Chapter 515: Faraway

 Chapter 515: Faraway

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The Mage Association's headquarters was located in Phantom City, the capital of the Uranlis Federation which was on the shores of Miracle World's Western Sea.

At the center of the city, all the buildings were shrouded in a thin layer of fog.

Unlike Sky City which was the Empire's capital, Phantom City where the Mage Association was located was said to have been transferred to an alternate dimension. Although one could see it and hear it, without permission, one would never be able to enter it.

The tallest tower, which was over 1,000 meters tall, was located at the center of the Phantom City. This tower was the Magic Tower where the Black Mage King, the top expert in the Mage Association, was located.

Right now, Fang Xingchen, who was from the Fang Clan's third generation, was kneeling on the ground. After being tested to have the aptitude to become a Red Robed Mage, Fang Xingchen had become the disciple of the Black Mage King and had been cultivating in the Phantom City for the past two years.

Fang Xingchen, who was only about six years old, appeared to have grown to take on the appearance of a kid who was about 13 or 14 years of age. He now had a height of 1.5 meters, and he had also developed strong muscles.

In particular, his face looked mature and made it impossible for one to tell that he was only six years old.

There were now two small bumps on his forehead as if there were things nurturing inside them. It was clear that for the past two years, his training in the black magic of a Red Robed had progressed tremendously.

Right now, Fang Xingchen was kneeling on the floor, and his eyes were flashing with deeply rooted feelings of vengeance. "Master, my parents and grandmother were all forced to their deaths by that b*stard, Fang Xingjian. Please kill Fang Xingjian and help me take revenge."

Right in front of Fang Xingchen, there was an old man whose body appeared thin and dried up like a set of skeletons. The old man was seated in a rocking chair, rocking to and fro.

Hearing Fang Xingchen's words, the old man said slowly, "Xingchen, I won't take action for things like these.

"You want me to step out to deal with a mere Fang Xingjian, a b*stard kid who hasn't even attained the Divine level? What a foolish thought. Others would laugh if news of this were to spread.

"The most important thing in this world is one's reputation. If one is shamed and thus no longer has a strong heart and will, he won't be able to achieve anything in his cultivation."

Fang Xingchen lifted his head, seemingly unable to accept this, and protested, "But..."

The Black Mage King frowned, slapped the chair, and said, "Isn't it just the death of your parents? When I came out to explore the world at the age of ten, my entire family had been thrown into the river to feed the fish. Am I not still perfectly fine?

"If you want to exact revenge, then train yourself to reach greater heights. In another few years' time, you can press down on that b*stard's head and feed him faeces. This is how things should work."

Fang Xingchen lowered his head with a grim expression. It was clear that he was dissatisfied with this outcome.

Just then, a stream of gray fog seeped in slowly from the windows, forming a lump that faintly seemed to be the form of a human figure.

The Black Mage King's eyes shook a little, and the scar on his face that was like a centipede appeared increasingly savage. "Gray Worm? You aren't dead yet? You still dare to come to my place? Aren't you afraid that Silver Lunatic will chop you up?"

The person who had just arrived was one of the top notch characters amongst the Gray Robed Mages. He was the Worm King, a Gray Robed Mage and member of the Terrene Shrine's upper echelon who worked from the background.

Hearing what the Black Mage King said, the gray fog shivered a little and turned into an extremely large and ugly worm. He grinned and said, "It has been many years since we last met, but you're still as ugly as ever. The person Silver Lunatic wants to kill the most right now is probably you. He has no time to come and cause me trouble.

"The world's metamorphosis is coming, and the density of ether particles will be increasing by thousands or even ten thousands times. Cultivation speed will get increasingly faster, and the true path to what lies after the Divine level will be opening up soon. There'll be many more experts emerging from those people from the Church of Universal Truth."

"You're here to tell me about these?" The Black Mage King said with a cold smile. "When has our Mage Association been afraid of them? What on earth are you here for? If you still aren't going to say it, then I'll crush you, this worm, to death."

