Chapter 513: Kneeling Down

 Chapter 513: Kneeling Down

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Just then, Fang Xingjian spoke again, "Third Uncle, do the two of you wish to keep your lives? If you're willing to mend your ways, turn over a new leaf, apologize to me... and if you can persuade Li Shuanghua to lower her head as well, I can consider giving you a way out."

The expression in Fang Yueming's gaze changed instantly, revealing a strong sense of hesitation. Although he now had neither extraordinary strength nor authority, it was still good to be able to remain alive. This was especially when Despot's and the Thunder Monarch's examples had just been shown to him so clearly. Fang Yueming was really terrified.

Li Meimei did not think about it too much and quickly pulled Fang Yueming to kneel down together with her as she said, "Xingjian, your talent is astonishing, and you've even shaken the entire world single-handedly with a single sword.

"We were short-sighted previously and could not recognize the majesty of Mount Tai. We were wrong to have looked down on you. Please be magnanimous and let us off this once. From today onward, we'll definitely repent on our ways and provide our full assistance to you."

The Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming, bellowed angrily, "What on earth are you saying?! Are you crazy?! Even if you don't mind the shame, I do!"

Li Meimei shouted as well, "Fang Yueming, you useless bum! It really is my bad luck of eight generations to have gotten married to you. You've been listening to what your mom said for your entire life, revolving your life around her. Just who exactly is your wife, her or me?

"This old lady has now gone crazy and wants to die. I don't want to be brought down together with her."

"You..." Fang Yueming looked at his own wife like he was looking at a stranger.

Li Meimei pulled Fang Yueming to make him stay kneeled down on the floor. She cried out, "Fang Yueming, can you be a man for once? Even Lord Thunder Monarch and Lord Despot have both submitted, yet you still want me to die together with you and your mother?"

Fang Yueming's expression kept changing. To begin with, he was a profligate son, and he was extremely fearful of death. However, when facing Fang Xingjian, he could never get himself to lower his stance.

However, after the Thunder Monarch, the Despot, and his wife submitted to Fang Xingjian in succession, he could no longer hold it in anymore.

Fang Yueming looked at Li Shuanghua and said, "Mother, the situation really is now set into stone. Why don't you just apologize? Moreover, no matter what, Xingjian is a member of our Fang Clan. If you're able to admit your wrongs and join forces with him, our Fang Clan will be the strongest clan on Earth. Haven't you always wanted to bring prosperity to our Fang Clan?"

"Shut up!" Li Shuanghua's eyes opened wide, and a rage, which was like nothing before, was burning in her eyes.

Even when Li Shuanghua had been defeated by Fang Xingjian previously and when she had her cultivation sealed up, there had never been such rage in her eyes. However, right now, even her youngest son whom she doted on the most had spoken up to persuade her to submit to Fang Xingjian. This filled up her will with great rage.

Li Shuanghua glared at Fang Yueming and said, "You defiant son! Are you also going to turn to this vile spawn Fang Xingjian and rebel against our Fang Clan? If he threatens you, then you should be demonstrating your will with death, not giving in even if he kills you!"

Hua Meimei shouted, "Mother! Yueming is your son! If you really dote on him, then just apologize to Xingjian. Do you really want to see your own son get killed?"

"Shut up, b*tch!" Li Shuanghua wanted to stand up and dash over to kill Hua Meimei, but her physical body was so weak now that she was about the same as an ordinary person. However, it took Fang Xingjian merely a single thought to stop her actions, rendering her unable to move. When Fang Xingjian saw this scene, he felt a strong exhilaration in his heart, and his mental cultivation method flowed increasingly smoother, as if all the negative emotions in his heart had been cleared up.

"You b*tch. As of today, you're expelled from the Fang Clan, and you're no longer a member of our Fang Clan. When I get out of this place, you'll be the first one to be killed by my hands."

Fang Clan's second son, Fang Yuehe, shook his head, "Mother, you're still thinking of getting out?"

