this abrupt explosion, an overwhelming force came gushing out from his body immediately. Streams of vital energy and blood erupted from his body, and the Hydra's chin became deformed. Its entire body, which weighed several hundred thousand tons, was sent flying with a boom. Tyrant had tossed it into the air with a single throw.


However, although Tyrant's strength was very powerful, the area it could affect was just his shoulders. Earlier, after tossing the Hydra over ten meters up into the air, Tyrant grabbed out with his two hands and managed to tear off a huge chunk of flesh off from the Hydra's chin.

Amidst its terrifying cries, the Hydra, with one of its heads covered with blood, was sent flying out a distance of several hundred meters.

Stridor's mouth was agape, as if he were looking at the descent of god.

Tyrant clenched his hands into fists, dissatisfied. Looking at the Hydra, that was now plunging down toward the sea, his mouth twitched. "Tsk, it's really heavy." As he spoke, he had already put out his palm, aiming its center at Hydra's location.

For the past three consecutive months, Tyrant had trained day and night in the nuclear radiation, continuously stimulating the power of physical particles. After doing that, not only did he manage to possess an extreme amount of energy, but based on the nuclear reactor's process, he had also finally created his own martial arts-Erupting God-Perishing Palm.

This represented that Tyrant had gradually gotten out of the black magic's restrictions and started to use his own power for battles.

At the next moment, scorching white light continued to come forth from the center of Tyrant's palm. A high temperature and pressure continued to extend out wildly toward the position he was aiming at.

In less than a second, light and heat which could penetrate the entire world had already fully and completely encompassed the Hydra, turning into a light pillar and shooting out toward the sea.

The atmosphere was being heated up, and the seawater continued to be evaporated. Under the great pressure from the atmosphere which was several hundred thousand times stronger than usual, the Hydra cried out crazily and in great agony. Streams of shock waves came crashing down, and it was as if there were countless experts attacking it at the same time.

The even more terrifying thing was that Tyrant showed no signs of stopping. The energy from his body continued to gush forth madly, and the light pillar continued to expand out. In the blink of an eye, it entered deeper and deeper into the sea, incessantly creating great explosions under the sea.

This carried on for ten whole seconds before Tyrant slowly came to a stop, and the scorching light coming from the center of his palm gradually dissipated.

When he lifted his head, there was no more Hydra to be seen.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh sounds rang out, and Stridor frantically escaped in nine different directions while wearing an astonished look. However, Tyrant slowly lifted up his finger and pointed toward the back of one of the clones.

At the next moment, his locked-on nuclear attack began. A corpuscular flow emitted crimson red light, shooting out from his fingertip and vaporizing Stridor, who had fled over ten kilometers away.

After nine consecutive attacks with his finger, nine streams of crimson red light pillars pierced through the air, crushing Stridor's body to the extent that nothing of it was left.

Tyrant grinned and said, "Right now, I seem to be overly strong."

However, Fang Xingjian looked at the sea under his feet and remarked nonchalantly, "You performed the God-Perishing Palm for far too long earlier. A huge explosion has occurred under the water, and it is going to cause a tsunami."

"Huh? Something like this can happen? " Tyrant scratched his head and asked, "Then what should we do?"

Fang Xingjian reached out his palm and pointed it to toward the sea while saying, "Try it one more time."