The Worm King's embodiment smiled as he said, "Fang Xingjian is from Earth, right? He killed quite a number of our people. I'm just here to ask one thing. Is he related to you guys?"

Hearing the name, 'Fang Xingjian', a hint of light flashed in Fang Xingchen's eyes. The Black Mage King shook his head and said, "You want to lay your hands on him? He isn't one of us and just came running over from Earth on his own. He seems to be of mixed blood of someone from Earth and someone from Miracle World. He has the body of someone from Miracle World and has even cultivated the Empire's path of Knights."

The gray worm revealed a satisfied smile. "I understand. Then we won't hold back anymore."

The Black Mage King said in disdain, "He's in Demonic City right now. You Gray Robed Mages are useless without diabolic energy. If you head to Demonic City, you may just be rounded up and killed by him."

"Hmph, I don't need you to tell me that. Of course, we have our ways."

"Then scram."


In the extreme north of Miracle World, passing by the plains of the Steel Lion Kingdom and then passing by the Markecel Papal State, there was where the frosty country, Manjaar, was located.

Manjaar's rule was unlike the governing structure that the Empire's royal family used to reign over the regions which ruled over the cities. It was also unlike the Federation system the Mage Association had, the free and unrestricted style of the Steel Lion Kingdom, and the slavery system in the Sand Country. Additionally, it was even more different from the religion based Papal State.

Manjaar, a country that was located in the frost, continued to have a primitive tribal structure.

The Chief of all the tribes was called King Manjaar.

This generation's King Manjaar was Netherwolf Zack, from the Frostwolf Tribe.

Right now, inside the Frostwolf Tribe, a silver-haired man was laying next to the bonfire, silently watching the meat grilling above the fire.

The silver-haired man appeared to be about 30 to 40 years of age. His skin was smooth, and he looked strong with a long and slender figure. Additionally, his eyes reflected endless vicissitudes of life.

Beside him was Manjaar's strongest expert and the current King Manjaar, Netherwolf Zack who had attained Divine level over 20 years ago. He was on his knees, helping the silver-haired man grill his meat while wearing an extremely respectful expression.

Suddenly, the tent was opened, and a young man with short silver hair walked in, accompanied by a strong stench of blood. The smell seemed to have turned into something material, wanting to enter everyone's noses.

Upon smelling this stench of blood, Netherwolf was almost on the verge of breakdown. He looked at the young man with short silver hair and asked, "What did you do?!"

The young man with short silver hair did not look at him but turned to the middle-aged man and said, "Master, I've killed all those who deserves to die."

The middle-aged man nodded. Beside him, Zack shouted in fury, "Who are you guys?! Who on earth are you guys? Why are you bathing my Frostwolf Tribe in blood?!"

Right now, the unrivalled Netherwolf, who had ruled over the entire ice plains, was wearing an expression of despair and fury.

He had been happily enjoying a hunt with a few Elders and Priests when these two people descended before them.

The middle-aged man had not made a move. The young man was the only one who had attacked consecutively, defeating all of the Frostwolf Tribe's Elders and Priests.

As the strongest expert of the ice plains, the Netherwolf had not been able to withstand a single punch.

With himself included, a total of three Divine level experts and over 20 warriors at level 29 had not even been able to withstand a mere greeting from the other party.

Hearing the Netherwolf's howl, the silver-haired middle-aged man threw him a sideward glance and said, "When your Frostwolf Tribe engages in battles with other tribes, it's a matter of survival of the fittest. Therefore, I won't care about it.

"However, one month ago, after you guys defeated the Shadowwolf Tribe, you did not just massacre their warriors. You people even raped the women and children, killed the pregnant ladies, tortured the young girls, and even dug out the fetuses in the women's stomachs, piercing them to death.

"The entire Shadowwolf Tribe was turned into a state of hell in the mortal world. This made me very unhappy.

"It made me... very upset.

"If you guys aren't killed, I won't be able to sleep tonight."

The silver-haired middle-aged man shook his head and said, "Your actions lack tact."