Chapter 504: One Sword

 Chapter 504: One Sword

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Fang Xingjian continued, "Li Shuanghua, as long as you're willing to go down on your knees and apologize to my mother, I'll let you off."

Fang Xingjian spoke very calmly, but with Li Shuanghua's character, how could she possibly agree? Not only could she not agree, but a hint of fury even flashed in her eyes.

"Your mother did not act in virtue and was deprived of morals and ethics. Moreover, she was my daughter, and I was the one who gave her life. Everything of a person is given to one by the parents. It's right and proper for me to take her life. What right does she have for me to kneel for her?"

Li Shuanghua bellowed, "You vile spawn! Scram down here!"

With this thunderous bellow, a martial will akin to a green tempest gushed fiercely toward the sky. Everywhere it passed by, the atmosphere was crushed into vacuum, and a force that could destroy an entire mountain smashed against Fang Xingjian's body. However, it clashed fiercely against the resisting pitch black Heaven's Volition Sword Intent.

Fang Xingjian's sword intent had improved and the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent had evolved. Although he still needed to deplete potential points in order to activate it, it could already take the initiative to protect Fang Xingjian.

Crackling sounds of explosions rang out ceaselessly and the surrounding air exploded from being compressed by the two waves of martial will.

Facing the attack from Li Shuanghua's martial will, the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent took the initiative to protect Fang Xingjian. It forcibly stopped the attack and stood as steady as Mount Tai.

However, Li Shuanghua was clearly not that simple. The fierce bellow was just the beginning. Accompanied by that explosive bellow, she stretched out her five fingers, grabbing fiercely into the void space.

The air within a range of ten li manifested as if it had encountered an absolute sovereign. At the same time, it was as if a black hole had suddenly appeared in the air. An endless amount of air crazily gushed toward Li Shuanghua's palm, and in the blink of an eye was compressed into a pure white sphere.

At the same time, her other hand struck out across space toward Fang Xingjian. Green light flashed explosively and the released attack was even more powerful than the explosive bellow from before. It clashed against the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent on Fang Xingjian. The tremendous sound of collision was just like the morning bell or the evening drum, resonating outward very far away.

This clash caused Fang Xingjian's body to sway slightly while his countenance changed. He did not know that for the past one month, Li Shuanghua's cultivation level had improved greatly after having taken reference from the Ancient Path of Hell's cultivation information.

After two consecutive moves, the extremely compressed air in Li Shuanghua's palm had turned from invisible to white, and then from white to gray, before eventually turning from gray to pitch black.

This was because as the wind compressed, it would also gather endless water vapor and dust.

This move was Li Shuanghua's previous ultimate skill, the Nine Heavenly Windthunder Tribulation. It was said that this move could turn the area within a range of ten li into flat land.

However, this was still not enough. After the Nine Heavenly Windthunder Tribulation was unleashed, waves of sulfuric and lava-like aura started to flow out from Li Shuanghua's body. That was the aura of hell.

Holding the Nine Heavenly Windthunder Tribulation in one hand, streams of green demonic flames came from her other hand. Sulfuric lava aura exuded, it was as if hell had descended and the mortal world had fallen.

This was a move which Li Shuanghua had invented after imitating and unifying the power of the Ancient Path of Hell--Nine Earthly Flaming Aerial Catastrophe.

One hand was a sovereign that ruled the atmosphere and controlled strong gales. The other was a devil that caused the ascent of hell and the fall of the mortal world.

Right now, Li Shuanghua's aura had reached a new extreme. Under the influence of the tremendous power, the surrounding sand started to fly up toward the sky. The spectators who were standing several to ten kilometers or so away were all wearing astonished expressions. It was because they realized that even though they were so far away, they were still being affected by Li Shuanghua's martial will. Countless people dropped down to their knees with pale countenances. It was as if they had witnessed the most bloody and terrifying scene in hell.

The Thunder Monarch, who had kept himself hidden, wore a complicated expression, "What an amazing move. Where on earth did she learn that? I can feel that if the two surges of power in her hand were to explode at the same time, they would have an extremely terrifying destructive prowess."

Next to him, Despot, who was over five meters tall, wore a grim countenance. He had always been at odds with the Fang Clan, and after seeing how powerful Li Shuanghua was now, it was not difficult to imagine what he was thinking.

He spoke in a low voice, "This martial art isn't the same as what she cultivated in the past. Now she has something that's deep and ancient, that exudes a ghostly aura, like hell. This feeling... It's probably not a martial art from Earth."

Li Shuanghua was wearing an arrogant expression. When the two different types of power from the atmosphere and hell were joined together, the three effects of wind, fire, and lightning would gather.They could form a tempest that could destroy everything.

At this moment, Li Shuanghua's power had reached a new height. She felt that her power would seemingly be able to destroy even the entire Earth. However, Fang Xingjian, who was in the air, appeared indifferent to this scene. He merely asked coldly, "Your preparations are complete?"

Li Shuanghua's eyes squinted. She had not expected for Fang Xingjian to just remain standing and not take any action from the very beginning. To think that he had allowed her to continue accumulating her powers to the maximum!

'He wants to defeat me when I'm at my strongest?'

Li Shuanghua was not wrong. This was Fang Xingjian's intention. He wanted to defeat Li Shuanghua when both her aura and power had reached their peaks, so as to completely destroy her will.

Thinking of this, the fury in Li Shuanghua's eyes grew even more grim. Moving her hands, the Nine Heavenly Windthunder Tribulation and the Nine Earthly Flaming Aerial Catastrophe clashed together fiercely, turning into a tempest that gushed forth toward Fang Xingjian.

This tempest was really as if it had come from hell. Wherever it passed by, all the air molecules would heat up and take on the form of plasma. The tempest itself even seemed to depict a scene of hell materializing and the mortal world once again turning into the hellish environment from the ancient past.

It was as if once this gush of hellish wind passed by, the entire environment would return to just how it had been many billion years ago... when Earth had been in a state similar to a big pot of chemical soup, where no life existed.

This intent that seemed to want to take away all lives was far too powerful. With its abrupt appearance, the countless spectators within a range of ten or so kilometers let out gasps. Some spewed blood and collapsed, while others wore terrified expressions. There were also some who had simply been knocked out.

In that moment, the power that Li Shuanghua displayed was far too overwhelming. Regardless of whether it was physical destructive prowess or mental destructive prowess, it had reached great extremes in both areas.

Fang Yuehe, who was situated the closest to her, felt the greatest amount of terror. It was as if he was a small boat in a raging storm, as if he would be crushed completely at any moment, not even leaving his corpse behind.

Fang Xingjian, who was facing the bulk of the impact, experienced an even greater pressure. The black Heaven's Volition Sword Intent turned into many sword edges, encompassing his body. However, it trembled incessantly under Li Shuanghua's attack. The black sword edges dissipated at a rapid rate, as if they would be completely crushed at any moment.

However, just as everyone was thinking that Fang Xingjian was going to fail, he finally made his move.

Fifth God-Slaying Sword, Instant, activated!

No one saw what Fang Xingjian's sword move was like; no one saw where Fang Xingjian's sword attack had come from; and no one saw where Fang Xingjian's sword attack ended.

There was no beginning, no ending. It was as if an additional second that had never been there before was directly entered into a video clip.

Everyone eventually could only see a sword mark bursting open on Li Shuanghua's neck, and Li Shuanghua's eyes exploding with an astonished gaze.


Before she could even finish her words, Li Shuanghua's head flew out into the air and she became a headless female corpse.