Chapter 506: One Against Two

 Chapter 506: One Against Two

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Fang Xingjian looked down at Li Shuanghua, who had collapsed onto the ground. He felt a sense of exhilaration he had never felt before, and the mental cultivation method in his mind continued to circulate at a rapid speed as if it would attain a breakthrough at any moment now.

Looking at Li Shuanghua's vengeful gaze, Fang Xingjian spoke with indifference, "Li Shuanghua, are you still unwilling to admit your defeat?"

With Li Shuanghua's character, as a Divine level expert and a powerful expert who had cultivated to such heights, how could she possibly admit her loss so easily?

Even if a blade was put against her neck, she still would not admit her loss easily.

"Vile spawn, you go against human ethics and are an ingrate. Even if you win by a little today, you'll definitely be drowned in sins in the future and won't end up with a good ending."

Fang Xingjian knew that it was impossible for Li Shuanghua to admit her loss so easily. If she did not have an unbending will, it would have been impossible for her to achieve the materialization of her will, thus becoming a Divine level expert.

Therefore, when he heard this, he just shook his head. "Since you aren't willing to admit your loss, there's no way that I'll let you off easily when you have Divine level power."

The White Bone Longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand tapped on Li Shuanghua's head as he said, "I'll give you one more chance. If you're willing to apologize to me, admit your loss, kneel down before my mother in the ancestral hall and admit your wrongdoings, I'll let you off.

"If you aren't willing, I'll cripple your lifetime of cultivation right now."

"Hahahaha," Li Shuanghua laughed. "Vile spawn, do you really think that you can threaten me with something as small as this? If you want to cripple me, then go ahead. But if you want me to apologize to you, admit my loss, and kneel down and apologize to that defiant daughter who brought shame to the clan, that's impossible.

"Moreover, do you think that you're invincible just because you've defeated me? There's still the Federation, as well as other Divine level experts on Earth. They won't let you do as you wish."

"The Federation? Other Divine level experts?" Fang Xingjian smiled. He paid no heed to Li Shuanghua, who could no longer move. Instead, he lifted his head and looked toward the west.

At the next instant, he abruptly disappeared and then reappeared over ten kilometers away. He then thrust fiercely toward the ground.

With a tremendous boom , Fang Xingjian landed fiercely onto the ground, sending endless amounts of sand soaring into the air. The sand scattered out in all directions as if several ten thousand jin of explosives had been lit. The people in the surroundings either fainted from the impact or were sent flying. Countless tents, pieces of furniture, amounts of food and drink were also overturned and sent several kilometers away.

The setup, which had been originally like that of an ancient Imperial Court, now only had two people left. One of them was the chimpanzee-like Despot who remained seated where he was, looking coldly at Fang Xingjian.

Beside him, the silver-haired and silver-eyed Thunder Monarch let out a deep bellow. As his voice rang out, numerous pieces of metal alloy came flying from all directions, assembling together on his body.

As a Divine level expert of the Ford Clan, which had the greatest technological power, the set of alloy armor the Thunder Monarch was wearing could be said to have reached the peak of Earth's current technology.

Not only was it equipped with a high intelligence system, but each piece of the armor had also been forged by many layers of special alloy. It allowed the user to move as they wished deep down at the bottom of the sea, in outer space, or even on the moon. While wearing the armor, the person would not suffer from a single scratch.

The various weapons the armor was equipped with included laser beams, missiles, machine guns, plasma beams, ultrasonic waves, and circular lightning bolts. It had the destructive force of an entire army of mechanized troops.

As for the Thunder Monarch himself, he was a user of yellow magic prints.

Unlike the magic prints of other colors, yellow magic prints strived for evolution. All of the cultivator's black magic and magic prints abilities would stimulate the cultivator ceaselessly, allowing them to evolve constantly.

