Chapter 501: Like The Sun At The Highest Point In The Sky

 Chapter 501: Like The Sun At The Highest Point In The Sky

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Fang Xingjian's control over his body had been increasing ever since he entered the second transition. This was particularly evident when he successively condensed specialty seeds, stimulated physical particles, and gained superb regeneration abilities. His control over his physical body had reached a brand new height.

Now, by forcibly stopping his heartbeat and breathing, it allowed him to get extremely close to death.

Right before death, Fang Xingjian had only a feeling of...

Endless emptiness...

'Is death just the emptiness?

'Having nothing... but eternal darkness... and loneliness forever...

'There's nothing... not... even... consciousness...'

Just as his consciousness started to dissipate, streams of sword intent suddenly shot out. Fang Xingjian's physical body was extremely close to death, but he forcibly relied on the indomitability of his martial will to force his consciousness awake.

This feeling was as if after a person had run for one million kilometers, yet they still continued to run on forcefully.

It was impossible for a person to run one million kilometers, and for someone to want to continue after running that distance... that was an even more impossible thing to do.

However, right now, Fang Xingjian was trying to use his extremely indomitable sword intent to keep his consciousness awake in a situation where both his heart and breathing had stopped, and his physical body was extremely close to death.

'I... definitely must not die...

'I want to seek revenge. I want Li Shuanghua to kneel down and admit her wrongdoings.

'I want to find out about my mother. I want to understand what on earth happened.

'I still want to... attain Divine level... I want to see my sword arts achieving greater heights.

'I definitely must not die!'

Accompanied with the tug-of-war between death and his consciousness, Fang Xingjian's sword intent started to grow rapidly at an unbelievable rate. He was forcing himself to become stronger under the threat of death.

Then as Fang Xingjian's sword intent continued to grow stronger, the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent which had been hidden in his body also slowly started to tremble. Confronted with Fang Xingjian's increasingly powerful cultivation, this sword intent, which had been created by some unknown Divine level expert, seemed to finally start wanting to unleash its true power.

Fang Xingjian was getting closer to death but also understanding it. He was using the terror of struggling between life and death to temper his martial will and attain a further breakthrough.

Li Shuanghua took action as well.

She first regrouped all the overseas laboratories and then withdrew all of the Fang Clan's cash, freezing the Fang Clan's cash flow. Fang Yuehe was overcome with anxiety as the Fang Clan's operations seemed to have come to a complete standstill.

If only these things allowed the people from the Fang Clan to once again understand Li Shuanghua's control over the Fang Clan, then the things that she was going to do next would just be blatant threats using brutal force.

On one day at the end of February 2037, a large mushroom cloud rose up in Xin Country's desert in the northwest.

The scorching glow lit up the skies within a range of several hundred kilometers, and the chaotic electromagnetic waves filled the skies across the entire Earth, announcing the activation of humanity's most powerful military force.

A figure walked out slowly from the center of the mushroom cloud, a deathly domain where light and heat intersected.

At the launch site several tens of kilometers away, the Thunder Monarch brows were tightly knitted. Beside him, an adjutant gasped, "She's out! She's out!"

"To think that she's able to withstand a nuclear warhead with a yield of 50 megatons!"

"Quickly, detect her current body status. Where's the rescue team? Send them over quickly!"

"It's impossible. The temperature is too high, and there's no way that they can go there."

"The magnetic field is in a chaotic state. Even our detecting devices are rendered useless."

"She seems to be coming over!"

"There's an object getting closer at rapid speed!"

At the next instant, the ten-meter-thick ground above the launch site was torn apart. Li Shuanghua appeared in the sky charred black all over. However, on a closer look, one would be able to see that her hair, skin, muscles, and other parts of her body were growing out once again. She seemed to have become younger and more tender.

Looking at the horrified crowd, Li Shuanghua said calmly, "Bring me a coat."

The Thunder Monarch looked at Li Shuanghua with a slightly grim countenance and asked, "Have you attained a breakthrough?"

Li Shuanghua said calmly, "From today onward, I'm the strongest on Earth."

When she said this, her tone was very calm and made it sound like it was a matter of fact. It was as if she was stating some general knowledge.

However, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

'Thankfully, I successfully came into contact with the First Prince half a year ago and Fang Qian also sent over the Ancient Path of Hell's research materials.

'Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to successfully imitate the Knights' power and attain the final breakthrough.'

After all, the Green Robed magic prints faction excelled in imitation and unifying of all abilities.

The Thunder Monarch's countenance turned increasingly pale, but he could not say a single word.

Nuclear weapons had always been humankind's ultimate weapons. Even Divine level experts had never really faced nuclear weapons head-on.

Right now, Li Shuanghua had just attained yet another breakthrough in her cultivation. With the power of her physical body, she had forcibly taken on the attack from a nuclear weapon with a yield of 50 megatons. This practically showed that there were no more weapons on all of Earth which could deal her any harm.

If Fang Xingjian's earlier performance had made everyone want to kill him in all sorts of ways, eliminating this overlord who had suddenly appeared... then the power that Li Shuanghua demonstrated just earlier caused the members of the Federation's upper echelon to feel really helpless. They could not bring up any will to resist.

The difference between an overlord and a god was tremendous.

In just a few days, the news of how Li Shuanghua had withstood the power of a nuclear missile with the yield of 50 megatons with her physical body had spread out.

Various influences broke into a commotion, and a large batch of members from the Fang Clan once again went over to Li Shuanghua. Countless countries and influences tried to get into her good books.

Li Shuanghua's splendor once again overshadowed the remaining four Divine level experts and Fang Xingjian. There were even busybodies who suggested that Li Shuanghua was now the strongest in the world.

As the day of the battle got closer, Li Shuanghua's reputation grew as well. She even paid a visit to several tens of the Earth's great clans and organizations, connecting all of these powerful influences together by inflicting terror. It was almost as if she had become the leader of the five Divine level experts.

She also received invitations to meet up with Xin Country's chairperson and White Hawk Country's president. Her reputation was thriving and was like the sun at the highest point in the sky. Li Shuanghua had almost become a legend.

In the entire Federation, her words held enormous weight.

Her title of being the strongest in the world also spread like wildfire. Meanwhile, Fang Yuehe was not left with many people on his side, and Fang Xingjian had also gone missing for many days and could not be found.


On the day of the battle.

Fang Yuehe had just gotten off the plane when he felt gazes cast toward him from all directions. He lifted his head only to discover that the entire airport was filled with people. This battle had attracted too much attention. So, as someone on Fang Xingjian's side, Fang Yuehe received a lot of attention as well.

However, these gazes were filled with mostly feelings of contempt, mockery, pity, as well as joy from other people's misfortune.

Ever since the news of Li Shuanghua's participation in the nuclear experiment spread out, Fang Yuehe had gotten increasingly used to such gazes. All of his hair had turned white overnight, and he no longer had the confidence and pride he had in his eyes previously. There were only endless feelings of being at a loss and not knowing what he should do next.