Chapter 511: Despot

 Chapter 511: Despot

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"Fang Xingjian, do you really think that I'm a three-year-old kid? If I kneel down and apologize, you won't kill me? If you want to break down my martial will and humiliate me, you'll have to tell a better lie than that.

"Now that things have come down to this, one of us will have to die. If you want to kill me, then go ahead. But you can dream on about humiliating me."

Li Shuanghua then looked toward Fang Yuehe and said coldly, "Defiant son, are you going to abet the enemy as well?"

Fang Yuehe lowered his head and spoke with indifference, "Mother, ever since you became the clan head, you've been doing whatever you wished without showing any restraint, going against logical thinking and showing favoritism. All you know how to do is to save all the good things for Third Brother. Do you really think that everyone accepts the way you do things?

"If it wasn't for the fact that you're powerful and a Divine level expert, everyone would have long since overthrown you from your position."

Li Shuanghua looked at Fang Yuehe, her eyes flashing with hints of fury. "Alright, alright, alright. Remember what you've said today. When I've recovered my power and regained control over the Fang Clan, the first person I will kill will be you, you defiant son."

"Mother, admit your loss," Fang Yuehe said calmly. "Things are already set in stone. Xingjian's sword arts have astonished the world. You don't have a chance."

Li Shuanghua merely sneered as she did not believe Fang Yuehe's words.

Therefore, the Fang Clan's second son, Fang Yuehe, said, "Mister Thunder Monarch and Mister Despot, please come in. Bring along Third Brother and his wife as well."

The Thunder Monarch, with a head of silver hair, and Despot, who had shrunk to a height of just slightly over two meters, walked in slowly.

The two of them no longer showed any signs of the imposing presence and valiance they previously had. Rather, they were just like ordinary people now. Clearly, they had also been crippled of their cultivation by Fang Xingjian. They could no longer summon any strength from their bodies, display any prowess from their martial wills, or unleash any extraordinary strength.

This was especially so when Fang Xingjian had dealt them serious injuries and then crippled them of their extraordinary strength immediately after. This prevented their wounds from recovering fully, forcing them to remain in a constant state of being severely injured. If it was not because Fang Xingjian had treated their lethal injuries, it was possible that their physical bodies would have died completely.

Watching this scene, Li Shuanghua's eyes narrowed, appearing to be just like a cat's. She stared at the two Divine level experts like she could not believe this.

Thereafter, the Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming, and Hua Meimei were both dressed in prisoner clothes as they walked in together. When they saw Li Shuanghua, who was held captive, strong feelings of despair flashed across their eyes. Then when they looked at Fang Xingjian, their hearts filled with emotions of hatred, fury, despair, and loss.

Seeing that their greatest support, Li Shuanghua, had lost to Fang Xingjian, they were at a loss, despairing over what the future had in store for them.

Fang Yuehe, who was standing by the side, continued to say, "Both Mister Thunder Monarch and Mister Despot were suppressed by Xingjian single-handedly and have been crippled of their cultivation. Right now, they are temporarily staying as guests at the Fang Clan's abode."

Hearing these words, Li Shuanghua's expression changed slightly. On the other hand, Fang Yueming's and Li Meimei's countenances changed drastically as greater feelings of despair filled their eyes. They started to look toward Fang Xingjian with pitiful gazes like they were begging for mercy.

Fang Xingjian could sense that with the appearance of the Thunder Monarch and the Despot, Li Shuanghua's will was clearly been shaken. Although she appeared as if there had not been any changes, she was, in actuality, very astonished by the Thunder Monarch's and the Despot's failure.

Fang Xingjian looked at Li Shuanghua and said, "Thunder Monarch, Despot, if the two of you are willing to show me your full support in the Earth's Federation from now onward and support Fang Yuehe, I can let you off. I can even consider removing the sword intent restriction I've placed on your bodies."


"Is that true?!"

Both the Thunder Monarch and the Despot lifted their heads in unison, looking at Fang Xingjian in disbelief. If they were in his shoes, having defeated two Divine level experts after so much effort, there was no way that they could let the two of them off so easily.

The Thunder Monarch frowned and asked, "Aren't you afraid that after we've regained our cultivation, we'll continue to go against you?"

Fang Xingjian spoke with indifference, "With my sword arts, it just takes a single thought for me to kill you guys. So what if you were to recover all of your cultivation?

"Even if the two of you were to attain a breakthrough again, it'll still be extremely easy for me to kill you, let alone if you were to recover your cultivation. If you don't believe me, you can try it out after you've recovered your cultivation."

Hearing what Fang Xingjian said, the two of them frowned and went into deep thought. The Despot was the first who could not bear it.

The Despot, who had gotten used to violence and a powerful physical body, really could not get used to being in a weakened state for three consecutive days. After all, his power had come from his physical body and spirit, which were the foundational aspects of an individual. How unaccustomed must he be feeling now that his cultivation had been crippled? How bad must he be feeling now?

It should be said that amongst the three Divine level experts present, the Despot was the one who had the greatest degree of reliance on his physical body.

Moreover, his current state was thanks to the strong will that Divine level experts had. If it were someone else, it was possible for the person to have committed suicide just like that.

Right now, after hearing what Fang Xingjian said, the Despot said directly, "Fang Xingjian, my conflict with you is merely because of Caroline. The branch that she belongs to has already been wiped out completely, and we've also handed her over to you.

"Therefore, the conflict between us is considered to be settled. As long as you can recover my cultivation, I, as well as the entire Onassis Clan, will serve you as our lord from today onward."

There was a mixture of both truth and lies in the Despot's words as it was impossible for him to have a high degree of loyalty to Fang Xingjian. If the situation were to change, it was very likely that he would rebel.

After all, which Divine level expert would not be faced with countless mysterious encounters and which of them would not be extremely talented? Moreover, which of them would not see themselves as the center in which the world revolved around?

However, after the Despot finished his words, Fang Xingjian merely nodded. "What you say makes sense." He then threw a sideward glance toward the Despot and said, "But who said that you can talk to me while standing up?"

As Fang Xingjian finished his words, the Despot's face immediately turned flush red. Traces of blood could be seen in his eyes as he said, "You want me to kneel down to you?"

"Didn't you say that you're going to revere me as your lord?" Fang Xingjian waved his hands, and an explosive surge of power burst forth. The air was compressed and turned into layers of pressure, pressing against the Despot's body. All these caused the Despot to slowly kneel down onto the ground.

Watching the Despot's bloodshot eyes and extremely savage expression, Fang Xingjian spoke nonchalantly, "You can't accept this?"

The Despot lowered his head. He was afraid that if he were to lift it, the killing intent in his eyes would be too obvious. Instead, he clenched his fists and let out a low bellow, "Fang Xingjian, enough! From today onward, the entire Onassis will revere you as our lord. Both my clan and I will become the Fang Clan's subordinates."

Accompanied with his actions and words, the Despot's eyes abruptly turned dark, and the martial will in his mind continued to shatter.

This sort of humiliation was a serious blow for a Divine level expert in the condensing of their martial will.

Despot said dejectedly, "I accept this."

Fang Xingjian nodded and tapped out with a single sword finger, removing the sword intent restriction he had placed on the Despot. Then he healed the damage he had dealt onto the Despot's brain.

The Despot grabbed onto his head and let out a agonizing cry. However, he soon stood back his feet, and the black magic prints throughout his body extended out continuously. His vital energy and blood started circulating, and his tendons, bones, and muscles began to stretch. His injuries had already begun to heal, and he was regaining his strength. In another one or two hours, he would probably be able to recover at least half of his battle power.