Fang Yuehe had long since been completely disappointed by his mother's biased personality and stubbornness. At this moment, he pointed at his third brother and his wife, saying, "Mother, do you know that you've been too great of a failure in your management of the Fang Clan? In our process of taking over the Fang Clan, we haven't run into a hint of resistance at all. Everyone has long been against your rule, but we have just been suppressed by your overwhelming power.

"Look, even Third Brother, whom you doted on the most, wishes to go against you. Right now, you've been forsaken by everyone around you. Do you still not understand whether your way of doing things all these years is right or wrong?"

Every single muscle throughout Li Shuanghua's entire body started to tense up, and the will in her mind was being activated wildly. Although she was in so much pain that her expression appeared twisted, she was still summoning her strength madly, wanting to break out from Fang Xingjian's restrictions.

"You defiant son! Do you really think that you guys have gained the upper hand? As long as you don't kill me, I'll get out of this place one day. Then I'll suppress all of you and reform the Fang Clan!"

Fang Xingjian looked at Li Shuanghua's savage expression and felt extremely exhilarated. His mental cultivation method circulated faster and faster, and his mastery rose rapidly, showing signs of being able to attain another breakthrough. "Take them away."

Fang Yueming and Hua Meimei were taken away by the guards. At this moment, both Fang Yuemimg and Hua Meimei were truly anxious. Seeing that they were dragged out by the guards, Fang Yueming shouted out nervously, "Xingjian! Xingjian! Don't kill me! Please, I beg of you! As long as you're willing to let me off, I'll definitely be able to get the old lady to lower her head!

"Right now, she's but a cripple. If you allow me to put her through torture everyday and feed her with faeces, she'll definitely give in!"

Hua Meimei also shouted frantically, "Li Shuanghua, you old hag! Are you really going to just watch as your son and your daughter-in-law die like this? You old hag! Quickly kowtow to Fang Xingjian and apologize!"

Fang Xingjian smiled and said to Li Shuanghua, "Li Shuanghua, you're really a failure as a person. You can't even discipline your own child."

At this moment, Li Shuanghua seemed to have completely entered a calm state and said with indifference, "I'll just take it that I never had defiant children like these. As for my martial will, you can forget about getting me to lower my head before you, not even if you kill me."

"Of course, I won't kill you so easily. I'll only think of it as a victory after I get you to completely submit and lower your head before me." With that Fang Xingjian waved his hand and got the guards to leave Fang Yueming and Hua Meimei behind. He said, "Since you aren't willing to admit your mistakes no matter what, then I can only use violence to get you to submit."

As he spoke, Fang Xingjian had already brought Li Shuanghua, Fang Yuehe, Fang Yueming, and Hua Meimei to the Fang Clan's ancestral hall.

Looking at the spirit tablets before them, Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "Over two years ago, it was here that you used violence to force me to kneel. You threatened me, wanting for me to give up my freedom and become Fang Xingchen's slave for life.

"Li Shuanghua, how do you think I compare against Fang Xingchen with my achievements today?"

Li Shuanghua remained silent, and Fang Xingjian said, "Right now, my talent and cultivation are over 10,000 times more powerful than Fang Xingchen's. Li Shuanghua, these sons and that grandchild you brought up are nothing but a bunch of useless crap when compared with me. Do you still not understand?

"Two years ago, you tried to force me with violence. Today, I shall use violence to get you to repent and atone for your sins."

As he spoke, Fang Xingjian waved his hand. The air flowed and pushed Li Shuanghua right before the spirit tablet of Fang Xingjian's mother, Fang Yueru.

"Li Shuanghua, today, you can first kneel down to my mother and admit your mistakes. Repent and atone for your sins."

Looking at this scene, Li Shuanghua finally could not hold it in anymore, "B*stard, you want me to kneel down to this defiant daughter? Is your mother able to accept me kneeling before her? Aren't you afraid that she'll be overcome with anger in the netherworld?"