Such evolutions were more generic, but there were also evolutions that were unique to every single person. The power obtained from evolution by each and every yellow faction magic prints Warriors or Yellow Robed Mages would differ based on their mentalities, experiences, and characters.

This would meant that the power of each yellow faction magic prints Warrior and Yellow Robed Mage would be unique and different from those of others as they continued to evolve. Although there might be similarities, it was impossible for any two powers to be completely identical.

The Thunder Monarch cultivated yellow magic prints, and through the constant evolutions, he had obtained lightning-type abilities. When put together with the high-tech weapons that the Ford Clan constantly developed, he now had an astonishing battle prowess.

With Fang Xingjian's appearance, the trio's martial wills continued to clash wildly in the air. Countless thoughts were being exchanged in that very instant.

"Fang Xingjian, are you insane?!"

"Are you going to take on the two of us by yourself?"

"The two of you can just fight at full power. Otherwise, if two Divine level experts were to die in my hands, it would be a great pity."

"You're a lunatic."

Confronted with Fang Xingjian's reply in that short exchange, both the Thunder Monarch and the Despot knew that there was no other way out.

Then at the next instant, lightning flashed incessantly all over the Thunder Monarch's body, and the alloy armor he wore was fully activated. Over 100 emitters lit up at the same time, and over 100 beams of laser were shot toward Fang Xingjian.

The Thunder Monarch had turned all of his lightning power into laser beams and shot them out.

Just when the over 100 laser beams hit Fang Xingjian's body, the King Kong-like Despot made his move as well.

Many black magic prints swelled up all over his body. In addition to that, his aura grew tremendously. A phantom image that had the exact same silhouette as himself and was 100 meters tall rose up behind him.

Amongst the 12 factions of black magic, the black faction, which consisted of black magic prints and Black Robed Mages, had always been seen as one of the three strongest factions in face-to-face combat, together with the gold and silver factions.

Cultivators of black magic prints would not have any other extraordinary abilities. The only ability that a black magic prints Warrior had was the ability to engulf other life forms and limitlessly strengthen their physical body and mind.

Although black magic prints Warrior would not have any other extraordinary abilities, their battle prowess would already be astonishing with just their terrifying physical bodies and minds. Simultaneously, as they engulfed lives to increase their battle power, they tended to experience tremendous improvements.

This was also the reason why cultivators of the black faction, like the Despot, had a great enthusiasm for massacre and would experience frequent mood swings.

With the Despot's abrupt outburst, the muscles under his skin started slithering like numerous huge and ancient dragons. Before the impact from his fists hit Fang Xingjian, Despot's fists had already completely sucked up the surrounding air. Even the ground under his feet had plunged by one meter due to this.

Despot's strength attribute had already surpassed 400 points. This was the first time that Fang Xingjian had seen someone with such a powerful physical body.

Moreover, it was not just his physical body. Behind Despot, that extremely massive phantom image, that was over 100 meters tall, was something which was condensed from his martial will. The amount of martial will condensed was even much greater than what Li Shuanghua had unleashed earlier.

In that instant, the Thunder Monarch and the Despot had joined forces. Both Divine level experts had a deep understanding of how terrifying Fang Xingjian was. Thus, they had both gone all out. Yellow magic prints and black magic prints both burst forth together.

Over 100 streams of laser beams struck Fang Xingjian's body, and within a millisecond, the Despot's fists quickly followed after. The phantom image behind him also struck from afar, sending out violent martial will gushing forth. It was as if there was a spiritual tsunami that was going to engulf Fang Xingjian's consciousness completely.

Faced with such terrifying attacks, Fang Xingjian only performed one sword attack.

The fifth God-Slaying Sword-Instant.

At the next instant, the alloy armor that could withstand several ten thousand tons of pressure exploded at the Thunder Monarch's chest. A big hole was blasted into his chest, and he was sent flying over 100 kilometers away. Along the way, he pushed away the atmosphere and sand dunes, as well as smashed and crushed numerous hills.